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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Spot on Doll houses

~~~I have a fascination for miniatures. Don't we all to some degree ? Here is a log cabin Hubby and our kids made about 15 - 20 years ago for our homeschool History Fair. The fair exhibited displays and research various families did on the history of America. The homeschoolers also performed a compilation of songs representing American history, directed by a top notch music teacher. The choir was moving and many grandparents who were very skeptical and hostile to their grandchildren being homeschooled never the less shed a tear as the homeschooled youth performed songs dear to the hearts of loyal Americans. ( my and Hubby's fathers for sure ) But I digress. ~~~Hubby and the kids collected the wood sticks from the woods, peeled and notched them, then constructed the cabin. We made a mortar to chink the logs, and furnished the log home the way a clever but poor family might have in the late 1700's to 1800's. We had fun, and I still have the log home. ~~~#2 Granddaughter is spending two fun filled nights with Hubby and I. She has grown so much, and I realized she is now old enough to play with some things that are not able to stand up to the rough play of the younger and / or less careful grandchildren. I brought the log house down off the top of the armoire and she played with the log home for awhile. I noted how careful she was, how she arranged things so nicely, and how much fun she was having. So I allowed her a privilege I have not allowed anyone but myself , ever. I allowed her to play with MY dollhouse!
~~~See how she set the tables for the mouse, doll and bear ? ~~~
~~~My doll house is the bottom shelf of our china cabinet. I used to keep the furniture in a real doll house, but had trouble making everyone keep their mitts off my toys. Keeping things behind glass has a way of saying " HANDS OFF " without really having to say it. (ignore the dust, the maid, me ,doesn't dust too thoroughly )
~Here is my small living room. Hubby and I made most of the furniture. I wove the blue rug.~
"Did you ever see a little girl who wasn't enchanted by a miniature dollhouse? As a matter of fact, did you ever see a BIG girl who wasn't enchanted by a miniature dollhouse? Young or old, the intrigue is the same; even little boys and big boys have been captivated by it's charm." Helen Ruthberg THE BOOK OF MINIATURES
~~~Here is the kitchen / dining room. I made the dry sink , the food, and wove this rug too.~~~ ~~~"Smallness has charm. There is something precious and appealing about the precise detail of a minute thing. Although small things rarely have risen high in the eyes of art critics, the smallness of objects has enchanted mankind throughout the ages.Perhaps it is people's love for precision. Or it may be that smallnes awakens a nostalgia harkening a person back to childhood, reviving one's instincts for play, for visiting the mysterious and imaginative world of pretend." THE COMPLETE BOOK OF MAKING MINIATURES Thelma Newman & Virginia Merrill ~~~Here the little kitten naps on the bed I made, and quilt I cross stitched. Hubby helped me make the bureau and a friend crocheted the rug. ~~~"A dollhouse becomes a showcase for your own creative talents and should be displayed prominently - in living room, dining room, or family room." ALL ABOUT DOLLHOUSES Barbara L. Farlie
~~~#2 Granddaughter played with the dollhouse for quite awhile. Now if I can just get the doll family to dust their home once in awhile....
~~~I think I will be letting all the grandchildren play with my toys a bit more often ! Smiles like this make my day, and all I have to do is share my toys.~~~
~~~"Play: Action without special aim or for amusement."Funk and Wagnalls New Standard Dictionary


Wilson Clan said...

All of those miniatures are adorable! The details! Truly great craftsmanship! :)

noble pig said...

Oh if I was a little girl I would have gone koo-koo over this, how absolutely exquisite this! The deatils, the work...just priceless.

Pamela said...

The doll house and furnishings are gorgeous and the smile they got from your granddaughter is priceless! You have truly given her a day she will never forget!

Anonymous said...

I Love the photo of the dollhouse living room. It looks so cozy. I think you should use this photo for the front of your Christmas cards this year.
Thanks for letting 'McPhee' play with your toys. ( her name until she loses that tooth. ) =)
~ Autumn

Anonymous said...

She is not a McPhee! She is my precious little Goddaughter who I love to pieces! She is my future cupcake maker in our business!

Love Auntie Joni

KathyB. said...

Wilson clan, Noble Pig, Pamela, thank-you ! I too , would have gone nuts over this when I was a little girl. So, Hubby and I made these bit by bit so the big girl I am could indulge the 'little girl' in me .

Good idea Autumn, to use a picture of the doll house living room as my Christmas card, first the maid has to dust...

And YOU know, Joni, she is a great little cupcake maker !

Daisy said...

What fun! I love all the little details and obviously so does your granddaughter.

Dust? What dust? I didn't see any dust. (from someone who also hates to dust) ;)

Linda said...

Your small living room is just wonderful!