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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Little Campaigner

She is a clever one, she is! She begins her campaign before she arrives. She makes sure she has her favorite blanket and scopes out the desired laps to occupy during our home fellowship time. We are gathering in our home this month to worship, break bread , encourage and exhort one another in His word. Above is a picture of some of our fellowship around the table. While we are eating our meal together, the little granddaughter, the little campaigner, is eating her meal as she snuggles up to her Poppa or myself, and of course she has her favorite blanket with her. This is Audrey, she writes The Homesteaders' Daughter Blog. Audrey fellowships with us too. The little campaigner is quite fond of Audrey and Audrey's sister and brother-in-law who are here tonight also. Now let me tell you about THE CAMPAIGN....after the meal, as we begin to share with one another from God's Word, the little campaigner settles herself in my lap. Then slowly,she drifts off to sleep, with a purpose! She knows her Poppa and I love to spend time with our grandchildren and we just might suggest she stay here since she is already sleeping. And this works! We just tuck her into bed in the spare bedroom, the room with bunks for the children. She is happy, very happy. Sunday morning. My husband is an early riser, he usually brings me coffee to help me wake up, but he does not know I am awake quite awhile before he and the Little Campaigner bring my coffee up. I have been listening to the cheery voice of our granddaughter and her Poppa as they talk, giggle and laugh. She keeps running upstairs to jump on our bed and say " wake up Granny!" She is pretty happy. She also has another plan. As I sip my coffee and get into motion , from the open bedroom window I hear noise at the pond. Looking out the window I see my Hubby and our little granddaughter paddling the little boat around the pond.( I have to clean and paint that boat) She and I share a taste for similar breakfast foods....don't you think Ramen noodles and a glass of milk are the perfect way to start the day? I prefer left over Chinese food, but this works too. To make it seem more like a breakfast meal one could drop an egg into the boiling water and noodles. As she eats breakfast she mentions that we are going shopping later on today. "We are?" I ask."Yes, we are going to Walmart" she replies, "So you can buy me something." I reply " I had not planned on going shopping today". She smiles. She is a happy girl, and she does have a plan. The Little Campaigner helps me water the plants and fill water buckets for the animals. She happily chatters on about many things, and mentions again that after we are finished with chores we can go shopping. "Really?" I ask. She smiles. ( As an aside, if I had told her we were not going shopping, and not buying anything, she would have been just as pleasant, she is a happy girl) Our little Candy Cat laps water off the sidewalk while The Little Campaigner finishes up with watering the plants and I remember I do need cat food and more milk, so I mention that , by the way, we DO need to go shopping. Of course she knew this all along. I suggest she kiss her Poppa goodbye because I will drop her off at her home on the way back to my home. I also suggest she thank Poppa for what he will be buying her. He asks " What am I buying you?" and she tells him" A Barbie bathroom". See, I told you she had a plan. One happy granddaughter, one very successful campaigner. I told her I was going to call her The Little Campaigner and she seemed very pleased with the name after I told her what it meant. I think she has a very rosy future with her ability to smile and laugh her way to achieving her hearts' desire, and I am very thankful she has parents to guide her toward making wise and kind decisions. And you know, she was the most excited to get home and share her new prize with her big sister, which she promptly did , after giving me a big hug and kiss.
"Campaigner: A person engaged in a campaign"


Debbie said...

Wow! what a cutie. I hope to have one or more of those someday. I had no grandparents and our daughters missed out on that too.
Grandparents are worth their weight in gold.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kathy~~What an Adorable Little Campaigner she is! Love this post!!
Our son Michael was my parents first grandchild and they were absolutely in love with that angel, and still are:)!
Have a magnificent Monday!

~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful granddaughter you have there Kathy.

Anonymous said...

What a cute post Kathy. She is absolutely delightful. Don't you love hearing her in the kitchen helping Poppa get your coffee, busily chattering away. Good for her to get the new Barbie bathroom. My long time friend, Amy, recently "found" her 45 year old Barbies in her parents' attic, still in their original boxes in perfect condition. We had so much fun reminiscing! One day, your granddaughter will fondly remember when she got this Barbie bathroom too!

