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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Party Animals

Last night while watching the election results and comments regarding Scott Brown's amazing victory in Massachusetts and reading and commenting on some of my favorite blogs I realized there was a party going on in my own home....Ralphie has shown himself to be a real party animal! If he were a teenage boy he would be facing severe restrictions and consequences ( yes, my teenage boys were held accountable for their misbehavior because after all, we were -and still are- their parents first, and NOW we're their friends too) and since Ralphie is not a teenage human boy, but a pet, well, I can confine him to my craft room with all the necessities of life for a kitten. Above is a picture of Ralphie eying my Betta ON THE TABLE ! Oh no..here he is checking out my candle sticks. I left him in the dining room after taking this picture and removing him from the table. As I was reading and commenting on some of my favorite blogs I heard a CRASH!!!! Oh no, Ralphie had tipped over one of the candle sticks and was happily slapping a small votive candle all around the dining room. He did break the candlestick which I was able to super-glue back together, but I was upset about this. I have long contended cats have parties after we all go to bed and Ralphie has proven me right. Actually, all my cats have proven me right. "Every dog has his day, but the nights are reserved for cats." I have often told friends and family I would love to write a childrens' book about cats having parties after the lights are out and the family is sleeping, because I KNOW cats are having parties then. Just look at the evidence in the morning. Why, I have awakened to whole rolls of toilet paper unrolled and strewn throughout the house, the meringue topping licked clean off a lemon meringue pie baked and set aside just before I went to bed ( this happened more times than I can count and YES I did hide the pie, but the cat found it every time) my Wee Little Sheep destroyed, stuffed Teddy Bears looking as if they had a rough night on the town ( and indeed they did, WITH the cat) not to mention balls of hand-spun yarn unraveled and tangled around every furniture leg and the garbage tipped over and any food scraps eaten or scattered throughout the kitchen. These are just a few of the many bits of evidence of feline partying...I will not even repeat the true and grisly details of feline rodent & bird murders and the evidence of these deeds.One of my sisters-in-law had a cat door into her home for her cats. One night she and her husband were awakened to a loud thumping and clunking noise. Well, neighbor cats were in their home and playing with their own cats. The noise was made by a neighbor cat that had opened a cupboard and rolled a can of cat food out of the cupboard, off the counter and towards the cat door before stopped by my sister-in-law. See, their own cat had invited all the neighbor cats to the party! All I can say is that in spite of all the late night or early morning partying my cats do... ..I love them! "no party is any fun unless seasoned with folly." D. Erasmus This is NOT my motto, but my cats'. "Cats do not have to be shown how to have a good time, for they are unfailingly ingenious in that respect." James Mason


Anonymous said...

Oh how funny! When we have been gone and return to the driveway, we envision our cats, putting out their cigars and slipping their friends out the back door! Ralphie sure has a sweet face! They do make life interesting, don't they?

KathyB. said...

Mildred, you are only envisioning what is probably true. The real question is just how many cats were having fun at your expense? while you and Nalley were away!

I agree with you, our cats really do make life more interesting, and they sure do make life more comforting, with their purrs and the way they seem to know when we need to cuddle them for comfort and consolation sometimes.

Connie said...

Kathy, this was such a fun (and TRUE!) post. Cats are definitely "night owls." :D Ralphie is cute as can be but also looks like he is full of mischief. Loved the quotes--that was great!

Wobegon Cottage said...

I think you should write those childrens book. They would be great stories.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sister,

I also think you should write that book . . . you are a gifted writer and photographer . . . always the right picture for the words. See you later today!


LindaSue said...

You need another project or two - write that book and take plenty of pictures. Indeed cats are party animals - in fact back in the day when we left both our small dogs out while we left the house for a few hours - we'd come home to some party time evidence ourselves. The term party animals isn't far off - when I was in Costa Rica one of my favorite moments was in a remote village store - a tiny kitten was playing with a big head of garlic - much like our cats would play with a small catnip mouse.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

You should write that book!! As a cat lover/keeper, there have been a few cat parties going on around here at night as well! Blessings,Kathleen

Julie Harward said...

They are so amazing aren't they..so smart too! My cats love to come sleep on the foot of my bed, they must be getting old! Come say hi :D

Mary Bergfeld said...

This was a great post. I really enjoyed it. My cat is psychotic and is capable of strange and wonderful things.

Southern Comfort said...

I've never had the experience of having a cat in the house. You gave some interesting insight into that...would love for you to write a book.

Mary said...

And you should write that book. You weave words into stories as beautifully as you do wool teasures!

Ralphie...he is a happy fellow, full of ideas.

Every morning one of my barn dogs, Jackson, a black lab-looking dog, ermerges from his doghouse with a black cat. I watch them stretch their legs, rub their necks together, and then their day begins. Hilarious, and sweet.

Cats, what a life they have!

KathyB. said...

Daisy, he is full of mischief, he was thoroughly enjoying playing with my sister's birthday gift wrap today during our lunch.

Wobegon,Joni,I will probably do a photo story book for my family, I do have a lot of stories and pictures!

LindaSue,It is amazing what cats can get into, and the tight spaces they they sometimes raid are usually under the bed or in the closets into our Christmas boxes. They pull things out and I still don't see how the cat could even get a claw in....did you take a picture of the cat in Costa Rica?

Kathleen, I have seen many of your cat posts and I can tell your home is a feline party pad.

Julie, my cats love to sleep at the foot of our bed too AFTER they have partied hearty!

Mary,thank-you - my sister had a psychotic cat...really. The word 'psychotic' fit that cat to a T.My sister just loved Ralphie today.

Southern Comfort, no cats in the house? I would just shrivel up with a cat deprivation disorder if my husband wouldn't let me have them..and I am the one with the cat allergy too!

Mary, thank-you! I can actually picture your Lab and your cat emerging together to enjoy the day and each others' company. I have found most cats are not the aloof animals they are made out to be....my cats are like fine-boned dogs in their need for affection, but unlike dogs they take care of the vermin problem and don't need walks to relieve themselves..cats are grand!

Kenleigh's Fiber Studio said...

How can you get upset with such a cute boy? I remember our cats having party time growing up. I agree that you should write the book(s) with the adorable Ralphie playing the leading role.

A. Joy said...

I think it's because cats have us fooled by that serious " I would never do such a thing" expression that we seem to believe them and allow them to roam the house. Reality - cats need to be crate trained too! Saves a lot of work in the morning. =)