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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Impromptu Tea Party

 Flower arrangements were a gift from our daughter-in-law and perfect for this tea party her son ( son of our youngest son and his wife) asked me to give him and two of his cousins. For many years I have had tea parties for my grandchildren , family, and friends and my youngest grandson, our miracle grandson, was unaware of these many parties. About a year and a half ago he asked for a tea party ~ joy oh joy !
 We were able to have our youngest granddaughter stay with us last weekend and her sister stayed with our youngest grandson and his family. Our little grandson asked if I would have a tea party for them and this required me to have a tea party the NEXT day after his request ! I jumped at the chance and with the help of our youngest granddaughter who was staying with us, we prepared an impromptu tea party.
 I needed to use what was in my fridge and pantry and of course I had a plethora of teacups and teapots on hand. I think with the help of our youngest granddaughter we pulled it off quite well !

 Youngest granddaughter and I made peanut butter and jam sandwiches, tuna fish sandwiches, and youngest grandson's request of tomato, pickle, and cheese sandwiches. We also had a veggie platter, olives, peanut butter stuffed celery and don't forget the tea. We filled one teapot with hot cocoa, the other teapots held peach tea and mint tea.

 Youngest grandson with youngest granddaughter.( Does this little boy, our youngest grandchild , look happy to you ? I know he was over-the-moon happy !)
 Celery stuffed with peanut butter ~ staple snack of kids.( Prepared & plated by our youngest granddaughter.)

My bounty of teacups was quite handy for this impromptu tea party. I had chintz teacups for the ladies here ( my daughter-in-law, her mother , and myself), butterfly teacups for two granddaughters and a grandson, and a bright yellow and white teacup for my husband who was wrangled into this last minute tea party.

This was a very special day for me. Our youngest granddaughter was  able to spend 2 nights with us and after our youngest grandchild's request for a tea party she pitched in and helped plan and implement the party. We had a very good time together with family and I know our youngest grandson who was born well after the rest of our grandchildren truly desires that connection with his many older cousins ~ connections we all want and desire. I love watching my older grandchildren interact with him and even more watching them be patient and kind with him. I pray for all my grandchildren that they come to know my Lord & Savior Jesus, and their family interactions inspire and encourage that.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wow, what a sweet impromptu tea party!! The smile on his face says it all. A wonderful memory for all of you.

Love you sweet lady ~ FlowerLady

Texastracking said...

your tea parties are definitely a memory treasure for your family - grandson looks over the moon happy! elegantly set table and lots of smiles and yummy food


Love your impromptu tea party. I just had one yesterday "suddenly" for a few friends that announced me a visit.
The smile on your cutie's face is priceless !
I'm sure you all enjoyed an afternoon fun tea time.

Theresa said...

Oh what a special tea party! I know you smiled through it all! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Henny Penny said...

It looks like a perfect tea party to me. I've never had a tea party before, but would love to. Yes, your little grandson looks very happy. Your teacups are pretty.

Laurel Wood said...

Everything looks so pretty! The food looks delicious. Most of all I love seeing the happy smiles.

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