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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Spot on Frizzles

Agnes is so ugly she's cute !

Annabelle is Agnes' sister, don't they look alike ?
Annabelle and Agnes lay eggs. They lay the small white eggs.
~Annabelle and Agnes are bantam chickens. They are the result of a breeding program I started with my chickens several years ago. Their father is a handsome pretty boy. He is a bantam black cochin, with frizzle feathers.
The little bantam eggs are compared with medium eggs laid by my young flock of standard ( normal size ) Cuckoo Marans.
" Frizzle is a mutant in the chicken in which the feathers grow so they curve outward instead of laying smoothly along the bird's body." Glenda Heyward

Annabelle's mother is a bantam Mottled Cochin. She has regular feathers, but otherwise , she and her daughter Annabelle look alike. Agnes' mother is a Naked Neck bantam frizzle. She is uglier than Agnes, and a bit bigger. Agnes and Annabelle weigh under a pound, with Agnes feeling several ounces lighter.

For a few years I was our local 4H poultry leader, and I also superintended the poultry barn at the county fair. Our family was active in showing our poultry in several fairs and shows. It was a lot of fun, and hard work. I do not show my chickens anymore and decided to breed the chickens for characteristics that appealed to me instead of breeding to show standards of purebreds.

I am breeding my standard laying flock for very dark, chocolate brown eggs. I also want to really like the look of my chickens, so have chosen the breeds to produce the egg and feather color of my preference.

As for the bantams, I am going for very, very tiny, with very curly feathers...and a tuxedo or all over pattern of white feathers on black. I have 2 little chickens with a tuxedo pattern.

I love to talk chickens and will post more about them later .

" A hen is only an egg's way of making another egg."
Samuel Butler


noble pig said...

Okay those chickens feathers are CRAZY! I wonder if they knew what they looked like if they would obsess like human women! Ha!

I think you are right about the so ugly but cute thing...I like them.

I used to have a Shar-Pei dog and he was so ugly he was cute. I loved that dog.

Lanny said...

How come the idea of being so ugly that you're cute can't apply to us humans? The only human that can get away with that is little old men. In fact I often get excited for when my husband switches over from just his "old geezer" stage to "cute little old man" stage.

Megan said...

I love love LOVE brown eggs! (I realize these hens lay the white ones, but still...just thought I'd share.) White cage free eggs are not available at my grocery store, so we get brown--which pleases Whitney greatly, since all her play eggs are brown anyway. :-) I just love opening up the box to see how many different shades there are...never two boxes quite the same!

KathyB. said...

Noble Pig and Lanny, Surprisingly, those chickens strut around like they are as beautiful as the prettiest bird and I think attitude counts for a lot. I try to remember to act pretty even when I know it's a bad, bad hair and fashion day for me. ( doesn't work so well )Don't think I actually want to be in earshot of anyone referring to me as "so ugly she's cute".

Megan, you hit the nail on the head when you said you love to open the box of eggs and see the different shades of brown. Every day I am thrilled when I collect eggs. First of all it still seems like magic, go to bed at night leaving empty nest boxes in the chicken coop , and get up and abra ca dabra, poof ! Eggs in the nest boxes !Different shades, colors and sizes. And if I leave eggs with my bantam chickens I find the tiniest, cutest, fluffiest chicks...ooooo!KathyB.