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Monday, October 20, 2008

Spot on Family Fun, Cranium !

~Last week we had a fun family night in our home. My Uncle and Aunt from California, my neice and her husband from Alaska, my sister and her husband from Tacoma, my daughter and her family from just down the road ! We had dinner, and played a game and ate snacks ! Family night !
~Here is the game of the night. Cranium .~~We are gathered around the table. The young folks, 35 years and under, versus us old folks...umm, older than 35 !
~ My niece's husband James , helping #1 Grandson mold the clue out of play dough.~ "You were born to play this game. ( Among other things of course )" quote on game box
~ Favorite Son (in-law) using his wife, our daughter , as a puppet to act out the answer for his team. "To win this sideshow, choose a performer from your own team who can get you to guess the answer on the back of this card by moving a teammate's arms and legs like a puppet, with no talking or sound effects. The puppet can help guess the answer. " Note, the puppet does NOT know the answer. ~ My sister is the puppeteer, I am the puppet. I could not help laughing til I cried. I did not guess the answer as she swirled me around and moved my hands in front of and behind me, but my team guessed. The answer was THE HOKEY POKEY. ~ We had a fun family time, ate too much junk food, and (sigh......) us old folks lost the game TWICE ! Uncle Larry has vowed to catch up on some current trends in entertainment and music, I will pull this game out to play much more often. A real ice breaker that also helps you learn a little about the family you only think you know. The young, very young, and the oh not so old can play this game together, but I do recommend mixing the ages on the teams up a little. ~ Oh, Cranium did NOT pay me anything for this blog...but hey, Cranium ? Let's talk ! "This game is for adults or people who are 'adult like' " quote on game box
~" The happiest times of my life were spent in the bosom of my family."
Thomas Jefferson


Pamela said...

Now that looks like loads of fun!

And thanks for the shortbread recipe. I'm hoping to try it shortly (ouch for the pun!)

LindaSueBuhl said...

Really does look like fun - might be just the right game to take over to friend's house for Thanksgiving??? BTW - anyone who eats Reese's p'nut butter cups and has root beer is living right in my book!

Anonymous said...

What a lot of fun this looks like! I just found your blog after seeing your comment on Quill Cottage blog and am enchanted by your home and hobbies and animals. I especially enjoyed reading about your herbs. I'll be back to visit, Mildred Nalley

Anonymous said...

Anytime you laugh so hard you cry, is a good time in my book.
~ Autumn

noble pig said...

What a great night! I'm sure everyone enjoyed it, as obvious by the pictures! What a great way to spend family time.

KathyB. said...

Pamela, the game is fun, we're planning on playing it again.

Linda Sue, I am always surprised that I overlook root beer and peanut butter cups because they do seem to be most people's favorites...but wait, I had vanilla ice cream and then root beer floats were most popular. Some things just never go out of style.

Thank-you Mildred !I am interested in your garden designed for your blind mother....it truly must smell heavenly, and as you described the butterfly ( oh what a gift from God that was )I can imagine your garden attracts all kinds of butterflies, hummingbirds and bees....

Thanks Autumn, you were pretty entertaining yourself. We did have a good time, didn't we ?

Noble pig, I know you have a lot of friends who would be a real treat to play this game with. And combine this with your party foods and decorations....inspirational !

Daisy said...

I have heard of this game but have never played it. We all need more family fun nights, I think. Love the Jefferson quote. :)