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Monday, June 1, 2009

About BOB, and Other Treats.....

TREAT # 1: A new bird bath !I love my new bird bath. It is just what I have been looking for, a blue glazed terra cotta bird bath that is perfect for my herb garden. It was on sale too! 25% off, which made it just the right price. As I was leaving K-Mart with my new prize I suddenly felt sharp prickles on my back and from the corner of my eye I could see something flapping...I screamed loud as my first thought was this was some kind of huge insect stinging me, but as I reached back to dislodge the creature ....... TREAT # 2 : I realized it was a parakeet !I pried him off my back ( he was hanging on pretty tightly, boy those little claws did hurt! ) and decided to take him home. I had an empty box in the car and that is where he rode home. Chirping every once in awhile from the depths of the box. Here he is in a cage I have on our front porch that I often put doves in. This little bird seems to like me very much and chooses to sit on my finger and chatter away at me. He does not like to get off my finger, and he does NOT like my husband.....I am positive this little guy is also saying half formed words, you have to hear the sounds he makes. I named him BOB. ( Bird On Back ) TREAT # 3 :And looky here! This is one of 2 ducklings hatched from my call duck / runner duck cross.The little ducks were hatched by a Silkie / Frizzle hen. It is a good thing I put 2 of our duck eggs under bantam hens because the mama duck was faithfully sitting until 5 days ago. She left her nest and I saw that she and her mate were sitting away from the nest, as close to the door of the pen as possible, and the eggs, just a few days from hatching were stone cold.We are pretty sure it is because we have had raccoons and coyotes skulking around the pen every night, trying to get at the eggs and ducks from the outside of the pen. My husband has had to go out and scare away the predators. I am so glad we built the new pen. The predators are very bold. TREAT # 4 :While I was gone my Ruth had a lamb. This is one of the teeniest little lambs I have ever had survive, and she is a healthy and feisty little girl. Here, her little tail and bottom are shaking as she nurses. TREAT # 5: Perfect Sunday weather. Here my Hubby reads by the pond. His dog Hawk sits with him, and Hubby keeps watch from this chair for the possible sighting of the wood duck and maybe her young, emerging from the big cedar snag. TREAT #6 : Time and good weather to work in my beloved herb garden. My blue bottle trees, my blue bistro table, my blue roofed dove cage, my blue weeding bucket, and my new blue bird bath. But this does not make me blue, it makes me appreciate God's bounty, and good enough health to work in the garden until.......
Evening comes. TREAT # 7: A beautiful evening.
I would like to offer you the opportunity for me to treat you. I realized this is my 301st post! When did I write so many posts? I know, I know, one day at a time and they add up. Anyway, between this post and my 305th post I will send a treat to someone who has commented. I will send a wee little lamb shown in my sidebar and My Etsy site , or a skein of handspun wool yarn! Also displayed in My Etsy. TREAT # 8: You! Thank-you for taking a few moments of your precious time to read my blog, what a treat you all are! Bless you blogging friends.


Mildred said...

Good Morning, What an interesting post. That's the sweetest little duck and the parakeet story is amazing. I especially love the photo of your hubby and Hawk by the pond. Congrats on 300 posts; I enjoy each and every one Kathy.

Debbie said...

Kathy, thanks for your comment on my blog; you would be very welcome! I'd even ask to return the favor. I've never seen a glazed colored birdbath and yours is indeed beautiful. We have had a succession of beautiful days here too and I am enjoying it to the fullest and thanking God for such a time of respite. Who knows how many we'll have.
As much as you enjoyed your time away, you sound as glad to be home. I am that way too.
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...


As always, I enjoy reading your blog first thing in the morning!

I am afraid that I would have not only screamed when I felt the bird but probably would have needed to change clothes when I got home! Cute story!

Have a great day!


Shellmo said...

I love all your "treats" you posted - I would enjoy any one of them! So amazing and lovely that the Parakeet CHOSE you - and now it has a nice home with you! Touches my heart!

LindaSueBuhl said...

I'm sure your DH was pleased the animal you came home with this time was a wee little budgie - I do love parakeets but we are on a "less is more" routine here and not adding to our critters for a while. Love this post - your trip away looked just wonderful but there is NO place like home. So sorry about the duck eggs being abandoned - no chance for them huh? Here is it warm enough to keep things going for a long while even when the mamas are not setting. Congrats on 300 posts - I rejoice each time I click on Cedar Pond - feeling I'm with a friend and happy or sad or routine - your life is shared with us and blesses.

Nancy M. said...

How weird that the parakeet flew onto you. It sounds pretty tame. Cute baby duck and lamb! Predators are awful here too! You have a really pretty place!

A. Joy said...

Had to pass along the parakeet on your back story to Tom's co workers over last night!!! That's one to remember!

noble pig said...

