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Monday, October 13, 2008

Company's Coming, Listen up !

~~~Gather round all you critters . Important company is coming to visit with us for a few days. They are important because we love them, however, they are nice city people and there are just some things they will not appreciate...so listen up !~~~Sienna...you are our problem barker. The excessive barking must cease ! Their bedroom window is closest to you and the morning barking until you get fed is forbidden. You know you always get fed, but come on, the barking is annoying....please ? ~~~Black Bart, likewise. Just because you hear people stirring indoors does not mean you must begin baaing and bellowing...and had I known your cute little lamb body would house a baa that sounds like you have a permanent foghorn installed and sounding off anytime you think you might be hungry, why, I might have had second thoughts about bringing you home...well, I would still have brought you home, but I WOULD have thought a bit more about it. Anyway, just chill for a few days, please ? ~~~Vandal, you too can be considerate...you're fat enough and well fed enough. You won't starve and be overlooked if you choose to NOT baa loudly when Sienna hears Bart baa and bellow, because then Sienna knows Bart is baaing because he hears us, and it is her cue breakfast might be on the way....which gets the ducks quacking loudly, and in unison, which causes the chickens to squawk because they too are hungry, which causes the rest of the flock to baa, which causes the other dogs to bark.....oh my goodness, my poor , kind, city relatives. ~~~And Miss Marple, Aunt Sandi is allergic to you. So, do NOT single her out to follow, sit on her lap, lay on their bed...hey, don't narrow your eyes at me like that Missy! Listen up....and above all, NO MORE.... ~~~rows of dead mice and guts all over the front door mat ! I appreciate your hard work, and prolific vermin kills, but even though Uncle Larry and Aunt Sandi are retired medical professionals......they will not appreciate your bounty ! ~~~Welcome Uncle Larry and Aunt Sandi ! We are ALL excited about your visit, and love you. Even if we're a bit noisy and messy.
~~~Here's to family, and friendship, and the blessing of the two being the same with my Uncle and Aunt from California. Now I just need to keep the house warm enough so they are comfortable and will want to come back !~~~


LindaSueBuhl said...

How FUN! I love love love company and yes - somehow our critters behave badly when someone comes to visit - nobody seems to believe us when we say "they are never like this" - they just nod at us as if to say "yeah right and the moon is green cheese". I'm sure your Aunt and Uncle will have a lovely time - is it dry enough to sit out by the pond still?

Pamela said...

How is Bart doing? I am going to have to try to get a picture or two of my little Black Welsh Mtn (Merlin).

I definitely understand the city visitors vs. country visitors. When my husband says people from the office are coming out to ride or just visit, my first question is "city or country?"

With country people I don't have to be so nervous--they understand that there may be a bit of mud on the floor, that the porch may not be completely swept and hosed off...

For city people it's a bit more work.

Then again, I love the way city people seem to enjoy being out here more...everything is pretty much new to them.

BUT! I know anyone visiting your pond can't help but relax and enjoy themselves....it would be impossible not to.

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

Oh, you have me laughing. I just love your words and your pets pictures. Blessings, Kathleen

Jo said...

What a fun post! And welcome to Uncle Larry and Aunt Sandi. You know what? I have a feeling they are going to love the cacophony of sounds at your place. I have a feeling your wonderful little menagerie of critters are pretty much going to do just what they want, anyway. It will be wonderful for your Uncle Larry and Aunt Sandi!

I love, love, love Black Bart. He is a character!

noble pig said...

Oh my goodness, you are going to have some fun...good luck keeping the animals in check!

KathyB. said...

We ARE having fun. And we are relaxing, playing cards, discussing philosophy, politics, religion, anything and everything. It is absolutely wonderful to have company that is easy to be around, and also will honestly and openly discuss all manner of topics, some we disagree on, and enjoy the discussion even more...THIS is the way to have real dialog and interaction.

Linda Sue, you're right about the misbehaving, I have a hilarious story about our first cat I will tell some other time...it involved relatives who came to dinner and did not at all appreciate animals indoors..and the story got worse.

Pamela, Bart is feisty and friendly and I would love to see pictures of Merlin. Especially YOUR beautiful pictures. I have noticed I have a very hard time getting good pictures of my black animals. Poor Joey Cat, Delilah and Bart !

Thank-you Kathleen, I hope you laugh, because my animals make me laugh even when I am feeling down in the dumps...

Jo, that's the word I needed but could not quite remember, CACOPHONY! That describes feeding time ( or anticipation of ) around here.

Noble Pig, Uncle Larry and Aunt Sandi are polite enough to say they are having a wonderful time !

Tomorrow even more company is coming over for dinner and games and fun ! Just wish Hubby were here. He and Uncle Larry really enjoy each other.

Oh, and the critters are behaving themselves. A first for us, but there are a couple more days left for them to act up, paws and hooves crossed !

Daisy said...

Your critters are just making a joyful noise, Kathy! ;)

I'm sure the music that your animals make will be remembered as one small part of the charm of a visit at Cedar Pond by your visitors.

I'm glad to hear you are having such a wonderful visit with them. What a joy to have good people to share your lives with.

Flower said...

How funny!! I often put a fan in the quest bedroom to create some white noise. Our rooster does crow whenever he feels like it and it's quite the racket!
Have a wonderful visit!
And, congrats on the new baby!!