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Monday, August 25, 2008

Family Celebrations and Other Things to do With Eggs !

~~~Oh look, we're having a baby party and everyone brought babies ! Well, that is what it seemed like . Everywhere there were new babies being handed around and cuddled, nursed,having their diapers changed..but I forgot to bring my baby to the party. I need to remember to bring a baby to the next family gathering.
~Our daughter and her husband threw a family barbecue to celebrate the birth of their new son , their 4th child and our 8th grandchild. Since our family and her husband's family are so large they decided a summer born baby was a good opportunity for a barbecue bash ! There were about 80 people gathered to celebrate. Our son-in-laws' sister ( middle) and cousin ( left) also had babies within the month so we really had a celebration of new babies in the family !~Here is our daughter with our new grandson.
~ I was met at the party . # 2 granddaughter is holding a bag full of water to drench me ! The other children were bearing water balloons to hit me with, but as I had my arms full of food to be carried to the kitchen and I had forgotten the machine- gun sized water gun I had told them I was bringing to GET THEM ALL WET ,but they decided to have mercy on me and went after other unsuspecting adults. We had so much delicious food . Our son-in-law and his family can put on a barbecue ! You have not had barbecue until you have eaten at Guamanian barbecues. Trust me, you will not go away hungry or dis-satisfied. In fact, you will probably waddle away with a full tummy and several containers of barbecued meats, salads, rice dishes and of course desserts. We did throw around a lot of things at the barbecue...water balloons, and eggs ! Here #2 granddaughter and her partner are tossing eggs to one another. The game is simple, you and your partner start a few short feet from each other and you toss an egg to your partner. You each back up a step and partner tosses the egg back to you. You keep this up until one by one other egg tossing teams' eggs crack and the last team standing with an intact egg wins the game. ~~~I tell you, she and her partner were tossing hard boiled eggs. No, not really, but she and her partner missed their egg several times and the egg bounced ! It did not break, but it bounced !
~~So besides eating eggs, what is another thing to do with them ? Wear them ! Here my brother-in-law partner and I are out of the competition, because I am wearing our egg !
" If you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. " Dr. Joyce Brothers
We are so thankful for the family God has given us !


Wilson Clan said...

Hello Kathy!

We had a wonderful time at the BBQ! I found the "printed blog" link for ya: http://blogger.sharedbook.com/serve/blog2go/


Pam said...

One of your readers sent me to this post after seeing the word "Guamanian." My husband and I taught at a Christian school on Guam for 6 years, and attended countless fiestas, so I know what you mean about the food!

KathyB. said...

Hi Pam, I never eat so well as when we attend our daughter and her husband's family events. I do not believe Guamanian food and parties get near enough attention for how wonderful and abundant they are. Also, I always feel at home with the extended Guamanian friends and families . The cooking is such a combination of all the best food several cultures have to offer.

Also, just say 'barbecue' to the family and before you know it you have a huge crowd, all bearing food, beverages, more food, desserts, more food, etc...Our son-in-laws family put on a feast for the wedding of our daughter to their son ! Oh my goodness, 2 roasted suckling pigs, so much meat and fruit and salads...I would love to hear about your years on Guam, and any recipes you have to share ! KathyB.

Flower said...

You have a beautiful family!! It nice to see how you celebrate being together!
The chickens are a hoot...sometime we get very pointed eggs..something about how they don't come out fast enough! :)
The perfect eggs come from chickens who are in boxes and don't move around! Your chicken have to be happier..we have them too!!

noble pig said...

What a fabulous reason to celebrate! Congratulations.

Daisy said...

Aww...I love all the babies! Sounds like a great family get-together. Good times, good food, and family what could be better? :D