I have a new, blue-glazed bird bath too. I won it at the school auction. It was made by a mother and she decorated it beautifully. I'm saving it for Oegon and can't wait to have outside among the green!

Timi said...

I like your blog and your pictures! Specialy the photos of your animals :o))..
Do you have a Hungarian pointer? (We call it "magyar vizsla", here, in Hungary.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Hello Kathy,

Your blog is a treat and I'm grateful you found me so I could find you -smile-. Your name is the one I always miss if I don't see your comment and you/yours are remembered in prayer.
The blue in your garden is lovely; I think I'll have to buy a bird bath. We have running water for the birds, thanks to the livestock, but I'm thinking a birdbath brings their joy closer to the house.
Thanks for the idea!

Jennifer said...

I am so glad to be back online, I have missed your blog. Congrats on the new arrivals to the farm. That little duck is just too cute. Your story about BOB makes me want a bird. He is very pretty.

Southern Comfort said...

Sounds like you are happy to be home. Blue is my favorite color so I was really enjoying your pictures and descriptions. And, the story about the parakeet is so incredible! I also hope that little duck stays very safe.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

That parakeet story gave me quite the smile and giggle!

Kathy, I look forward to your blog each and every day. 300 posts, and they are all beautiful!

I love the photo of your husband by the pond as well.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh my goodness, Kathy- each one of those would be a treat to me as well! I LOVE how BOB got his name! You are so clever. The birdbath is gorgeous and so is the evening picture.
All of it is wonderful!

BT said...

Wow, how can I have been away from your lovely blog so long? What a fabulous post this is. All those treats, I enjoyed every one with you. We would call your parakeet a budgerigar! How strange that he adopted you!! He knew you love all things animal/bird. What a darling duckling too. I love your pond so much. Such wonderful weather and a beautiful evening. Bliss, you are surely blessed.

BT said...

How could I have forgotten your gorgeous new bird bath? It's stunning.

KathyB. said...

Mildred, thank-you very much! I liked seeing my Hubby and his Hawk there by the pond.

Debbie,K-Mart had the blue glaze and a coppery brown glazed bird bath. I am glad to be home, and our weather is unseasonably sunny and warm, so I shall be taking advantage of it here too!

Joni, I think the bird saw the bird bath and said, " A ha, here is a bird lover ! " And I hope a bird does not land on you, it is a real bother to have to wear wet pants home!

Shellmo, I am getting pretty fond of Bob. I am trying to teach him to say his name .

LindaSue, I think you're right! When I told him something adopted me he got that " what now?" look on his face and when he saw Bob, he smiled! I was going to give Bob to my daughter and her family but my husband said I should keep him. And no, the eggs seem done for but just in case I put 2 under the banty hens. We'll see.

Nancy, what predators do you have? Have you lost any chickens to them?

Noble Pig, I can just picture the beautiful gardens with a blue bird bath at your winery , and that a lady you know made it...I hope you post a picture of it.

A.Joy, now I am even more excited to see the budgie exhibit at the Pt. Defiance zoo Wednesday!

Timi, YES! Hawk is a Magyar Viszla, and we love him!

Thistle Cove Farm,thank-you for your kind words, yours is the very first blog I ever read, and surprised myself by commenting on! Quite awhile ago now. You do need a bird bath. I have several all over the property and each and every one is used by birds. The pond is too. We seem to have more birds around here than I have ever seen anywhere except the zoo. The eagles and vultures even frequent our place...lambs are tempting tasties.

Jennifer, glad you are back on-line too! I have had budgies off and on for years, this little Bob has caught my heart, though, he has a little something extra in the personality department and it hasn't hurt his appeal to be so taken with me!

Southern Comfort, I will take good care of the new ducklings. They are in my sunroom now. They have a good chance at survival as a whole because their parents have managed to survive 2 years of coyote and raccoon attacks and there has to be something genetic in the ability to survive that when 2 big flocks of ducks did not.

Mary, thank-you! I am glad when my husband is able to relax by the pond , he works long hard hours and often it is raining here when he gets time off. It was a nice Sunday for him,and me too.

BT, thank-you!We call them budgerigars too, and in fact , our local zoo has a big budgie display . My daughter, her 4 children and myself will be visiting it this week!I have very much enjoyed your blog and your beautiful gardens!

Pamela said...

As always, a wonderful post. Love the story of the little budgie. What a cutie! His first words should be "I'm a lucky bird!" as he's so lucky to have found a home with you.

(I realize I've pretty much gone missing, but now that husband is retired, I'm hoping to get back on track.)

Daisy said...

Love the new blue birdbath, Kathy. As soon as I saw that first picture, I thought that will fit right in with her blue bottle tree! HA!

That little lamb is such a cutie. Glad to hear she's doing well even though she is so small.