KathyB. said...

Debbie, I had Grandparents, but we lived very far from them. However,most of my memories of them are very special and my Grandmothers taught me baking skills I would not have learned otherwise. I know my Grandparents added very positively to my life and my husband and I hope to do the same for our grandchildren.

Lynn, thank-you. I think it is one of the greatest blessings to have grandparents who love our children and let the children know they are loved and special....my grandmother let me know I was loved and special and that was always a comfort.

Amy, thank-you. As a Grandma I am of course in agreement.

Mildred, I have come to cherish the sound of grandchildren laughing and running through the house in the morning. Even more special when I hear them and my Hubby laughing together.

Your friend's Barbie find can be worth quite a bit if she is interested in selling, but really, the memories are priceless, and my childhood is filled with good Barbie memories.I do hope The Little Campaigner remembers hers' as fondly, I sure will.

Southern Comfort said...

Your grand daughter could capture anyone's heart with that sweet smile and her bright eyes. Is she always that cheerful? She is completely beautiful.

LindaSueBuhl said...

I'd vote for most causes The Little Campaigner might represent - what joy it must be to see the wonderful result of your beautiful daughter and the man God prepared as her life mate - bearing fruit makes for sweet times! barbies - ah I loved mine also!

Susie said...

Kathy this is such a touching post. It reminded me of how much I loved spending time with my grandparents when I was a little girl.

You are creating such wonderful memories that she won't ever forget.

Lanny said...

Very cute little girl indeed!

noble pig said...

She is so cute! And a Barbie bathroom, LOL! That is also my kind of breakfast! The angel costume...precious.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

word verification - dimpled - smile!

I hope this child goes into politics; she's a natural! -smile-

Not with you on the Ramen noodles for breakfast, would rather have a farm hand's breakfast to see me through the morning. Then, noodles for supper which follows a good lunch. Ya gotta keep the furnace fueled if you want the building heated.

Flower said...

Sooo sweet! She got what she wanted and so did you!! Happy days!

KathyB. said...

Southern Comfort, yes, she really is that cheerful! Since birth.

LindaSue,I think she is teaching me the real way to successfully campaign too, with kindness and a bit of spunk! What surprised me is that Barbies are really more her big sisters' thing, and as she talked to me in the car I learned she was excited for her sister to play with the Barbie bathroom.

Susie, thank-you. As a grandparent I wonder who has more fun, the grandchildren or the grandparents?

Lanny, thanks!

Noble Pig, so you like main meal food for breakfast too? This little one and I prefer our breakfast time closer to noon, so maybe that explains it!

Thistle Cove, I know, I know. Been told that all my life. I did suggest dropping an egg in it!

Flower, you're right, worked for both of us!

Vikki G said...

She looks to be precious~ It must be wonderful to be so blessed with grandchildren...one day I hope the Lord blesses my husband and I ~

Karen said...

I am happy too just looking at those wonderful pictures. Blessings to all your family.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Oh, what a little heart-stealer she is! I couldn't resist the little campaigner, either...oh my goodness is she precious. What a sweet, sweet grandma you are!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

No wonder she is such a successful campaigner! Who could resist? C

KathyB. said...

Vikki G.,She is precious, and right from birth she exhibited her smiling , happy ways.This tells me we are born with certain characteristics and outlooks on life. She is blessed with happiness and optimism.

Karen, thank-you, and again I want you to know we are very grateful for your prayers.

Old Centennial Farm House and Stick Horse Cowgirls,I think she knows she is hard to resist, and it works for her.

Anonymous said...

She is quite the charmer!

And going at things in life with a smile, and a lovely disposition, is so becoming. Much more becoming than someone that would stomp their feet and be "ugly."

She deserves those wings!

Grandma, you aren't proud, are you? And in the boat with Grandpa. Such a beautiful site.

Nancy M. said...

What a beauty she is! She sounds really good at campaigning. Although, I doubt it would take too much effort on her part. I know y'all love having her there and fulfilling some of her wants. I wish my children's grandmother just cared enough to visit with them.

Daisy said...

What a sweet little snuggler! How could you possibly say no? HA! Love the little angel wings. :)