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Friday, August 1, 2008

Spot On Salad

Lettuce : " A kitchen herb cultivated and used in salad. " Funk & Wagnalls Standard Dictionary
Look at the beautiful lettuces my Hubby has grown ! We have fresh and yummy salad any time we want, and we do want salad. Hubby has grown several types of lettuce, and mustard greens for the salad, and pea pods for the salad. Just wish he could grow all the cheese I put on the salad....but oh well, we buy it. Remember , I now have a new favorite cheese for my salads, and I believe in using it generously on my salad !
Aren't these lettuces beautiful ? Hubby keeps such nice , even rows in his garden. Unlike my very disorderly clumps and climbings in the herb garden. See the beans just beginning to climb the twine Hubby very neatly put up for them ? He likes fresh beans cooked in butter...I and a certain granddaughter love green beans raw, right off the vine. Sometimes poor Hubby suffers a dearth of freshly cooked green beans when said Granddaughter visits and the two of us graze in the garden.

Hip hip hooray ! It is raining outside and it rained last night and today, so I did not have to drag hoses all over the property to water the flowers and gardens. I love the rain, and this rain did not bring cold weather, so I spent an hour or two on the porch, spinning my wool into yarn while watching the birds and the rain ,enjoying the smell of rain . I love the smell of rain and usually July is hot and parched, but not today !

Back to salads, I harvest the lettuces, rinse them well, give them a few spins in the salad spinner, then I rip the leaves by hand into the big salad bowl . I often add flowers from my herbs to the salad..borage, violets, geranium, chive flowers...and chives too. Then I might add tomatoes, cucumbers, snapped peas..and CHEESE ! Lots of cheese. Salad dressing is optional . Top with more blossoms and sliced hard boiled eggs, sunflower seeds, almonds, raisins, CHEESE and more CHEESE ! Voila..you have a meal. Maybe some bread or biscuits on the side. Yum !

" For He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. " Matthew 5:25


Lanny said...

Rain is very nice after all these days of sun. It smells good and feels good. Jim's garden is very nice.

You know you might try milking your lovely horned sheep, dairy goats use to have horns back in the day. The milk maids used to take advatage of them and pull the goats around by their lovely horns.

Every spring when Dirt's sheep are nursing their lambs I have a great desire to grab one of the nicer ewes and milk it, make a little sheep cheese. But then I remember how easy it was milking my beautiful dairy goats and I pass.

Jo said...

Oh, yum! Soooo, when can I come over for dinner? :-)

You're lucky to have a patch of land to grow delicious things!

KathyB. said...

Lee Ann, since I got some of my sweet Nubian goats from you a long time ago, we both remember milking does with great udders. I have milked out a Jacob Sheep or two and if I want milking animals again, I'm with you...DAIRY GOATS are the way to go. I do sometimes miss having nosy , noisy Nubian goats around.

Hmmm, on second thought, wonder how much milk it would take to make that sheep's cheese !

Jo, if you're ever in our area ( and we do not live that far away from Vancouver )you really are welcome here ! We have a nice guest room. KathyB.