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Friday, September 25, 2009

Jamie's Beef Carpaccio With Marinated Bean Salad

This is sooooooooooo delicious! I never knew how adding just the right combo of ingredients and following such a simple recipe that included a few easy techniques I have never tried, could be so very good and...well, easy!Much easier and quicker than you would think , given how wordy the recipe is. My husband and I were very happily surprised. I had another recipe to present tonight but my husband said I needed to do this one, so here goes..... "Carpaccio is very thinly sliced raw meat....you don't need loads of meat for this, just a couple of slices per person, which should allow you to spend a little more on a good-quality piece of beef." You will need:
  • sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 9 ounces green or mixed beans, topped but not tailed ( we got them from our garden)
  • 1 -1lb. piece of beef fillet
  • few sprigs of fresh thyme ( got these from our herb garden)
  • olive oil
For the marinade:
  • 2 small shallots or 1/2 a small red onion, peeled and very finely chopped
  • a handful of fresh soft herbs ( chervil, parsley, yellow inner celery, tarragon), leaves picked and chopped
  • 1 teaspoons Dijon mustard
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons white wine vinegar
  • extra virgin olive oil
"Bring a large pot of salted water to the boil. Drop the beans in and cook for about 5 minutes. When perfectly done drain them in a colander." "To make the marinade, mix the shallot or onion in a bowl with the herbs, mustard, vinegar and 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Season with the salt and pepper to taste, then add the hot cooked beans and toss. Put to one side to allow the beans to cool down and take on all the fantastic flavors." "Place the beef fillet on a chopping board and season it all over with salt and pepper. Run thyme sprigs under hot water for a few seconds-this will help release their fragrant oils. Strip the leaves from the stalks and chop them up roughly. Sprinkle the thyme over the fillet, then roll the meat around the chopping board so that any excess seasoning and herbs stick to it." "Get a heavy frying pan very hot and add a splash of oil, followed by the beef fillet. Fry for 1 minute only, turning it every few seconds to sear and encrust all the lovely flavorings onto it. Take the meat out of the frying pan and put it on a plate to rest for a minute. ( once seared, you can serve straightaway or you can keep the meat covered on a plate until needed. I prefer not to keep it in the fridge.)" "Using a sharp knife, now slice the seared fillet this thick:---- Lay each slice on a board and flatten as much as you can by pressing down on them with the side of a chopping knife-it works a treat. Lay 2 or 3 slices out flat on each plate. Season again lightly and place a pile of beans on top, spooning over some of the marinade. Sprinkle over any leftover herb leaves and drizzle with some good extra virgin olive oil." Jamie Oliver ( Jamie At Home) I am enjoying trying out new recipes that include fresh herbs and vegetables in season. We still have loads of tomatoes and beans, carrots, corn and potatoes to harvest. According to the weather man we are in for frost very soon so I am taking advantage of Jamie's late summer recipes .


Debbie said...

This sounds delicious and healthy. It looks good. Yes, I give it a ten but I'm not sure I can afford the wonderful fillet. That is anniversary stuff:)

Susie said...

I know I would like this but my dear hubbie likes his meat well done. I think this is fun seeing what new recipe is going to come up.

Have a great weekend Kathy.

Mildred said...

Oh, thank you for sharing such a delicious sounding recipe. What a great way to enjoy the last of your fresh herbs! I know your kitchen smelled heavenly.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Dave loves this dish as well as sashimi and other raw meat seafood dishes. I'm afraid I don't; I like my meat cooked and there's a long story there that didn't end well to back up my choice.
Oh well. I enjoy watching Dave enjoy carpaccio; it looks and smells wonderful!

Deanna said...

this looks and sounds wonderful!!!

Mary said...

What a scrumptious sounding recipe. This is a holiday treat for us. Your recipe looks terrific. Have a great day.

Mary said...

There is nothing about this recipe that does not sound delicious to me! Yum!

Cooking is something I love to do, and I am getting in the mood to try some new recipes. Must be the season.

Julie Harward said...

This sounds SO good...the marinade looks wonderful..going to try it!
(Thanks for the really nice comments, it means so much to me :D)

KathyB. said...

Debbie, a pound of this beef, on sale , did not cost all that much, and we grew the veggies. Plus, it was surprisingly filling, maybe because it was so satisfying.

Susie,yup, needing the meat well done would make me choose another recipe.

Mildred, yes, it did smell wonderful!

Thistle Cove,I am not big on raw meat, this was seared just enough to satisfy me, but I don't care for well cooked meat anyway..no raw seafood for me though!

Deanna, it is!

Mary,it is a good idea to serve this at holidays, light and filling enough to allow room for all the goodies we serve on the side.

Mary, you know it is the crisp fall weather that gets us motivated to cook and bake! ( and make soap)

Julie, let me know how it turns out for you, and thank-you!

noble pig said...

With all those herbs I bet it was delicious! And it's true, often the right combo makes things just POP!