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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Breakfast ! Shirred Eggs With Spinach and Cream

~Fresh eggs, and I want to try something new for breakfast !~~ This recipe is from one of my favorite cookbooks, and it is called Shirred Eggs With Spinach and Cream. I very much like everything the recipe calls for, so let's try it, it is EASY!
Here are the ingredients: 2 Tablespoons spinach, fresh or frozen 1 teaspoon butter
2 Tablespoons cream ( your choice, light or heavy)
1 egg Kosher salt freshly ground pepper freshly ground nutmeg 1 tablespoon grated cheese of your choice
~Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees~
~1.Put the butter in a 6- or 8- ounce ovenproof ramekin. Melt in the microwave (about 20 seconds) and swirl around to coat the bottom and sides.
~3. Briefly cook the spinach until wilted , then squeeze out the excess liquid. ( This can be done quickly in the microwave.) Put the spinach in the ramekin.
~ pour in the cream~
~Crack the egg into the ramekin. Grate salt and pepper onto egg. Dust on the nutmeg.Top with the cheese. 4. Place the ramekin in the oven and bake about 15 minutes, until yolk begins to set. Serve hot.~
"A shirred egg is simply an egg baked uncovered in a buttered dish, usually with a few components to give it interest. You have your choice of cheese here. Parmesan is a safe option, but this is a good opportunity to use up that bit of interesting cheese that is languishing in the refrigerator. This recipe serves one. In making these for a number of people, simply multiply the recipe as needed. Always bake in individual ramekins, although the ramekins can be placed in a baking dish so they are easy to handle in and out of the oven. Shirred eggs can be assembled and refrigerated for up to an hour before baking." THE FARMSTEAD EGG COOKBOOK" by Terry Golson
~ I quickly took this photograph of my breakfast, then ate it, piping hot. It was delicious. This is now my favorite breakfast, after left over Chinese food. I also refrigerated a second ramekin of this dish for SEVERAL hours, and baked it for my Hubby when he came home from work. He said it was delicious too. Hubby does NOT say a food is delicious unless he means it..so you can actually refrigerate this quite a few hours before baking.....I think this will be my new breakfast of choice for overnight guests. ~ Terry Golson did not pay me for this endorsement, but I would recommend, nay..CROW and CLUCK to anyone who raises chickens and / or loves to eat eggs ,buy this book! ( or borrow it from the library, as I did before I decided I NEEDED this book ) It is beautiful and practical. Google Terry Golson and you can take a peek at her chickens via her hen cam, installed in her chicken coop. She has compiled so much practical information on eggs and recipes using eggs...


Anonymous said...

I should not have read your post before breakfast - now nothing will do but your recipe! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Terry Golson and look forward to checking out her many books. Thanks and have a great day.

Pamela said...

Now that looks absolutely delicious!

imbeingheldhostage said...

that sounds wonderful and I'm hungry. I think I have everything in the kitchen!
Thanks for the recipe :-)

Anonymous said...

Nutmeg? Not a fan of nutmeg myself but the rest of the recipe sounds good.
As a past "Washington State Poultry Person of the year" three years running ... my flock is not doing so well in the egg laying department. Plenty of food, water, scraps, shelter, light, and still no eggs. Time to go talk very loudly about tasty chicken soup around the hen house!
~ Autumn

Gooseshooter said...

Hmmm, who's fixing breakfast at Depoe Bay next weekend?????

Jo said...

Kathy, you live the most beautiful life. You are so elegant. I am just doing some blog catching up and I have read your last couple of posts. Your living room is exquisite, and it is decorated exactly as I would decorate it.

Your recipe for Shirred Eggs With Spinach and Cream look absolutely wonderful. Guess what I am going to make this weekend? Thank you!

What a wonderful life you live. I hope everything is okay with you now.

noble pig said...

Well I don't have chickens but I love eggs so I will try it!

KathyB. said...

I ate this for breakfast again, and have some prepared ahead of time for tomorrow ! I have to say though, I did not add nutmeg, otherwise I followed the directions perfectly. I, like my daughter, Miss Anonymous, do not care for nutmeg in too many food items.

Thank-you Jo, and same to you, hope your back is feeling like supporting you without complaint !

Thank-you Noble Pig for the recipe to the dinner we had tonight !