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Friday, February 20, 2009

Every Cat Needs Appreciation

~Miss Marple is NOT happy. She has been ignored lately and seriously under appreciated.~
~Isn't she the supervisor of the weaving? The catcher of stray threads?~
~Isn't she the duster of the bookshelves and catcher of spiders on the shelves?~
~Is it not Miss Marple who supervises mole control and bird sightings? Not to mention the spotting and tracking of hornets that fly out of the firewood as they warm up and circle the house and bat themselves up against the windows?~
~How could I possibly forget the vermin kill she leaves at the front door rug every morning as evidence of her hard work and hunting skills?~
And don't forget, she also makes sure there are no loose teddy bears roaming the house either!
Blessings: cats and kittens


Anonymous said...

Miss Marple is a beauty and by far her rounding up of loose teddies is to be appreciated! Enjoy the weekend Kathy.

LindaSueBuhl said...

I'm so sorry Miss Marple - they truly are underappreciating such a marvelous example of feline nature! We have plenty of stray bits of stuff needing rounding up if you needed a vacation in Tejas!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

What a beautiful cat and a good mouser! I need Miss Marple to visit so she can show my cats how to catch mice (and actually kill them, not just play with them a bit and let them go). :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

The Divine Miss M looks truly put out; what a pretty girl!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kathy! Miss Marple is truly a beauty! I really, really enjoyed seeing her in all her favorite places, and learning what she likes to do. Your kitty is so much more "helpful" than mine. Desdemona and Emilia spend more of their time napping. If I'm in the sewing room they spend most of their time destroying fragile pattern tissue and putting claw nicks in beautiful fabrics. Grrrrrr. Hmm, do you think Miss Marple could use a couple of big fat furry kitties to keep her company? LOL!!

Lanny said...

Oh Miss Marple, I think you are splendid, far more active and worthy of paraise than the freeloaders across the way! I think I would plopp myself down in the middle of the next dinner if I were you, demand steak! at least a chop or two!

KathyB. said...

Mildred,Miss Marple acknowledges her beauty to you and expresses her approval of your comment!

LindaSue, Miss Marple thanks you for the sympathy regarding her family's lack of appreciation of her and thinks she just might head for your place if things don't change around here.

Shiloh Prairie, Miss Marple loves to kill AND eat much of what she catches. She just won't eat the shrews...she leaves them for us to appreciate.

Thistle Cove Farm, Miss Marple has honed that look of disapproval to a high degree. It just might work if she wasn't so demonstrable in her affection.

Miss Linda, Miss Marple does her share of damage to things in the house. Teddy bears, and the sheep I make. I have to put them away or she kills and dismembers them , leaving the evidence all over the house.I think she believes I should praise her for destroying the little sheep.

Lanny, don't encourage her ! She just might be expecting that now. She is a keen observer of my blogging and has expressed her opinion on a few posts.

Daisy said...

I love Miss Marple. She is a busy gal and has lots to tend to. No wonder she is a bit miffed at not being appreciated. I hope she can dine on the finest tunafish and enjoy a catnip salad soon to let her know how much she is loved. :D