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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Preparations For Spring....

This is Swallow Lane Barnaby. He is 11 months old and he has been having a lot of fun with a small flock of ewes ( female sheep ). Barnaby needed to be sheared and then moved to a pen away from the ewes who are due to lamb ( have babies) anytime now. So this afternoon my shearer, actually Lanny's* shearer & husband, came over to shear Barnaby and a 3 other sheep.Barnaby is now a very naked ram lamb and I decided to spare him the embarrassment of displaying his nakedness online, but I am happy with his condition and he appears to be a ram that will out-ram Goth, given the chance. We'll see.....
Here is my Grandson, also my first grandchild. Hallelujah and thank-you Lord, he is a hard worker and he is now old enough and big enough to do hard work for ME ! Here he stops to pose for me by the goat's house and pen.
As you can see Thorin & Bombadil can really make a mess of their place. CT has been working hard to keep their place fairly clean, they do not cooperate though. So this provides CT with a job. And this is a job that needs doing every few weeks, so one could say Thorin and Bombadil are providing CT a valuable employment opportunity, very definitely steady income.
See? And Thorin and Bombadil also provide manure and rotted hay for compost and garden fertilizer. Once in a while I spread all this around our fruit trees and blueberry bushes. You could even say Thorin and Bombadil are regular producers of a valuable commodity in one way or another.
CT is quick about the job, wasting no time to dilly dally.
Younger sister MN is feeding the goats their favorite treat, soda crackers.Here Bombadil eats out of her hand.
Thora , Goth's sister peers over Naomi's back as I snap a picture of my two newly sheared girls. Naomi and Thora have both uddered up and Naomi looks ready to have lambs any day. Spring is in the air....


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Kathy, CT looks like a great helper. I am ready for Spring too. Hope all of you enjoy a very nice weekend.

Candy Duell said...

There is not even a hint of spring here in the Northeast. We wont see it until March if we are lucky.

Your Grandchildren look like they are wonderful helpers. I love my grandchildren to help, They have more interest in the peas to eat right off the vine LOL!

Wobegon Cottage said...

I wish it was Spring here...wind chill today (minus) -16

Mary said...

Hello Kathy!

I love the idea of spring. Spring is in the air...I need to remember that.

Your girl's bellies are definitely pooched out there.

I am beginning to anticipate births too. The husband and I are going to begin preparing the early part of next week.

Have a wonderful day, say warm. Continue to think spring. :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Thoroughly enjoyable read and love the way the grands are helping. Dave and I married too late to have "slave-children", as I call them on the homestead -grin- and I miss the help. Miss it more so as I age.
We're getting ready for a major storm, headed our way tonight/tomorrow; time for hot soup and home made bread.
You are loved.

Southern Comfort said...

I know those kids are a lot of help to you and you love having them around. I love to see the goat "operation" and the family working together.

Anita said...

I just stopped by for a visit and wanted to let you know I think your blog site is lovely! I'll be back to look around some more.

Connie said...

Kathy, your grandchildren are so sweet and such wonderful workers and helpers. I'm ready for spring, but it still seems a long way off here. We had another fresh snow last night.
I've got to get out and clear the walks and drive and the car again.

Deanna said...

Hello Kathy.
It's interesting to me (a city girl who wanted to live in the country) seeing how you work with these creatures.

Your granchildren are precious.
Enjoy visiting your place and seeing what you're doing.

Thank you for your prayers! God bless you all.

LindaSue said...

How FUN to have trustworthy helpers who love your animals almost as much as you do! Your two goats have quite a special existence - we were laughing about their "tree house" - I'm sure our goats would like something similar but they have all the structures they are going to get for a while! We've had twins born already - so exciting to see new life coming onto our little piece of God's world. Spring isn't far off!

Lanny said...

Spring is definitely in the air and in the soil. CT is a hard worker and you are a blessed grandma for having him just down the road.

Julie Harward said...


Shelley said...

Your grandchildren are beautiful! I bet they enjoy helping you!

A. Joy said...

So to sum up : Goat poop = job security!
Thanks for giving CT a job. One he's happy to do!

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Looks like your grandchildren are enjoying the goats. My dad used to own goats and they were cute animals. Yes, I'm looking forward to spring, too.
Kathy, I encourage you to interview that gentleman who makes organs. That would be very interesting and you would do a great job.

noble pig said...

I bet the kids just love doing all the work, they are so cute!

audrey y said...

Can I come and live at your house, Kathy

I love everything about this posting


KathyB. said...

Mildred, CT is a good helper and he is growing up showing a strong work ethic!

Candy,today 59 degrees,tomorrow freezing temps. Or more rain! Sometimes I wish for the seasons to be constant, snow in winter, rain in spring....we mostly get rain all year long, hence the algae on everything.

Alice,I like winter but not THAT cold! Brrr....

Mary,I am surprised we have no lambs yet. Almost all my ewes are uddered up though.

Sandra, I love the few winter days we have like yours and really do yearn for more of them.Hot soup and bread in front of the hearth, so cozy and welcome....

Southern Comfort, I am so grateful our Grandchildren are being taught a good work ethic, and it benefits us for sure!

Anita, thank-you for stopping by and visiting ( AND LEAVING A COMMENT!)~hurry back!

Daisy,I love fresh snow. Maybe it would eventually get old, but even after a few weeks every so often I do not tire of it...we get very cold rain that soaks everything and grows algae, and I will not complain because I appreciate a day inside with the rain falling outside.

Deanna, thank-you, prayers for you and yours!

KathyB. said...

LindaSue,your new little doelings are so beautiful! This is the best time of year for people who raise goats, the baby goats are some of God's cutest and most heart-melting animals.

Lanny, you know it, having them down the road is a true comfort, especially since we know they love and honor us...kind of like your kids and Grandkids!

Julie, and you too!Grandchildren who are raised in the nurture and admonition of the Lord have a good chance of being the kind of grandchildren who will honor their parents and grandparents into their old age and I am so thankful to God for that.

Shelley, thank-you. And yes, they cannot wait to come over and help out. And they really DO help out.

A.Joy, I never thought of it that way but yes, goats and goat poop are job security for CT! I am so glad he is excited to do the work and do it well~

Brends Kay, thanks for reminding me, I think I will, and soon. He and his wife asked to come over and visit us so this would be a good time to learn about his amazing craft and art!

Noble Pig, they really do like helping me out and doing it well which is very good for my back!

Audrey, thank-you...come on over!

Paula said...

I'm so excited about your impending lambs, Kathy! I have enjoyed our first experience with having lambs born here on the farm SO MUCH, and although I know things won't always go as smoothly as they have for us "first-timers", I'm already looking forward to next year.
Looks like you have a real helper in CT- I'm sure he is handy to have around!