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Monday, August 5, 2019

A Riot of Wildflowers

 This bed of wildflowers riots in front of my husband's orderly vegetable garden.
 Last year this was a pumpkin garden but the pumpkin vines boldly invaded his veggie garden and he had to deal with pumpkins taking over his patch of order and productivity.
 This year we've planted our pumpkins in a portion of our front pasture, taking care to fence the pumpkin patch off from the sheep. (Now that the pumpkin vines and baby pumpkins are growing lush, my sheep are tending to lean against the protective fence and longingly gaze at what they want but cannot have, but the fence won't stop them from trying !)
 We planted 2 packets of wildflower seeds in 2 previously pumpkin patches and what a difference in the result. One bed is chock full of these beautiful poppies with forget-me-nots, sweet alyssum, yarrow, and another as yet unidentified flower sprouting, blooming, and filling the bed. Look at this poppy !
You can see our Miss Winnie travel trailer in the background and I think the riot of poppies and other wildflowers compliment her very well. ~ (Miss Winnie is not only our travel trailer, she is our guest house too. I will post about her later~ I love our Miss Winnie !)

"Oh , Adam was a gardener, and God who made him sees that half a proper gardener's work is done upon his knees." ~ Rudyard Kipling

" Flowers always make people better , happier, and more helpful. They are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul." Luther Burbank


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What glorious wildfowers!! Miss Winnie makes a nice backdrop also. What a lovely traveling home and a guest home as well.

Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week ~ FlowerLady

Theresa said...

Oh how I love wildflowers:) Thanks for posting these beauties! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Texastracking said...

Glorious riot of color! Well chosen and yes the color scheme compliments your "guest house" beautifully. I love flowers - prefer shrubs which have blooms and try to keep flowers in the garden 3 seasons of the year (easier to do here in Texas!) Glad the pumpkins are safely fenced away from those poor starving (Hahaha) sheep! Your new home is such a joyful place - thanks for sharing!

Rian said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! Can't wait to see pics of the pumpkin patch!

Henny Penny said...

Those wildflowers are beautiful. A friend just sent me a few poppy seeds for next summer. Hope they will bloom as pretty as yours. I love Miss Winnie. We have talked about finding a small travel trailer to park over on the hill by the pond, to use as a guest house too. That would be fun. Probably will never happen though. :(

Sandi said...

Beautiful reds!

Nib's End said...

"Earth laughs in flowers!" Poppies always remind of flouncing madames with their bright lipstick and fingertips.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

How beautiful........your wildflowers look like a greeting card! Such beautiful colors! Cant wait to see your pumpkins!