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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy Days, Fun Days~

~Three of our grandchildren playing on the bales of hay. Who needs a playground structure when there is hay to climb? ~This weekend we enjoyed our grandchildren when their Dad, Mom, and baby brother went on a short trip. The grandchildren got to play with us for 3 days ! What fun we had. Besides playing in the leaves and on the hay........~There was dress-up !(below) Here #2 Granddaughter has put together a fairy outfit. The dress she is wearing was my Sunday school dress when I was little. It is made of real silk my father had made for me when he was in Thailand ( courtesy of the U.S. Army). ~The red thing in front of our granddaughter is our new wood stove. Yes, we had a busy weekend. We put in our new wood stove, after taking out the old one. You know, wood stoves are heavy. ~#1 Grandson poses for me in front of our new wood stove.I love it. It is pretty and functional. I have a fire in the stove right now, as it is about 45 degrees outside. ~I re-arranged my living room so the children could play Disney's Video Bingo. This is a crowd pleasing game, I have witnessed grown-ups enjoying this game. Plus, every so often the bingo game halts to play blurbs of favorite Disney movies. The children request this often, and love to play it. ~In the evening there was more game playing. #1 Grandson won the game of WILDCRAFT twice ! He is the little naturalist in the family. Take him to the zoo and he'll tell you more about each and every animal than you might ever want to know, and then some !WILDCRAFT is a teaching game and the premise is : some children need to climb the mountain to gather herbs for their Grandma.Of course there are some pit falls, and set backs, and the children need to be home before dark. So they are also encouraged to help each other out for the benefit of all. The game teaches herbs, their uses, cooperation....and is fun! ~We all had a wonderful time. This time I was careful not to give the children too much chocolate, and put them to bed at a reasonable time. I don't know what got into me !Can't wait to do this again, even if I do wear them out !
~#5 Granddaughter smiling for me because she LOVES to play on the hay and now she is a big girl and can climb it without me lifting her !~


Anonymous said...

Looks like a lovely weekend with adorable grandchildren. I especially love seeing your granddaughter wear your dress from childhood. That new stove is fabulous! Here in Georgia, temps are in the 30's this a.m. - I'm envious!

Daisy said...

The Disney video game sounds like a lot of fun! I love the fairy dress-up outfit. Weekends like this will make wonderful memories for your grandchildren to have in the years to come.

LindaSueBuhl said...

I'm thinking those grandchildren just love to be with you, so many fun places to play and people to play WITH. I do adore your woodstove - we are still debating -built our house 8 years ago - has a fireplace (highly inefficient heat source - mostly ornamental and ambience). DH would prefer to take out the whole fireplace - finish the chase (part that has the chimney) and put a woodstove in there - somehow our economy moves suddenly cost several thousands - Hmmmm! Your stove is absolutely beautiful - and those grandones - even more beautiful.
I'm into guvmint sayings this week - here's one for today
"A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul."George Bernard Shaw -

Anonymous said...

The woodstove looks great and makes the entire living room look different! Brings out different colors than the blue one did.
Think it's funny that you 'rearrange' your living room so the kids can play bingo!
Also think it's funny that you have a fire going because it's in the 40's outside. I was just telling the kids " Yay, it's supposed to be pretty warm this week ... in the 40's! "
LOVE the picture of #5 in the hay. Want a copy.
~ Autumn

noble pig said...

So sweet, love the hay bales. My kids love to climb hay too. It's like they are drawn to it! Enjoyed all the pictures.

KathyB. said...

Wow Mildred, I did not realize it got so cold in Georgia....we're having a heat wave compared to your weather. And, yes, I enjoy seeing her wear the dress I loved. I took such good care of it when I was little, and I try to make sure there is no roughhousing in that dress, I intend to mend it and maybe frame it....but probably won't get around to it.

Daisy, the Disney Video is fun, and the kids seem to never tire of it. I usually put a game time limit on it....otherwise we can listen too the bingo music and number calling FOREVER !

Linda Sue, we are on our 2nd wood stove , the other has lasted for about 18 years of almost constant use during the fall, through late spring. Because we have frequent power outages we have relied on the stove for our heat and cooking.We also have enough trees in our little wooded area to keep us supplied with firewood all the years we should be here, and we keep the trees growing FOR a wood supply. I personally recommend a wood stove..

Anonymous,yes, I never re-arranged the living room for you kids, but you know...GRANDKIDS ! Thanks, we like the new stove too,and yes, the temps weren't all that cold but any excuse to use the new stove !I already made you a copy of the picture of #5 Granddaughter !

Noble Pig, I really think bales of hay are highly under-valued as playground equipment !You can even make buildings with hay!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, but the price of hay doesn't make it a very cost effective building material any more ... I believe in one of your previous posts you compared it to gold? Now, when the livestock start eating swing sets and bicycles we can begin building marvelous hay 'big toys' for the kids. =) ( However, if you have it you might as well climb on it.)
~ Autumn