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Friday, April 23, 2010

...and a Tea Party Broke Out....

Two of our granddaughters were over a week ago for a couple of nights. While I was upstairs doing some housework a tea party broke out in the living room. My husbands' childhood friend and buddy, his Teddy bear was invited, see? (above) I went upstairs leaving behind my normal looking living room and came back downstairs to find the girls had been busy, look at the table setting here. They added mint leaves to the water in the teapot. I think the stuffed animals had a good time at the tea party, it has been a long time since they were out of the guest bedroom. Actually, I don't think my husband's teddy bear has been invited to any kind of party or event in a few decades!
Here are the granddaughters, can you tell which one doesn't like her picture taken?
But these two posed very nicely for me!
"The tea party is surely one of the first steps into the art of social entertaining. How many among us did not set out cups and saucers and dump heaping spoonfuls of sugar into weak, lukewarm tea as children? Sisters and favorite dolls were the usual guests..." Rosanne M. Cure


Timi said...

What a lovely tea party !
I like the old bear...looks like he is very happy to have such an invitation :o))!
I'm going to show this post to my daughter when she comes home from school: I know she will love it!!

BT said...

Wow, what a fantastic party - I wish I'd been there!! I think you popped over to mine and lurked! I don't like it when children hide from photos - ah well, they usually grow out of it. My grandson is at the pulling funny faces stage.

Anonymous said...

All my favorite things....tea, teddy bears and sweet little girls. Looks like a perfect way to enjoy the afternoon.

Susie said...

Sweet post Kathy! The girls tea party looked fun!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Dolores said...

The old bear is still looking good for his age~
Making memories at grandparents house....how wonderful!....your granddaughters are so precious.

Mary Bergfeld said...

How have you kept his teddy bear in one piece all these years? I'm really impressed. I'd loved to have joined your "grandgirls" for tea. We have only boys and while I love them to pieces match book cars are not the same - if you get my gist :-) Have a wonderful day, Kathy. Blessings...Mary

Vickie said...

I'm sure old "teddy" enjoyed his tea very much! He was probably pleased as punch (oops - tea) to be invited!

Cutie little girls!

Julie Harward said...

That looks fun and they are cuties! I have been doing tea parties all my life...and with me and my girls..so much fun! :D

Lady Katherine said...

Such a lovely Tea Party with your granddaughters! I love the bears and lamb! I host Tea Time Tuesday. I am in love with your blog! We do some of the same things. I do not sell, but I spin, weave, knit, and I love your handmade lambs. I made many in past years. I adore your black and white real sheep! I raise sheep, and chickens too. I love that your husband is a bee keeper. I always wanted to do this, but I just buy my honey as a man is keeping bees about a mile from me. I too scared of getting stung. lol Love your home spun! Come by and visit me one day!

Debbie said...

Little girls are such fun! Yes, I remember imagination. Have a great weekend!

Deanna said...

Dear Kathy,
How sweet to have a tea party!
Such a blessing!
Teddy looks very happy!!!
God bless and have a nice wk-end,

Southern Comfort said...

I miss having little girls around, they are so fun! We've had many tea parties in the past and I think it is about time for another. Thanks for showing us this one.

Lucy said...

So precious! I do miss the days of sipping pretend tea from a tiny teacup. Your darling granddaughters certainly show promise of being skilled hostesses.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,

Connie said...

Aw...very sweet! What a lovely party! Have a nice weekend, Kathy!

LindaSue said...

If you don't like your picture taken - you have a rough time in the Cedar Pond crowd - lots of adorable pictures! So sweet -

Mary said...

Kathy, I am sure you feel busy enough, but I had a thought. Have you ever considered writing children's books? I see loving magical words and perfect lessons coming from the pages.

I did always have porcelain tea sets as a child. My dolls and friends enjoyed the tea parties.


KathyB. said...

Timi, you have to e-mail me a picture of her sometime!

BT, you're right, I was lurking there and enjoying your garden and news, but had to leave too quickly to leave a comment then....I hope my granddaughter grows out of this soon. Sometimes she is happy to pose or I catch her unawares.

Mildred, it was , and it is good they can do this themselves when they come over. Of course I get invited to the tea party and the teddy bear and his friends are good company!

Susie, thank-you, we will! You too!

Delores, you're right about that bear. Now my teddy bear has no eyes, fur, or even stuffing left, but I still have him!( he wasn't invited to the tea party)

Mary, I kept my husband's teddy bear in a basket in our bedroom. He wasn't played with by our children. In fact, I am surprised the granddaughters found him.And I do get your gist, I have grandsons too. They are fun, but very different type of fun!

Vickie, you are so right about the teddy bear. It is the first time I can recall him participating in a tea party.

Julie, before I had grandchildren, and after my kids were grown and gone, I had a tea party for all the little girls in our church. Tea parties and little girls , and even little boys are so much fun aren't they?

KathyB. said...

Lady Katherine, I will visit you...you host tea time Tuesday, what fun! Thank-you for stopping in and leaving a comment so I can find you!

Debbie, I think from what I have learned about you that you would host one very delightful little girls tea party! Aren't they fun?

Deanna, I think teddy bear will be wanting to attend many more tea parties, don't you?

Southern Comfort, you mean your grown and very talented daughter doesn't have tea parties with you any more? ( ha ha)

Lucy, sipping even imaginary tea with little girls is precious. I have a sister-in-law who had only sons and used to "adopt" little girls from her Sunday School class to have tea parties with....now she has granddaughters !

Hi Judy!

Linda Sue, boy you are sure right about that! Really though, sometimes I do put the camera away and restrain myself....that is when the best photo ops slip away....poor camera shy grandkids!

Mary, that has been suggested to me, I guess maybe one day I'll try. I did decide I will have the funny and cute stories published as gifts to each grandchild for sure though. Thank-you for the kind compliment. ( is that redundant?)

Anonymous said...

How fun!


A. Joy said...

Finally got a chance today to sit and look at this post with the girls. They described very matter of factly each photo to me. " Those were supposed to be the kids sitting at the kids side of the table" ( referring to the bunny and small bear. ) They always have fun at your house!

Penny said...

It looks as though a good time was had by all!
Your husband's teddy bear looks a lot like my old friend ... probably close to the same vintage. ;^)