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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Little Sheep and Harvest Fest

~~~A Miniature Flock Of Sheep~~~~~~Here are some of the sheep I make to sell at bazaars. They are made the way the Moravians used to make them for their creches. They are clay wrapped in the wool fleece from my Jacob sheep. Here they are compared in size to some apples.
~~~Each sheep is an individual, and they seem to take on personality as they get their little smiles. They look like a real flock when placed in a group on my table. ~~~Oh no !!!! Miss Marple, they are not mice. Gotta rescue my flock. I am taking them, some hand spun yarn, batts and rovings of my wool, and locker hooked saddle pads to the Harvest fest at our Lacamas Community Club. The harvest Fest is an annual fall celebration of local farms . An opportunity for the farms to show and sell a bit of what they produce. I was going to bring some lambs, but the weather forecast is for stormy weather and I do not think they want lambs inside where they are serving breakfast and lunch to the community. ~~~This is a busy month, a Harvest fest, a wedding, a bazaar, family events, and I still have apples to preserve as applesauce and pie filling, and a lot more things to make for the Christmas Bazaars. ~~~Do YOU have any local festivals or bazaars that are important to you and your community ? Are you involved in any of these events ? Just wondering....Have a great weekend !
~~~Fest : derived from"Festival :a season devoted periodically to some form of entertainment;" Funk and Wagnalls New Standard Dictionary~~~


Lanny said...

It is amazing how busy October is.

The girls and I find that we could go to something every day and still miss some of the seasonal things that we want to do.

Your sheep are very sweet and you are a very good craftsperson. I know this becasue our sheep do not look like these.

Have a profitable time at the farm fest thingy up at Lacamas.

noble pig said...

Oh my those are just adorable Kathy! So, so cute.

We have a local Christmas festival, I don't make anything but I buy a lot of stuff! I like to keep the economy going.

KathyB. said...

Thank Lanny and Noble Pig. I actually did sell quite a bit today. So I am going to have to get busy making lots and lots of little sheep and more saddle pads.
And I really appreciate the people who come to these festivals and bazaars to help me feed my sheep ( this is why I sell products made from the wool of my sheep) which in turn pays the hay producers, which helps them pay....yeah ! We ALL help keep the economy going.

Flower said...

Your little flock of sheep are very cute! I think it's really special that the fleece comes from your animals!! Could I buy a few?
This time of year is a busy time for me but this year I am free. I don't have anything to prepare for. My stress factor is low this way...and it's a new high for me! It took a couple of years to get to this "place" of (me) letting go of being too busy. I'll be baking more pies, reading, painting and being with the babies more.

Daisy said...

HA HA HA!! I LOVE those little sheep, Kathy! Oh my gosh, just incredibly darling. You should put some in a little pen outside your doll house. :D Good luck with your plans for the busy month ahead!