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Friday, October 10, 2008

Spot on New Dovecote

~~~My Hubby finished my dove cote ! I think it is wonderful.~My husband (Hubby ) finished building this just in time to take off for business and to do some deer hunting with our two sons ! He put a lot of work into this dove pen. I think it shows!
~~~He started re-building the dove pen this summer. Yes, I said re-building. He had built me a wonderful dove pen about 7 or 8 years ago. The pen was built around a big fir tree, and had a huge Hemlock and two other fir trees around it. During the winter storm of 2006 though, the hemlock tree and the biggest fir tree , the tree the dove pen was built around, why, those two huge trees came down, and INTO our home , through the roof and walls. This was the beginning of the worst two years of my life, and the trees through the house were nowhere near the worst part ! But that is not what this post is about, so back to the dove pen, or dovecote.
~~~My husband worked on this, when it was very, very hot outside and he was in a lot of pain. He also is not too excited about me taking his picture when he is so hot and in pain, but he stood still for me. Hubby, our son (in-law) Tom, and our #1 grandson helped clear out the rocks, and tree stumps and level the area for the new pen.
~~~You can see (above) the pen sits in front of the house. I can hear the doves from inside the house, even with the windows closed and storms howling. The doves are such a peaceful, comforting presence. "When you love someone, all your saved up wishes start coming out." Elizabeth Bowen
~~~Didn't my husband make me a lovely dovecote ? Look at the carved doves in the roof ridge. There are lights inside the pen, and we will landscape the area around it next spring. Actually, our son Tom is a talented landscape artist ( among so many other talents he has ) and he will design and help landscape this area for me at my request, as a birthday and Christmas present. ~~~I put 4 doves into the pen today, and already they are cooing. Did you know that when the doves fly they make a soft whirring noise ? Just thought that was interesting.
~~~"The real act of marriage takes place in the heart." Barbara De Angeli~~~
~~~Thank-you my beloved !~~~


LindaSueBuhl said...

what a beautiful dovecote! Your DH is more tolerant than mine - mine refuses to get pictures taken so it looks like we live with just animals - no people (because I hate pictures of me also - wretched things show how I really look!). I do love the carved dove and what spiffy living quarters for the birds - down here we have a lot of mourning doves - that woo wooo sound is so peaceful. Having clever husbands makes living in the country a lot more fun!

Pamela said...

I did not know that a dove house was called a dove cote. Thank you so much for my "fact of the day".

I can't believe the detail in the dovecote. It's just gorgeous!

We, too, have a lot of mourning doves around here and the sound is so peaceful and quieting (when you can hear it over Idiot, the rooster, crowing his empty head off.)

megan said...

We have no pen for our doves, but there is definitely at least one nest in our yard (I haven't figured out where yet). They love to hang out on our deck railings, and we had the privilege of watching them and the babies while we sat at the lunch table frequently this summer. They really are beautiful and calming creatures!

noble pig said...

OMGoodness what a wonderful gift he has given you. There's nothing better than a hard working man.

Lanny said...

Nice job! Hope he gets a deer too!

KathyB. said...

Linda Sue, sometimes I can tell my husband is being patient with me taking so many pictures...this was one of those days. I am not so nice about my picture being taken, for the same reason, it shows me as I really look....

Pamela, how funny, your "rooster crowing his empty head off" , our roosters do too, but I have so many doves I can still hear them.

Megan, we have wild doves hanging around our dovecotes, one was flirting with the pen that holds only 2 females. Every day, there was the wild dove bobbing around in front of their pen...

Noble Pig, my heart melts when I watch my husband working outside....that speaks so much of his love for me. Especially that now a days it causes him pain to do any kind of real heavy work....but he does it anyway.

Lanny, thanks, and I hope he gets a deer too, the freezer needs restocking !

Daisy said...

Such a lovely place for your doves to call home. (I can almost hear them cooing!) And a wonderful husband who is willing to create such a gift for you! So much to be grateful for, Kathy. :)

Flower said...

I love this....a dovecote!! Our neighbors have Mourning Doves and we see them quite a bit. I've never seen a dovecote before but it is very apparent that yours is special! It says a lot!!! :)
We have not stayed at Suttle Lake..but ate lunch there. I will share,later in the month, where we stay and you can decide which place is for you. :)