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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tea Time Tuesday & Another Give-Away !

Welcome to Tea Time Tuesday ! I am getting ready to spend the rest of the week at the State Fair, the Puyallup Fair,( pronounced pew-allup ) with some of my Jacob Sheep. I don't have much time to spare but tea did sound very good so I brewed a pot of English Breakfast tea and got out my china. Pour yourself a cup of tea and chat with me as I get ready for five hectic and fun days at the fair. This is the china pattern I chose and registered for before my husband and I were married 37 years ago. I am still very happy with this pattern. I have always loved blue and white. Although there were many patterns of china available that were bolder, more ornate, or even flamboyantly blue, this pattern embraced the blue, ivory, and simplicity I desired. Would you call it classic? I do.
You might not immediately notice , but there are two shades of blue in this pattern, embellished with the platinum edging on the rim, cup foot, and saucer.
This is Noritake's Charleston. I have not tired of our china. It is simple enough to adorn any table. I can decorate a table with bright colors and chargers and this china will fit right in, allowing me to show off the food and decoration. The china enhances the table without demanding to be the center of attention. I think a person could well desire to be like this kind of china pattern~ to enhance and admire other people, to appreciate them for who God made them to be, without demanding the attention or drawing away from the attributes of others. Meanwhile, back in the sheep pen, the girls have dried off and are enjoying the extra rations and treats of soda crackers as I prepare them and so much more for my exhibit at the fair. Aren't they pretty? O.K. You might not think them pretty, but aren't they fluffy and interesting? They still smell sweet, like the coconut shampoo I washed them with. I got them to pose so nicely by dangling soda crackers in front of the camera. They dearly love soda and graham crackers. I have not had any spare time, so drank all the tea without taking time to eat. I did make myself sit down and drink tea out one of my beloved china cups. This is one of the things I love about Tea Time Tuesday, I make tea and take time to sit down and enjoy it. I drank the whole pot of tea all by myself. English Breakfast Tea is fortifying! Give-away # 1! You can win these books or the books in the next picture.I will be gone the rest of the week ( my sweet husband will be taking care of things here at home) and will be unable to answer or comment on blogs, but eagerly anticipate catching up next week. Any comments you leave, as many as you leave, will be entered in the drawing for this give-away. These are two separate Give-Aways, so tell me if you prefer one over the other, otherwise I will enter your name in both.
Give-Away # 2. Gazebo plans and 2 Fiber Arts Magazines.The drawing for the Give-Away will be announced in time for Teatime Tuesday next week.
Now I will sip more tea out of my china cup and read blogs. I love reading your blogs! To see more teacups and creative tea times check out these sweet ladies. Lady Katherine*,Terri*,Martha*,Wanda Lee*, & Pam*. Isn't it a blessing to have tea and a teacup to drink it from? Remember, you ARE so richly blessed no matter your circumstance ~


Anonymous said...

Your sheep are beautiful Kathy. So cute that they love crackers so much! I hope you have a successful and fun trip to the fair ~ wish I could be there!
Your Charleston china pattern is lovely. Thanks for sharing the pictures today.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What a beautiful and elegant looking tea cup and to have a whole service in this pattern.... how wonderful!!

Your sheep are so cute!!


Susie said...

I love the pic of the girls. They are adorable to me.

Hope everything goes great at the fair and have lots of fun!

Southern Comfort said...

I'd love to enter your give-away! Have a great time at the fair. I didn't know that sheep love crackers.....

Pondside said...

I love the thought of your sheep enjoying crackers!
Good luck at the fair - I'll look forward to hearing all about it.
Lovely giveaway - I'd like to be entered for the first set of books, please. The Great Dane is working on plans for a little retreat for me, and I'll be these would be inspirational.

Snap said...

Your sheep are gorgeous. Good luck at the fair and have fun! Thanks so much for the tea. Your Noritake China is lovely. Happy Tea Day.

PeregrineBlue said...

so here i am, sipping tea with you on the first day of autumn. you've made me think....i've been wanting to do a blog giveaway for ages and i think i'll do just that tomorrow. blessings, kathy and good luck at the fair.

Terri said...

Your blue and white Noritake is just lovely. I can see how it has stood the test of time and still be what you love.
And your sheep are beautiful! They know it too! I'd pose for soda crackers.... : )
Thank you so much for sharing with us today.
Best of luck at the fair!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Have a safe and fun time at the fair! Your china is classic, classic and beautiful. Fiberarts mags are always winners and I'm happy to be visiting after being out of commission for so long. Seems like a long time anyway.

Dolores said...

A beautiful pattern..... I too, love blue and white. It looks so fresh and pretty.

Your sheep are adorable.....love those sweet faces!

Maybe I should switch from coffee and wine to tea.....well, I don't think I will give up my afternoon glass of wine..... but.....I could give up some coffee.

Have a great time at the fair...

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: I just love that tea cup, it is beautiful. I have never seen that pattern. Your sheep, what can I say? Lovely! Thank you for remembering me in your prayer time. I do so much need your prayers right now. I am forever grateful to you. Blessings, Martha

paperbutterfly said...

It was wonderful that you took the time to stop in for tea last week. I look forward to seeing pictures of the fair. Have fun!! I am still in catch up mode from my trip but tea is being served. Hope you can join the fun!
Have a blessed week.

Deanna said...

Time for tea does sound like a winner!
Especially with the temps going done a little.

Beautiful china.

Hope you are well!

Unknown said...

I love your sheep!!!!

Doni said...

Wow, the sheep are gorgeous! I love your girls! Good luck with them! And your very elegant china set has passed the test of time..still classic after the years go by, and still beautiful. Lovely choice! Love your fair pictures too...I'm a Holstein lover, well I love cows, and well, I love dogs too! We have a Mini Dachshund kennel, so animal lovers would best describe us!
Anyway, have a blessed week!

Wanda Lee said...

Hey there Kathy,

I am so delighted to have you partake with my little corner of, 'Tuesday And Wednesday Tea Time In Blogland' once again dear lady!..,

Fun, fun, fun!~ Your little critters are always so adorable Kathy!

Your posts are always sheer delight!.., The fair will be fab and your blue and whiteteset is exqusite!

~ Thanks so much for sharing these delights with all of us!..,

My Wednesday teaparty is now up if you'd care to share another 'cuppa'; I'm so delighted to have been able to post some pics of when my dear friend Pam of,'Breath Of Fresh Air', blog recently visited!..,

Have a marvelous week!

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

Connie said...

Your tea set is lovely, Kathy, and yes, I would call it classic. There's nothing quite like sitting down and enjoying a nice cup of tea.

I would prefer to be entered in your contest for the set of books with the Fiber Arts in it. Thank you for holding a giveaway!

Anonymous said...

It's finally starting to feel like Fall here and I'm just catching up on your blog Kathy!


A. Joy said...

I think you should have that photo of your girl sheep blown up poster sized and pin it to your ceiling above your bed so the first thing you see when you wake up is those faces. Hahaha.

Paula said...

Oh, phooey- I hate I missed the giveaway Kathy, but I just had to leave a comment and tell you how beautiful the sheepies look!

Anonymous said...