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Monday, July 14, 2014

What Am I Working On ?

 I acquiesced to a blog meme recently not realizing family and other obligations would hinder my best intentions of fulfilling the commitment of accepting. For this I apologize to  blog friend  Vickie *. I know so many of you who blog and read blogs value above all family and the times we have with our families. For this Lovely Blog Tour I was required to list 3 blogs I love and answer 4 questions. The blogs I love are written by bloggers who do not desire to be part of memes so I decided to list them anyway without any requirements. Before I continue I will show you pictures in answer of one of the questions about myself. What am I working on ? Well, the ongoing care and tending of my flock of Jacob Sheep ! This is one of my lambs ( above ), a ram lamb. ( baby boy sheep ) I am also spinning into yarn and dying large quantities of their wool, an ongoing process here given the amount of wool I have.
 I am also working on enjoying my Sebastopol geese who love and adore me. They follow me everywhere I go when I am outdoors. If I am working somewhere outdoors for any length of time my geese Ella and Fella will park themselves near me and simply sit until I move on. ( I hope you can forgive me for calling this pleasure work ! ) If it is any conciliation to those of you who think geese are all beauty & pleasure, please be comforted  knowing I have to scoop their poop the same as I do my dogs'. If Ella & Fella sit for long near me I know I'll be scooping away their leavings later. It's all worth it to me though , especially when I watch them gliding around our pond looking very much like the swans of fairy tales.
 I am also working on training my German shepherd pup, now 1 year old. Whimsy is the best dog ever but don't tell my Labs Bea & Willow I said this.
I am working on remembering to enjoy any & all time I have to spend with my grandchildren without thinking about the real hard work at home I am not getting done because I am having so much fun with granddaughters who actually enjoy spending time with their old granny. These two granddaughters spent a few days with me this past week and oh what fun we had .

How does this work differ from others of its genre ? Not sure this "work' falls into any "genre" but I guess spending time with one's flocks, herds, and grandchildren differs because I have a unique breed of sheep, geese,  and of course my grandchildren are the best ! :)

Why do I create what I do ? I craft rugs from the wool of my sheep. I spin the wool of my sheep to weave into fabric,  I craft Wee Little Sheep* from the wool of my sheep and gain inspiration from my sheep and my poultry flocks. I create because I cannot exist without creating. How can I not be inspired by what my husband & I have surrounded ourselves with here on Cedar Pond ? Sometimes my head fairly wants to burst with all the ideas I have but practical time & energy limit .

I have probably left out some of what I should have added to this post but I will now list 3 blogs I love ( not exclusive of many blogs I enjoy ! ).

Nib's End * is written by a writer. She is able to write succinctly and sometimes heart-wrenchingly in a way that brings to my heart & mind emotions oft buried  but brought to the surface in tender and comforting ways.

Buttons Thoughts *  is a blog written by a Canadian blogger. Boy, I find I do love so many blogs written by my Canadian friends. Buttons writes her thoughts on life as the hard working wife and soul mate of a Canadian farmer. She has a particularly sweet relationship with their cows, some she has knitted hats for !

Thistle Cove Farm *  is written by Sandra Bennett. I read her blog many years ago when I did not know what blogs were. She has been an encouragement to me, a prayer warrior, an on-line pen-pal, and an inspiration . She was widowed more than a year ago and has written words of wisdom learned the hard way to share with women who find themselves without their life partner , shattered, and not knowing where to turn when their lives fall down around them. She also writes about farm life, community, travel,and so much more.

I have a feeling I am forgetting to add some things to this post but have a big day coming up later this morning and need to get some sleep. The temps are extremely high for our neck of the country , lots of watering to do of animals & gardens. Adventures with a granddaughter who is staying with us for another week, and simply keeping up with the work & pleasures of life here on Cedar Pond. Thank-you for indulging me in reading this post and I hope you'll check out the blogs mentioned, I don't think you'll be disappointed, and if you like what you read in these other blogs please leave them a comment ! Good night and good morning to you wherever you are in Blog Land.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy, I enjoyed reading about your busy summer days. So much fun to have your grandchildren visit with you. They are growing fast. I know Sandra, of course, but will visit the other two links you provided. Have a nice week.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a lovely and interesting post about life there on Cedar Pond.

It's great you are able to have time spent with your granddaughters. What a peaceful place in the photo and the girls are lovely.

I think it is so amazing that you spin your own wool. I am in awe of your talents, and your wee little sheep creations are so adorable.

I have enjoyed Sandra's blog for awhile now. She has inspired me and encouraged me as we are both relatively new widows, learning to live our lives without our loves.

I'll check out the other two blogs you mentioned.

Have a wonderful summer ~ FlowerLady

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Kathy, thank you for your mention of Thistle Cove Farm and me; I am humbled to be in such august company. Buttons, or Grace, has long been a favorite but Nib's End is new and I look forward to spending pleasurable time with her.
Dave would tell me, often, it was a danger to be so transparent but as Christians, is that not what we're called to be...transparent? Since his death, the struggle has been great and blogging about it has helped...me and others. A lot of time is spent answering private e-mails from women who need to know they aren't alone, what they're feeling isn't 'wrong'.
My love is travel is still strong and my next European trip is a virtual one, end of this week, while I plot and plan a real one.
Kathy, God bless you for your encouragement when, all those years ago, I might have stopped blogging. Even today, when I feel too weary to write Sabbath Keeping and am at the computer late on a Sunday night, I think of your note, encouraging me to continue to blog. Hopefully, Sabbath Keeping has helped some; I know it's helped me in being obedient to Christ's call.
Just this morning the phrase "intentional tourist" came to me as I considered being an alien in this land and life, this time and space. Life is difficult but being an "intentional tourist" helps keep it in perspective. I am spirit, inhabiting an earthly body that will, too soon, be gone so it behooves me, as an 'intentional tourist, to live intentionally.
God bless you for your continuing encouragement.

Nib's End said...

Being one of the middles in a family with six children, I sometimes felt lost in the crowd. In third grade someone whispered to me that I was Great Uncle Luther's favorite niece. As far as I knew, I had never been a favorite anything before. I won't ever forget how it made me feel. Now your kindly regard has made me feel the same way. Thank you, dear sister.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh Kathy there is nothing more important than time with family and blogs though I feel like most on the other end as my family I understand the importance of real family time. You are so blessed to have Grandchildren to share your lovely farm, your animals your talents and your love of life and faith. I am so happy I found you so many years ago my friend.
I want to thank you so much for including me in your blog mention I am humbled, I have been reading Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm and look forward to every post of this strong brave woman and love her encouraging words much like yours. (Family). I look forward to visiting Nib's End and meeting someone new.
Take care and enjoy your summer and all that it brings I do hope it cools down for you, we are having the opposite side of the weather her. ps love the wool.Thank you. HUGS B

Connie said...

You have much to fill your time with there, Kathy. I enjoyed seeing your photos. I'm sure it is wonderful fun to spend time with your granddaughters. They are growing up so quickly! Beautiful yarn!

Deborah Montgomery said...

Kathy, I just love Ella and Fella! Your life on the farm sounds so peaceful and satisfying. I know Sandra, but thank you for introducing me to the other two bloggers. So special you have time to spend with your grandchildren. Blessings to you today, Deborah

Deanna said...

Hi Kathy. Wonderful post! You're an inspiration to me. Blessings,

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I enjoyed reading your answers. Those questions were not easy, were they? You called your dog Whimsy and you want to train him? Are you looking for trouble?
Enjoy your summer with grandchildren and pets!