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Friday, January 8, 2010

Uncle Dinkel & Little 'T'

Little 'T' is all giggles and smiles as she is enjoying breakfast with her "Uncle Dinkel".
I woke up to laughter and came downstairs to find two of my favorite people laughing together as they ate their morning cereal. My youngest son was eating breakfast with my youngest granddaughter, his niece. He was on this side of the mountains shoeing a few horses and visiting special friends, and he brought Little 'T' to visit and spend some time with us as Little 'T' does not yet attend school and can be away for a few days. ( Thank-you oldest son for letting her visit us!)
Of course our son brought one of his very best friends along, Taz. Taz was in our youngest son and his wife's wedding too, he wore a bow-tie for the special occasion.Taz is getting on in years and has saved our son's life at least once, and protected our son from harm at other times, good dog Taz!
This is our son's rig and shoeing trailer hooked up and ready for the long drive back home.....
Inside his trailer are all the necessities for his horse-shoeing, an anvil....
.....his forge,
Just look at how efficient and organized his shoeing trailer is ~ truly a very well organized shop on wheels. But, what is that way in the back of this manly shop equipped to shoe horses? Click on to enlarge and view the bin of pink, purple and turquoise, the only "horsey" thing in this bundle is the My Little Pony backpack on the top of the heap...the traveling necessities of a tiny little girl who has captured his heart.
Little 'T', with her Uncle "Dinkel" and Taz!


Jennifer said...

I wish you all lived closer to us, good farriers are hard to find around here!

Anonymous said...

I can imagine the joy in your heart at hearing those two laughing at the breakfast table. Your son's trailer is great and my favorite photo of Little T is where she is lovingly holding her baby as if she were real. Your post is a reminder of the goodness of the Lord and my heart is thankful for answered prayer.

Debbie said...

It's so hard to see them leave. I'm guessing you're just a little lonesome and the house is very quite. Little T always looks as if she is having a good time and making sure everyone else is too. I see something else in that last photo; she is clutching her baby doll who is well swaddled for the trip. Better call A Joy and the kids to come and fill in the noise!
I'm envious: Debbie

Southern Comfort said...

Good farriers are hard to find here too. Your son has a valuable talent. I love seeing pictures of your family and their animals-Taz is beatiful.

Shelley said...

Wonderful family photos! Love that Taz too!!

Susie said...

This is such a sweet post Kathy. Also I love your little tribute to your hubbie on your side bar.

The Tiquehunters Wife said...

Dear Kathy,
How heartwarming to here about this special moment between your son and little granddaughter! What an interesting occupation your fine son has too! I know you must be enjoying this visit so much! Are traveling farriers common? I used to have three small horses when I was a young girl-names being-Charlie Horse, Cindy, and Babydoll,(my favorite!)-a wonderful memory for me now! Around here, people take their horses to the Amish, they have huge blacksmith operations.
In answer to your "heart" question
I often work on a "stitching" project in the evenings while sitting next to the woodstove or watching the "Dog Whisperer" (tee hee!), so its hard to say precisely how long it takes. I may leave it for awhile, work on something else, then come back to it. I think one might estimate about a good three hours to do this at one sitting. I cut the vintage tatting from old worn handkerchiefs and sew or glue it to the inside of the felt hearts before putting the front and back together.
Thanks so much for your interest-have a great day!
With love from the Cabin!
Claudia O.

Wilson Clan said...

WOW! He definitely has an amazing shop on wheels! In an unrelated note...we tried the plum jam. Kathy, that was soooo yummy!! Well done you! Thanks so much!

Connie said...

Such a sweet post, Kathy. How wonderful that Little T can form this special bond with her uncle. She's a real cutie!

Vickie said...

I'm still just so thankful that you have all your little grandbabies with their daddy and around you and you can enjoy them. Little T is such a little doll as are they all. I'm glad she's having such fun with her uncle.

