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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Walk On Water !

Walk on water! Well, kind of. This fun activity is in 'Sillyville' at the Puyallup Fair and attracted our attention. Our Grandson wanted to walk on water after we watched others do it . To begin the ride you get into a big thick plastic container. It looks like a big baggy until they zip it up and add more air. Then they make it air and water tight. We were told there is at least 20 minutes of breathable air. The big ball with our Grandson is pushed off into a very large pool full of water and other people floating around in their own little plastic bubbles. Looks like one of those plastic balls hamsters roll around in.
C.T. was smiling the whole time!
He told us his goal was to stand up and walk on the water. Harder said than done , but finally after many tries he did!
Seconds later he was tumbling forward.
There were many grown-ups and also very young children having fun walking on water too.
Don't forget the Give-Away!
Leave a comment and I will enter your name as many times as you comment. I will announce the winner next Tuesday when I will be able to catch up with all of you! Come on down and visit the Puyallup Fair, stop in at the Animals of the World Barn and say "hi" to me.Our Grandson CT and I are at the fair this week with my sheep . My sweet husband is holding down the fort at home. Don't forget to water the ducks Jim!


Catsngrams said...

What a wonderful idea. Looks like Grandson is really enjoying himself.

Connie said...

I've never seen anything like this. Looks like he's having a great time! :D

Pondside said...

Were you tempted to get into one of those balls? Perhaps a month ago I'd have said 'no way!', but after jumping on the trampoline with my grandsons I might just get into one of those balls - c'mon, let's do it together!
Next year's fair is on my calendar and I'll look for you there.

Timi said...

It looks like your grandson CT had great fun :o))! And I am sure it was...:o))

Dolores said...

Wow, never heard of this, but it sure looks like fun. I'd like to try it.
Your grandson is so cute!

Julie Harward said...

That is the coolest thing ever...I want to try it! LOL

KathyB. said...

Catsngrams & Daisy, he liked this so much he did it again last week!

Pondside, I WAS tempted to get in one. If you come on down I will walk on water if you do!

Timi, every time I passed this fun 'ride' people were laughing and seemed to be having as good a time as CT.

Dolres, I had never seen this ride before this year either.

Julie,you have got to come visit the Puyallup Fair next year, and walk on water! ( Utah is not so far away)