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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Canning Season ~ Beans, Beans and More Beans !

 It is canning season and we are beyond abundance ( is there such a thing as beyond abundance ?) in beans !
 My husband is an amazing gardener and tends his vegetable garden well.
 He planted, grew, and tended beans quite successfully this year. He grew some yellow beans along with green beans. The yellow beans taste the same as the green beans so I was excited to can the yellow beans along with the green beans because I think the jars of canned beans are pretty with the yellow.

 These are quart jars of primarily yellow beans with a few green beans ~ however, most of my quart jars of canned beans are green with a few yellow beans in the mix.
I have canned about 60 quarts of green / yellow beans thus far. It is a good thing my husband & I love green beans, and no doubt we'll eat them all. Now onto carrots ....

Canning season is the time of year I  love and dread. The abundance of produce is a blessing but it all comes at once leaving me no time to do anything but can and preserve the harvest my husband has worked hard to provide during the hottest time of the year. That is where we are at here at Laughing Dove Farm ~ preserving our hard earned produce. I am thankful ( but tired) for all God has provided ~ praise Him !


Texastracking said...

yes a long time issue for food preservers - the harvest comes in during the time of year weather is warmest and so many distractions available outdoors! great that y'all are able to grow and preserve so much of your own food - I like the looks of yellow and green beans together also! Do you ever do dehydrated things? I was thinking those carrots would be nice sliced and dried - congrats to Jim for his highly successful garden!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

You are blessed to be able to grow and process your own food. Good for you!! A real treat come the winter months.

Love you sweet friend ~ FlowerLady