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Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Baby Is 30 Years Old !(where did the time go?)

~This picture ( above ) was taken 20 years ago. We were clearing our acreage to have our pond dug in an already mucky area of the property. We were living in a camper ,and this day we were clearing around the future pond area. Our youngest child, Daniel, was and still is a very hard worker. Even at a young age we knew if we wanted a job or errand done quickly....he was the one to ask. He worked cheerfully, energetically, and strived to do the job, whatever it was , well! ~Daniel wanted to cut a tree down by himself. The men were all using chain saws, but Daniel insisted he could cut down the tree with a hatchet. My husband gave Daniel the only hatchet we had to spare. It was dull. He showed Daniel which tree he could cut down and we figured that was the end of that. Daniel would get tired and quit and head off to the woods to play with his sister and brother and cousin. Imagine our surprise when we heard a boy's voice yell"timber...." and the cracking and thud of a falling tree! We were impressed, and Daniel is still one of the hardest working men I know. He is also cheerful and uplifting. He is fun!
~Daniel is a great uncle! All the nieces and nephews love him. Here is Daniel with 2 of our oldest son's daughters.~
~Daniel and his wife, his beloved Breezy. Daniel and Breezy are both hard workers and generous hosts to family, friends and animals. Daniel is a farrier ( horse shoe-er) and horse trainer. He used to ride bulls and broncs in rodeos. I went to one rodeo to watch him and when the bull exploded out of the chute with the sole intention of tossing my son, and then going after him, I decided I could not stand to watch any more. So I had my husband take the video camera with him and told him that if Daniel survived, I would watch the rodeo at home.I am happy to say his rodeo days are reserved for watching them now, maybe shoeing a horse for the event, but NOT busting out of the chutes on bulls or broncs!
~Happy 30th birthday son, we love you very much!~ "It is by his deeds that a lad distinguishes himself, if his conduct is pure and right." Proverbs 20:11 Daniel, may you continually seek God's wisdom and discernment in all areas of your life!
Blessings: sons,


Anonymous said...

What wonderful photos and memories today. Happy birthday to your son. Breezy is adorable and they are a lovely couple. I saw Autumn's post and your comment about being too young to be Mel's mother! haha

Anonymous said...

Wow, not much older than me and 4 years younger than my brother's!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! What a beautiful tribute to him. I am impressed by the tree cutting as well. I can only imagine his satisfaction when he cut that tree down. I loved that story.

Megan said...

Wow. If Daniel's 30, that must mean I'm almost...well nevermind. ;-)

You know, in all these years I NEVER knew you had that pond dug out! I just always assumed it was already there.

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday to your Daniel! It sounds like he is a wonderful son and person. Many blessings flowing his way as he experiences another year of life. What a great mom to honor him so!

KathyB. said...

Mildred, yes, to think I could be related to a Mel look alike too!I find those celebrity morphs interesting .

Amy, you are a young thing , and already so wise in what is important.

Noble Pig, thank-you. You have enough property to give your sons a chance to cut down a tree or two!

Megan, does this mean that you too are actually growing , ahem...older ? Nahhh, that would me I am too. Yes,the pond was dug out , leaving the island, and was done almost 2 years before we built the house. Priorities....

Miss Sandy, thank-you. He is our favorite youngest son..we also have a favorite oldest son, and favorite daughter...we are probably biased, but he is pretty special!

Connie said...

Handsome guy! Happy birthday to your son, Kathy. Hope it was a great day for him. I enjoyed reading this. The mother/son bond is a wonderful one, isn't it? I don't blame you for not wanting to watch him at the rodeo. Oh my, that would have made me so nervous.