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Monday, January 25, 2010

Spot On Freshly Gathered Eggs

I just gathered my eggs and took a picture of them. Aren't eggs beautiful? These eggs come from the chicks I posted about last year. The chicks that grew up into chickens.The chicks were Ameracauna and Cuckoo Marans. The Ameracauna hens are Aracauna chickens bred with different varieties of chickens and the shade of green, from blue to mossy green depends upon which variety of chicken the Aracauna is bred with. If an Aracauna is bred with a brown egg layer the hen will lay the darker mossy green eggs. If the Aracauna is bred with a white egg layer the eggs will be a light minty green to almost aqua or blue. These are my favorites. The Cuckoo Marans lay a dark brown egg. The best of the Marans lay an egg that is a dark chocolate brown, my desired brown egg color. My favorite way to eat freshly gathered eggs is to whisk 3 or 4 eggs with a dash of soy sauce and Johnny's seasoning salt to taste. I cook the eggs in a small frying pan turning and turning with a spatula until the eggs are JUST done and not a bit more. I then add a lot of grated cheddar cheese, turn over in the pan again until the cheese is melted then flip it onto a plate. I pour myself a cup of freshly ground and brewed coffee and butter bread right out of the toaster to add to the plate. This is the best brunch ever!( I don't eat breakfast, my tummy does not desire it) A brunch like this is often all I need to sustain me for the whole day and I am very happy to repeat this again the next day.If you're unable to raise chickens yourself it is well worth it for you to find a source of fresh eggs from a local egg seller, the difference in taste of fresh eggs versus the best eggs from the average supermarket is vast. Try it, you'll like it, fresh eggs that is.


Southern Comfort said...

I would love to have my own eggs, and have before, but the coyotes and bobcats always clean out my chickens. And that happens even if I keep them in the coop.Something was able to tear a huge hole in reinforced chicken wire and get inside. Enjoy your eggs and I will definitely check out the farmers market.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of your eggs. I can remember as a girl riding with grandma to a place called Egg Acres, where she purchased fresh eggs. Your brunch sounds delicious!

Debbie said...

I have not been getting my eggs from my friend in the country since the weather got so bad. I miss the eggs; the storebought ones are enemic looking and bland. I made a cake with 4 eggs last week and it was not as fluffy and didn't rise as much. Those eggs are very pretty and I can imagine how you must enjoy your chickens. You know that I would love to sell and move to the country and that Angela is crazy for chickens, but we've admitted that we are glad we're not having to care for outside animals in these cold heavy snow months.

LindaSue said...

My DH definitely designed our Coop Mahal to protect our cluckers - so far not a one lost. Fresh eggs are just different - and it is wonderful to be able to send visitors home with a little basket of eggs for a farewell blessing. Our Golden Comets have been faithful egg layers and are producing a nice darkish brown egg. We put the coop up on legs and close the wooden door each night so they are inside a small solid building at night - during the day they have a renovated dog run with a covering in which to get fresh air. Wish they could free range but that would simply invite predators. We've seen sign of things trying to dig in but nothing able to get past the concrete blocks and chain link thus far!

Vickie said...

Good morning Kathy! I miss my fresh egg every day (singular) now that my chicken is gone. ;o(

I know what you mean now about fresh eggs. I buy fresh from a neighbor lady, but it's not the same as having your own. Nice photo.

Do you ever worry about too much cholesterol? I LOVE eggs fixed anyway at all, but sometimes wonder if I eat too many. They are a perfect food as far as I'm concerned. Whadaya think?

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Oh, I agree, there is nothing more pretty than a nest filled with eggs!I hope to sell my eggs at the farmer's market this year. Blessings,Kathleen

Mary Bergfeld said...

How wonderful it must be to have your own eggs. I love the color of those from the Ameracauna. I'll keep my eyes open for "farm fresh".

Deanna said...

Your eggs really are beautiful.
Think I'll be looking for fresher eggs around this part of the world. I've noticed on a country road someone who sells fresh farm eggs...so I need to check this out.
God bless you!

Julie Harward said...


Leslie said...

