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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nap Time Anyone?

Today is the day I change the sheets , they need to be washed & dried and the bed made new. Blizzard, our cat ( still a kitten) does not care about clean sheets. He is comfortable. He was oblivious to me taking them off the bed around him and settled himself right back down for a long nap. Today is also sewing day with one of my granddaughters. Here she is sewing two pairs of pajama pants. One pair for her little brother and one pair for her little cousin.She has already sewn pajama pants for her sister, older brother, herself, and her doll. Blizzard thinks every day is a great day for a nap. I hope today is a great day for you, and no matter what you have planned, a nap doesn't hurt, and might even be just what you need.


goatpod2 said...

LOL! Enjoyed the pictures. My Mom is going to show me how to sew soon and my Mom and I are learning how to crochet now too, we went to our 1st crochet class on Monday, it's every Monday night and some Thursday afternoons.


Vickie said...

That's a pretty little cat, Kathy. I love his markings - yes Blizzard is a good name for him.

Your little granddaughter is so smart learning to sew - and it's SO great that you're teaching all those little ones how to do things like that. They'll always remember!

I visited "Bugs" chicken blog - so cute!

Deanna said...

Hi Kathy!
A nap is a form of regaining your strength and i think we all need that! grins. Kitty has the right idea.

Your granddaughter's hair is really long....very pretty.
This is so neat that she is sewing for herself as well as for others.

Planning on going to town to pay some bills and shop! After it is all said and done, I will wish I had taken a nap.

God bless,

Daisy said...

Cats are excellent nappers, that is so true. A nap does everyone good every now and again. Your granddaughter is quite a seamstress and a busy bee. Good for her! :)

A. Joy said...

like the picture of Blizzard and the pj pants turned out great! Thanks for teaching her how to sew and letting her use your machine and time!

rkbsnana said...

I love this post (well all of them actually). Love that you have your pretty little grand daughter. I especially love (and smile everytime I scroll down to see) your little sheep picture. They look like they are looking right at me...sweetly.

Maple Lane said...

Pretty pictures of Blizzard. Your granddaughter is very smart to sew and I know you and Blizzard loved having her to visit. Have a nice weekend, Kathy.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Such a pretty cat and grandchild as well! Cats always like to be in the middle of the bed or new fabric!

Karen said...

Blizzard makes me want to snooze, too! Your granddaughter is a talented girl!

Dolores said...

Your granddaughter is so talented.....so wonderful that you've taught and encouraged her to be creative. She and Blizzard are beautiful!!!!
I'm going to take a nap..

GardenofDaisies said...

Two cuties!! Both your granddaughter and you kitty cat! It looks like she's having fun learning to sew. And kitties know just how to get in the way when you are trying to get something done, don't they? LOL!

Mary said...

I am right with Blizzard. A power nap gets us through the day, hands-down.

One of these days I may just oil up the sewing machine and knock out something, and pj pants sound like a fun starting spot!

Lady Jane said...

Glad your GD is visiting and sewing. It is a lost art for so many anymore. She has a great grandma to teach her so many things. Blizzard looks so comfortable. When I sit down to read a book I can conk out so easily lol... hugs. LJ