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Friday, June 26, 2009

Spot of Updates

I finished my rug, finally! This rug is locker hooked with the wool fleece of my Jacob sheep. The natural color of their wool is black and white . The gray wool is the black and white fleece carded together. I will hang this rug under Torque's head, on the wall.The rug was designed and hooked by me and is 3 1/2 feet by 3 1/2 feet. Look what I got in the mail! I won some fat squares from Sandra Bennett of Thistle Cove Farm! They came with a handmade card, wrapped in a lovely gold edged bow.I already have a project in mind for these and maybe I will be happy enough with the completed quilt square I make to show it to you later. Thank-you Sandra! Wood Duck Watch: well, the snag the wood duck nest was in is not visible from the house. Calculating incubation time, I believe the ducklings must have hatched during the spat of rain and thunderstorms we had, and my husband and I were NOT parked outside the snag during those days. The ducklings probably hatched, jumped out of the hole way up high in the snag, and followed mom into or around the pond into the woods and ponds on the other side of our little , private gravel road. Maybe later this year I will take a ladder out to the woods and check out the inside of the snag nesting site. Bummer, I was so excited about the opportunity to see for myself the incredible leap from the nest the little ducklings must make before they venture out into the big wide world. All but two of the ducklings are swimming in the pond. They still scatter in panic when Mama Duck splashes with abandon. Silly ducks. The two reluctant ducks are the Rouen. They are very big ducks and they are slow growing . They still have baby feathers that are not water repellent, and maybe it is just plain God-given common sense that keeps them from swimming in the pond and getting water logged and bogged down enough to drown. Yes, ducks can drown! Mildred,the picture of this lily from our garden is for you! No particular name on the tag, just " Asiatic Lily". I love this color. Our son is on his way home from California, without his daughters. Prayers for their safety and his well being are always appreciated, thank-you all so very much! " Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who hope in the Lord." Psalm 31:24


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Kathy, Oh, I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your Asiatic Lily - what a pretty color and what big blooms!
Your finished rug is a real treasure. It will be a great addition with Torque - maybe you can share a photo of the wall when you get the rug hung.
I pray for your son to have safe travel and your granddaughters' safety remain in my prayers as well.

Nancy M. said...

The rug is wonderful! I am not very creative, I'm afraid. I love that Lily, it's a gorgeous color!

Thank you for your comments on my nephew! Most of the time everyone is okay. His mom has some hard days, you never know which ones they will be. Holidays are especially bad for everyone. For some reason Father's Day was worse than Mother's Day. But, I think she is doing far better than I would be doing in her situation.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Kathy!

Candy Duell said...

Oh I love your rug, it is beautiful! I had to look up what exactly a locker hooked rug was. Another way to make a rug. I had no idea until I looked it up.

Your Lily is beautiful, I also love the color.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Rug is wonderful - will look great there by Torque. Nice to see the quilt squares and imagine projects you might have in mind. Have continued to struggle in pray over and for your son and his children -the ducks are such fun to hear about - we don't do water fowl 'cause - not much water! Thanks for the updates - Jim's blog was SO cool too - Kai is obviously a good helper and Jim a patient teacher

Daisy said...

Kathy, your finished rug is quite beautiful! You make such wonderful things from your wool.

Watching the progress of the ducks must be so much fun and interesting for you. I've enjoyed it very much second hand from this distance. Up close and first hand must be even more special.

My prayers will continue for your son and your granddaughters.

Karen said...

The things you creat are amazing. Keeping you all in prayer.

Mary said...

I needed the be strong in prayer scripture myself today. Nothing major, just a bunch of silly things. It helps to admit our weak moments.

The rug is beautiful. Amazing work, Kathy.

I was looking at fat blocks while grocery shopping today. Such a beautiful set you have there, along with the thoughtful card.

I continue to pray, with your son and grand daughters fresh on my mind.

Timi said...

The rug you have made is so beautiful!! I'm sure it will look great on the wall undre Torque's head :o)!

Jo said...

Oh, goodness, you are so talented...! Did I tell you -- every time my daughter comes to my house, she picks up the little black and white sheep and cuddles them. She loves them.

Leslie said...

Your rug is beautiful, you are very talented.

KathyB. said...

Mildred, thank-you. It is a pretty lily, isn't it? I might show a picture of the rug hanging under Torque.

Nancy M.,I cannot imagine the grief of losing a son, my heart goes out to her.

Amy, thank-you.

Candy, since you weave, locker hooking would probably be very easy for you, it is an easy skill to learn.

Linda Sue, thank-you for the ongoing prayers. Guess the answer for now is they spend time in CA. Jim does like to show people his bees and let them help. Most people are pretty scared of the bees. And that is the thing about water fowl, they need lots of water!

Daisy, thanks!Ducks are so entertaining, they make us laugh, a lot!

Karen, thank-you, you can locker hook fabric too.

Mary, thank-you. I get inspired by my wool as you do with your soaps.

Timi, I still think you should locker hook your sheep's wool. Your sheep is incredible!

Jo, I am glad the little sheep have such an appreciative home. Thank-you!


Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Oh, my! I LOVE the sheep! V and I have already slated rug-hooking as our newest adventure together. This was pure inspiration! - C

Deanna said...

Love your rug!
How neat to have this completed.
Very nice post with pics.

Blessings always,

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh my goodness- the rug is wonderful Kathy! It is sooo beautiful- a true work of art! I wish we lived closer so I could watch you while you worked!
I'll be sure to remember your granddaughters in prayer and your son as well... I'm so sorry for your family right now!