Your eggs are absolutely beautiful. I am as excited getting my 3-4 eggs a day as I was the first day they started to lay. I especially love the shell color variations and the dark yellow yolks. We give them away when we have extras. I want others to taste what a chicken egg should taste like. I can hardly wait until the chicks that I got the end of September start laying. It won't be long. I will then have a basket full everyday like you and plenty to share with our friends and family. We just love them!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I agree! There is nothing like fresh eggs from your own hens! We are not getting too many right now...maybe 4-5 per day from our 10 hens, but it won;t be long before they are back up to par!

Wobegon Cottage said...

I will be looking for Fresh eggs as soon as I can break myself out of this ice skating rink they call a road. There were so many accidents this morning they shut down some of the freeways for a short time.All the parking lots require ice skates or shoe chains.

Connie said...

Your eggs do look very pretty there, Kathy, and your brunch sounds delicious and filling. How wonderful for you to have your own supply of fresh eggs at the ready for you.

Jo said...

Omigosh, Kathy, those eggs are beautiful. I had no idea.

Your recipe for eggs is very similar to one that I do, except sometimes I use feta cheese instead of cheddar. It's sort of creamy and really delicious. And of course a hot cup of coffee. Yum!

KathyB. said...

Southern Comfort, we had raccoons rip huge holes in the chicken wire pens. Now we have the chickens in dog kennels lined inside with either chicken wire or plastic netting. Raccoons are strong and smart and I have lost ducks, chickens and turkeys to them/

Mildred,I like to eat this for dinner too.

Debbie,there is a lot to be said for not having to care for animals in this weather, my chickens and I are dealing with mud and I have a lot of backbreaking work ahead of me this week, can't have chicken pens muddy. You're so right about fresh eggs being different from what you get at the supermarket.

LindaSue,your Coop Mahal is so nice. I love sending company home with eggs too, and they love taking the eggs home.I wish we could free-range too, but there is no practical and affordable way to allow that because of predators here too.

Vickie, the cholesterol produced by fresh eggs is not harmful cholesterol, actually, I think I might do a post on this, thanks for the idea~ but to sum up, fresh eggs are the healthiest and eggs are a perfect food.

Kathleen, I do sell my eggs at the Saturday Farmer type market here. I sell out right away.

Mary, you can really tell the difference in taste and quality hen you get fresh eggs.

Deanna, you really should check out those eggs, it would be worth it for you.

KathyB. said...

Julie, I noticed you have a lot of chicken collectibles too. Chickens are the most practical farm animal I think.

Leslie, I still marvel every day that these chickens lay eggs for me to collect. Kind of like an Easter egg hunt every day.Chickens are fun to watch too, aren't they?

FarmGirl Cyn, my older flock quit laying too many eggs just at the time my new flock began laying eggs, so I am back up to about 14 eggs per day, not counting my bantam eggs. And after eating fresh eggs for so long I don't believe I cold go back to store eggs.

Alice, your weather is a lot more extreme. Did your Hubby get to work O.K.?

Daisy, I think so, and our dogs appreciate an egg in their food every few days too.

Jo, feta cheese works too, I like it as well. I can imagine breakfast in your tree house overlooking the city. Good eggs with cheese and hot coffee with a view!

Joanna Kristina said...

Mmmm! Delicious! I just love farm/home fresh eggs... my grandpa has chickens as well, and I've now found that they are the only eggs that I can eat now. I love the picture!

Lanny said...

Fresh eggs are wonderful, pretty to look at and scruptious to eat, however a person fixes them. Running through my memory bank just now and I cannot manage to come up with a time when I wasn't thrilled with an egg that was served to me, but then I never ask for a sunny side up egg.

Mary said...

I have never seen mossy green eggs. Very interesting. I guess I never put much thought into breeding the brown in.

Eggs are beautiful, aren't they?

I thought about you saying how you would collect eggs and put them in your robe pockets. :)

KathyB. said...

Joanna Kristina, eggs are so beautiful all by themselves , aren't they?And to be able to eat such tasty art makes them even better!

Lanny, all these years I have known you and did not know you did not like eggs sunny side up! I will not serve you a sunny side up egg, or maybe I will and change your mind.

Mary, you picked up on that , did you? Hmmm, well, I confess. I pour myself a cup of coffee, then in my robe or pajamas go outside and check the chickens. If there are eggs I collect them and put them into my robe pockets...sometimes I gather them into my pajama shirt by folding the bottom hem up and around them. Then there are the very, very cold days I wear a jacket and gloves over my robe or pajamas and then the eggs go into my jacket pockets.I love staying in my pajamas as long as possible.