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Monday, August 11, 2008

With Rams, Consider Safety

+ My Jacob sheep rams have been a challenge to me over the years. They are magnificent and dangerous and very deadly to each other. Common sheep lore and experts write about successfully keeping rams together, somehow I have totally misunderstood their advice, or it doesn't work all the time. Maybe it doesn't work for me because I do not have acres and acres of land for the rams to roam. However, I have observed the nature shows demonstrating rams with whole mountain ranges to roam, going out of their way to collide. On three separate occasions, with different rams, the collisions have resulted in death once, and in injury that required putting down another ram. Very big , sharp horns are dangerous. That is why some animals were created with horns. Protection and confrontation and defense go so much better in your favor if you have weapons, and some rams have WEAPONS! I am getting my sheep ready for the Puyallup Fair. It runs for 3 weeks in September, my sheep and I will be there for 5 days in the 'Animals Of The World' exhibit. I need to make sure my ram is unable to harm me, the other sheep, the public. This is a challenge....and so far we have been able to do this successfully. If I had doubts about our ability to exhibit safely I would not take Goth to the fair.

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