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Friday, June 19, 2009

Please Indulge This Request.....

..for prayer on behalf of our four little granddaughters , at our son's request. The courts in California have chosen to overlook legally signed, sealed , and delivered documents and a judge has ordered our son to send his 4 daughters to California to spend the summer with the mother who has no residence and the little girls will be in living situations that no sane parent or guardian would find even barely O.K. We have legal documentation of what I write and it is available for proof, but all we ask is for prayer for divine intervention , that the little girls will be spared harm , physically , emotionally, spiritually...however He works this. I had much to say, but I found this prayer in a book by Elisabeth Elliot " Be Still My Soul", the prayer was found in E. Elliot's mothers' prayer book:
"Father our children keep.
We know not what is coming upon the earth.
Beneath the shadow of Thy heavenly wing,
O keep them, keep them, Thou who gavest them birth.
Father , draw nearer us.
Draw firmer around us Thy protecting arm.
O clasp our children closer to Thy side,
Uninjured in the day of earth's alarm.
Then in Thy chambers hide,
O hide them and preserve them calm and safe
When sin abounds , and error flows abroad
And Satan tempts and human passions chafe.
O keep them undefiled,
Unspotted from a tempting world of sin,
That, clothed in white, through the bright city gates,
They may with us in triumph enter in.
The home in Deer Park the courts ordered them to leave for .....?
"Give ear to my prayer O God..." Psalm 55:1


Wobegon Cottage said...

It saddens my heart to think what they might have to endure. I really just don't get it. The girls are happy and healthy now and some silly judge wants to take them away from all that? You can be sure we will be praying day an night for you. It seems Kirstin gets all the breaks.

Karen said...

This brings tears to my eyes. I know your heart aches for them. I echo the prayer of Elisabeth Eliot's.
May God grant all of you the peace that passes understanding.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Kathy and Jim - we will certainly keep your family lifted up in prayer. Elisabeth Elliott is always a great "go to" resource for strength in the Lord.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

God knows your anguish and even now, His plans are being worked to fruition. Your grands are tucked into prayer, as always, and request has been sent to many prayer warriors so they may include them as well.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, I continue to pray earnestly for your granddaughters and your entire family.

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Oh, Kathy, I just don't understand our legal system...my heart and prayers go out to your son, your granddaughters, to you and even to the mother. She needs our prayers to take care of the precious girls. Hope all goes well. blessings,Kathleen

Flower said...

Your wish is being done. Today is a hard day and so worthy of our prayers. I'm glad we have can support each other and understand the importance of God's intervention. He's listening!

Daisy said...

Kathy, I am so, so sorry to hear this news. Prayers being said here for your granddaughters and your family. Some things are just so difficult to understand the why of. It does challenge our faith when the things that happen seem so clearly wrong. Hugs to you.

Farm Chick Paula said...

I am so sorry, Kathy... I can't believe the stupidity of some of our so-called "judges".
I will definitely be praying for this situation and for your grandbabies too, who are caught in the middle.
So sad.

jen said...

We are familiar with a situation similiar to this!! My prayers are with those precious girls and your entire family!!

Just found your blog and it is just lovely!!


Leslie said...

I will be praying that God intervenes and no harm will come to your precious grand babies and that God will hold them close in his loving care always.

Thistle Cove Farm said...


Kathy, please read David Wilkeson's blog entry for June 19.

Nancy M. said...

That just seems so wrong to send them where there is now home. I will be praying for them.

Pamela said...

Oh Kathy, how horrid. I will certainly keep you in my heart and mind today.

(Where's Judge Judy when you need her???)

the voice of melody said...

I've just prayed for your sweet little ones and your family. I'm sorry things are the way they are, sometimes it's hard to understand why a judge will make a certain decision. Please know that so many of us are praying for the girls, and your whole family. Please keep us posted. Sending {hugs} your way.

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Kathy, once again thanks for the precious nativity sheep. Also, prayers of requests are going up for your granddaughters.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, I just popped over from English Cottage in Georgia. I, too am praying for the Lord's intervention in this horrendous situation that was decided by a 'judge'. May God bless and keep all of you....

Vikki G said...

it breaks my heart to hear of this...your son I am sure is much grieved. I prayer right now for Gods protection on these precious children. That He would encamp His angels around them and and keep them safe from all evil and harm.