A. Joy said...

Neat to see inside Daniel's trailer since I've never really looked in there! T will grow up really knowing her uncle and will probably compare future men in her life to him and her Daddy. I'm also happy that Uncle "Dinkel"s name has stuck all these years - we were thinking way back and realized it started with KN when she was 2 years old and we took that trip to their 1st place in Deer Park. She couldn't quite say Uncle and Daniel together so it came out Unkow Dinkel and there it is!

noble pig said...

So glad they could visit you. What a gift to have such wonderful children in your life.

Mary Bergfeld said...

I hope it was a wonderful visit. It is so nice to have them actively in your life.

Karen said...

That was a precious post. I love hearing about the grandkids and seeing all the smiles.

Julie Harward said...


Carol............. said...

What a fun post this is.

Wow, how organized is that?
I'm lucky to have a good ferrier up North.

Very nice photos of the kids!

Have a Great Week!

KathyB. said...

Jennifer, although I don't own any horses, I do hear many horse-owners around here saying the same thing, they need a farrier, or the farrier of their choice is so busy it is hard to schedule him / her when an emergency arises.

Mildred,I too reflected on God's wonderful answers to prayers when I reviewed this post. I also noticed how carefully Little 'T' had wrapped and held her doll.

Debbie,the house is quieter, but never really without company and yes, A.Joy and her kids are very close when I want to spend time with family and grandkids. And yes, Little 'T' loves to surround herself with family and spread the hugs and cuddles, and she comes up with the funniest lines and usually has us laughing too.

Southern Comfort, apparently my son is a very good farrier, that is what I hear from his clients...and he has to turn away business. Guess good farriers are in demand everywhere there are horse owners. He has loved horses it seems forever and for awhile he trained horses. Now he trains his own.

Shelley, I love Taz too, and when he comes here he hangs out with me, he knows who drops the dog treats liberally!

Susie,my husband is the best husband for me and he is pretty good to me too...thanks!

Teeny Tiny Cabin, thank-you for answering my question about the time involved in making the hearts. Most of the farriers around here have horse-shoeing rigs or trailers in which they travel to the horse-owners'.

Wilson Clan, glad you like the jam. The Shiro plums make the best plum jam. We planted another Shiro plum tree so we could make sure we have yellow plums in the future.

Daisy, we are grateful Little 'T' is in our lives too, things could have been very different for her and us and we say continuously, "God is good" !

Vickie, we are too, every day!

A.Joy,I remember that . I had never really looked around in his trailer and I am impressed with his organization and the details he built into his trailer that make his shoeing even more efficient...your baby brother seems to be a very good farrier.

Noble Pig, yes!

Mary, it is wonderful, and they have grown up into friends as well as loving family, the best thing of all.

Karen, thanks to your prayers too.

Julie Harwood, it is hard physical work and his dog Taz really is part of the family.Thank-you.

Carol thank-you. I guess from hearing from others about the scarcity of farriers you are fortunate to have a good farrier there!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Little T is just precious and I know she will always have fond memories of her Uncle Dinkel as she goes along in life. Blacksmithing is such a wonderful work and not all folks can do it! Where would we be without a good and loyal compainion like Taz? Have yourself a great week! blessings,Kathleen

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Glad you and your family could have time together. I'm sure you had a wonderful time. It's really interesting about your son being a farrier. Your post is ngreat.

Mary Bergfeld said...

Kathy, I'm looking into how I might add a print function to my blog. Blessings...Mary

KathyB. said...

Kathleen, I have watched my son at work and I am amazed at what he does, especially when I watched him shoe a draft horse!I also think everyone could use a loyal and protective canine like Taz!

Brenda K, it is interesting and a useful trade. One son is a farrier, the other was a U.S.M.C. tank commander,

Mary, that would be a great addition to your blog! I see a lot of people read it and use your recipes, they would love it too, I am sure!

Paula said...

Oh- that is so cute! Everyone needs an uncle Dinkel! I'll bet they had a great time together!