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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day Quackers and Pork!

~I had planned to attend a little tea party at the state capital today. Put it on my calendar and read up on tea party etiquette on capital steps....thought about bringing my own party favors too. I had all kinds of ideas for a really artistic and bold sign to decorate the capital steps. But the local post office called and said my ducklings were in. I am hoping there will be another tea party soon. Off I went to pick up my little quackers.
~Look at this! 18 fuzzy quackers in this little box. 18 healthy and cute little quackers!~
~I put them in the most practical place. My chicken bathroom. No, no live chickens live in the bathroom.This just happens to be my most kitschy room, full of chicken decor...and my poultry magazines and catalogs are in a magazine rack right next to the ...ahem....where they can be read during lengthy visits to this room
~For awhile the quackers will live in this room because it is warm, easy to clean, and I can keep the door shut to prevent Miss Marple from dining on my new ducklings. Above, you can see the little cuties excited about their first taste of water. They are so excited about the water that I will be cleaning their box frequently to keep them warm and dry.I also put little blades of grass , cut short into the bin for the ducklings to eat and play with.
~Here is the outside view of the bin the ducklings are living in, and I have a light above the bin to keep the quackers warm.~
~PORK ? Where's the pork the title hinted at? See?! I stepped outside to get something from the garage and THIS is what i saw! In my yard, next to the garage! I do not know where this pig came from! I have never seen this pig before! Doesn't he look cranky?I ran and got my camera and he looked annoyed....but I got his picture. ~He doesn't like me being near him, and I am glad..because you never know if a pig in your yard is friendly. Especially a porker who might have a hunch you ( me ) were going to a tea party to protest PORK ! I mean, really. A pig, in my yard, for the first time ever...on TAX day, Tea Party day! What are the chances? Well, 1oo% today apparently. "Pork is the inevitable feature of the democratic process." Kevin Hassett ~I slowly walked towards him and he turned his curly little tail and ran pretty durn fast up our driveway and out of sight! Now if only the pork in government would....."Pork: slang-U.S. Money, position, or favors obtained from the government, as a result of political patronage." Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary ( 1941) "..pork has been used by both parties as re-election currency. They use these projects to get re-elected every two or every six years. There is no moral high ground here when it comes to pork barrel spending because most of Congress partake in this process " CAGW Vice President David Wilham ( citizens against government waste)
~So, Tax day quackers and Pork, not what you expected when you read the title, hey?~


Anonymous said...

What a cute post Kathy. Those are the sweetest little ducklings. That pig looks like something out of a fairy tale!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Such an entertaining post! And yes, that porker looked quite bothered at you. Ha!

I wanted to tell you, re: commenting on my blog, it was an online responsibility that I released. It was time. Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

Take care, and God Bless.

Mrs. D said...

The little ducks are so sweet! But I'd hate to find that pig in my yard wearing THAT expression. I'm glad he ran FROM you!
It looks as though you're WAAAAY ahead of us on Spring. Lucky you!

Shellmo said...

Your quackers are such cute fuzzy things! LOL about your "pork" visitor!

Sand Flat Farm said...

Very fun post! Love your new little quackers - wish I had some. I'm gonna have to wait awhile for those & chickens.

Would you believe I saw one of those pigs this morning? I did, in a wierd place on the grassy side of a major intersection on my way to work! It was alot smaller, but even the same color!!! Is it a sign?

Lanny said...

Yeah duckies!!! They are so cute! Okay,first we have cattle running all over the neighborhood, ow we have pigs?!! Crazy!

The 42nd Street Gang went down to the capitol but I elected myself babysitter for A&A instead. Aksel and Kai got to go because their daddy went along.

Anna Colleen said...

Those ducklings are to precious, and that pig is to funny.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Yeah for ducklings - I'm glad my chickies are well along the way and able to stay in coop with heat lamp - didn't enjoy their time in the house. That is one big porker -probably a pet of someone's? We have a lot of feral pig in this part of the world - unpleasant creatures and I'm glad this one didn't take a liking to your gardens! You do live an interesting life LadyKathy

Thistle Cove Farm said...

That pig looks as mean as a kicked skunk, be careful. Feral hogs do much, much damage to environment, forest, farms, etc.
I'm going to try my hand at bee hives this year...first time ever on my own but have helped Daddy for years.
I sure hope DC was watching/listening to Tax Day. God help us all.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the ducklings and LOL at the piggy! I went to a tax day tea party in Ashland, Ohio with my parent's and our elder of our church gave a speech too! It was held at the sporting place that sells guns, etc. at in Ashland.

noble pig said...

Okay that is hilarious. A pig out of nowhere...on tax day nonetheless! It was a sign. And the ducks are so cute.

Woodcreek Ranch said...

Wow seeing that pig was hilarious. I needed the laugh after a long day driving from Chicago to California. I’m writing from Oklahoma City and the highlight of my day was passing through the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas. I have noticed a lot of tea party people along the way. Eight more years before I can publicly have an opinion.

Southern Comfort said...

That pig looks huge and mean. I'm glad he ran when you came closer. I hope he doesn't stay because he could be really destructive to your property. I love those baby ducks though. I need to me get some more.

Anonymous said...

Your ducklings look really healthy and happy! What types did you get? It looks like there are some magpies in there.

That pig does look REALLY cranky! I'm glad he ran away from you.

Daisy said...

Aw...those ducklings are so cute, Kathy.

And that PIG!! Oh my goodness! He looks very cranky indeed. I wouldn't mess with him. HA!

KathyB. said...

Mildred, that pig definitely has a unique look to him.....

Mary, I so appreciated your post on that topic...you are usually very encouraging and optimistic...thank-you!

Mrs. D, I am glad he ran away too! I know how nasty pigs can get....Babe and Charlotte are not the norm as far as I am concerned...but I love em'

Shellmo, thank-you!

Sand Flat Farms, must be an omen, don't you think? I hope you can get your chicks soon....

Lanny, you were kid sitting, and I was duck sitting...hmm, that sounds strange....and I am thinking the pig comes from the same place the cow keeps escaping from. Maybe we need a fence up there, to keep them in their own place and out of ours.

Anna, ducklings and chicks are cute, and fuzzy, and you just want to cuddle them to pieces!

Linda Sue, yeah, the ducklings are already beginning to wear out their welcome indoors! Amazing how such cute LITTLE critters can stink up a room so quickly!and yes, I think the pig is a pet...and I am a great respecter of pigs and their ability to be dangerous to us and their environment!

Thistle Cove Farm, I am careful around ALL livestock I do not know, and I hope you do well with your bees. You won't regret keeping bees, for sure!

Amy, was your tea party on the local news? What was your impression?

Noble Pig, I took it as a sign, and the ducklings are cute, and I hope they grow up quickly and make a great flock for my pond!

KathyB. said...

Woodcreek Ranch, amazing isn't it? You cannot give your opinion in America!You can give your life though! Too bad you were not here to see the piggy...maybe he will visit when you're here.

Southern Comfort,I hope he is not a mean pig...do you have ducks ?I know you get herons near your home.

Kenleigh Acres, yes, some are magpies, some are hook bills and there are 2Rouen and 2 bonus ducks....I ordered them from Holderread's there in Oregon.


Jennifer said...

Cute post! That pig does look rather grumpy, but those ducks are so adorable. Are they as soft as they look? Too cute!