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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our Un-Birthday Tea Party

Two of our granddaughters suggested we have an 'Alice In Wonderland Tea Party' ,
and so we did.The Cheshire cat greeted guests.
Guests included our daughter, our niece, their children,niece's nephews, sis-in-law Joanne.
Doll's table-setting for tea.
Granddaughter KN ( far left) made all the little girls' hats.
Our daughter models her Cheshire Cat hat.
Daughter A.Joy serving tea, lots of tea.
Niece Jenny at the end of the tea table.
The children running quickly from place to place following the clues to find the treasure I had hidden. The clues were written on playing cards, very appropriate for an Alice in Wonderland tea party.
I painted an old croquet set Flamingo Pink. Had I more than a week to prepare this tea party I would probably have added feathers to the croquet mallets in some way. We had a very good time. A lot of peanut butter and jam sandwiches, peppermint tea, cupcakes, chips , fruit, and candy were consumed. Games were played. Treasure discovered, and memories to last a long time were made. Thank-you Lord for these special times with my family,thank-you for the ability to provide times like these. Thank-you Lord, for everything~
I joined in with Wanda Lee* for her 'Wednesday Tea for You And Me', click onto her name to join others for tea today~and remember, you ARE blessed.


Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What a delightful post!!
Just charming!!


Anonymous said...

It must be music to your ears to hear the laughter and squeals of delight of the little ones enjoying a tea party on your lawn. Everthing is so pretty; I especially love the flamingo pink croquet set. So nice that A. Joy lives closeby and that the two of you are creating these fond memories together. Have a nice day.

Appleshoe said...

OH MY GOODENESS! I'm late, I'm late.. This is all so adorable. I love the teapots, and door mouse, and the decorations, and PINK croquet mallets and oh my goodness, this had to have been a blast. How very clever and wonderful of you to do this for the littles. Wonderful post, Wonderful pictures. Take care.

Jo said...

Oh, Kathy, you have the most wonderful life over there at Cedar Pond. How your family must love you...! A Mad Hatter's Tea Party. What could be more fabulous...?



LindaSue said...

this is definitely the summer of the Tea Party in so many ways (politically as well as fun) your parties are so special - hats were done with flair and obviously great time was had by all - Bless you Kathy - what sweet memories

Vickie said...

How much fun was THAT!!! What a nice party - your grands will remember these times for always, Kathy! The hats and croquet mallets are wonderful!

Gophers? Well, I think I killed them all. We've not had a single one since the spring! We have been so surprised! We'll see if they pop back up this fall...

Have a wonderful week, sweet lady!

Unknown said...

How fun is that! This is what makes me happy! Happy kids and some magic! Good job ")

Pondside said...

This is, truly, as you said, your summer of the Tea Party. I love the hats - the smiles on the faces. Just lovely.

Dolores said...

Kathy, you are the most amazing woman, mother, and grandmother!!!
What a wonderful post and beautiful pictures...... I love the cute hats, and the pink croquet set, such a great idea!!

I want to go back in time and be your grandchild....
God is good indeed!~

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Looks like more than a good time; looks like a Fabulous time! I love those smiles, they look to be a mile wide.

A. Joy said...

And don't forget the egg salad sandwiches too! I think I ate three. So nice of it not to rain that day! Thanks for all the hard work you put it for us to have a day of fun!

Connie said...

Oh what fun! I think I like this tea party the best of all you've had, Kathy! :-D

KathyB. said...

Debbie, thank-you!

Mildred, the croquet set is becoming a favorite of mine now too and maybe next summer I'll attach pink feathers to the mallets and we'll play croquet and wear silly hats for another tea time!

Appleshoe, this was a lot of fun, partly because I had too little time to prepare to let things get way out of hand in the decorating. This was a grab what I have and improvise tea so I could have fun too!And I did, thank-you~

Jo, you might have noticed my tiny tiara had a heart in the middle. I wore red heart earrings and although I was the queen of hearts, I did not request anyone's head be removed , I was having too much fun!

LindaSue. Thank-you.This was a fun summer, although I did not get a lot done in so many other things I had planned this summer, I would not trade these times for anything. Family and friends are too precious I realize as times marches on.

Vickie, wow! Takes a woman from Texas to notify all groundhogs she means business and they must just burrow as fast and far away from you as possible.Texans mean business, especially Vickie form Texas!

Frenchy, thank-you! I think we would have a good time together, you and your adorable kids, dressing up and playing games.

Pondside, thank-you. Are you back home now?

Dolores, I am blushing, really!

Sandra, they especially smiled wide when eating the frosted cupcakes and finding the treasure.

A.Joy, good thing I have so many chickens to provide eggs for all my baking , and I loved doing this with you and your cousin. Almost like the old days, you and little Jenny, except now the little ones are yours!

Daisy, thank-you. I think you would have enjoyed this very much and I bet your hat would have been the most outrageously grand, or mad!