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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Last Of Autumn Splendor ~ Thursday in the Garden

Another update on the gardens , pond, and woods around Cedar Pond. Hawk, our Vizsla prefers napping in the sunshine on the porch. He's getting old and craves warmth to ease his old bones.
Mushroom growing out of the trunk of a dying alder at our pond's edge.
The day after I took this picture we had a 3 day down pouring of rain ( almost 3 inches ) that washed the bright leaves right out of this Japanese maple tree. This tree is showing the last days of autumn splendor. Soon we might see the bare branches adorned with the icy crystals of late fall and winter.
A baby fennel plant has sprung up at the edge of one of the paths in my herb garden.
Rose hips on our Rugosa bushes in the herb garden are so bright and cheerful.
Mallow plants that escaped my weeding are blooming in the front garden under an ornamental grass. I have two kinds of Mallow growing here and they are hardy survivors , seeding themselves far and wide around Cedar Pond. The honeybees love them.
Our burning bush ( don't recall its real name ) has scant leaves but is full of berries the birds are plucking quickly.

One of my granddaughters snapped this photo of me as I was burning almost 5 months worth of storm debris down by our pond. After the big rains we can safely burn , and I had a very big burn pile going for 2 days.
My huge burn pile is now a cozy fire near our special spot at pond's side. The wood neatly stacked behind the fire is ready for future outdoor fires by the pond. ( All that wood is from trees the storms brought down around and into the pond.)

Sometimes our fall and winters bestow upon us a rare sunny day. On many such days we wrap ourselves in warm clothing ,build a fire in the fire pit by the pond and sip hot coffee or cocoa as we take in the beauty of the season. ~ " Instead of the call of the meadowlark, we hear the sharp call of the busy nuthatch as he probes tree trunks for juicy beetle-steak hidden in the cracks of bark. The November wind scurries fitfully and the cold rain falls in a leaden sheet across the brown fields."  ~ 'The New England Butt'ry Shelf Almanac' by Mary Mason Campbell

Our Pacific Northwest autumn splendor is giving way to November's late fall palette, preparing us for winter damp and dark, a beauty all its own.

I am thankful for my faithful dogs, my entertaining cats , our pond, and ever-changing weather .


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a lovely post Kathy. I almost felt like I was right there with you.

Loved the photo of you, and saved it.

Happy Fall and keep making precious memories ~ FlowerLady

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Winding down to our winter break from gardening - I look forward to this as much as the arrival of spring.
It sure would be fun to sit and have a fire in the winter drinking hot chocolate. Sometimes on a sunny day if we can find a sheltered spot, we pull out lawn chairs to soak up some vitamin D.
I thought of you this morning when I saw advertising for the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto on television. They were featuring a goat at one point that sure loved all the attention.

Deanna said...

Oh Kathy, Your Garden is gorgeous!
Lovely place to be.
Winter changes our activities and I know it is the way it is suppose to be. Still I sigh at Winter approaching. Am slow to change.
Have a sweet week-end,

Leigh said...

What a beautiful place to live, and I love your fire pit. I keep looking around our property for a place to put some chairs and table to make an outdoor room. But everywhere is cluttered with evidence of the practical, functional aspect of homesteading. I'm afraid I have nothing aesthetic to offer to visitors.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy, Such very pretty photos; Autumn is my favorite season. I love seeing your precious dog enjoying the warm, soothing sunshine. It has been many months since I have posted a blog, but I do have a new one up if you have time to visit and add a special little guy to your prayer list. Love, M

Connie said...

Your photos are lovely, Kathy. I enjoyed seeing them.