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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Frilly , Fluffy Chickens !

The chicks that arrived in the mail in January are growing up quickly. This is one of my favorites, she is a white bantam frizzled Cochin.
See how curly this little frizzled chick is.
I have been brooding the chicks in our dove-cote and the doves are nesting too.
This dove cannot completely cover her growing baby anymore, can you see most of her baby sticking out from under her?
Here is a smaller frizzled Cochin next to a barred bantam Cochin.
Look at the comparison of frizzled feathers ( top ) next to Silkie feathers. Both are so pretty to me, but the Silkie is by far the softest and fluffiest.
I love my chickens, and the doves too!


Unknown said...

OHHHHHH I love your frizzle !!!!
I wanted to get some fancy chickens but looks like it will be next year.
Enjoy their beauty for me.

A. Joy said...

She looks just like a feather duster!!!! Pretty neat looking!

beekeeping supplies said...

Wao what a very beautiful pictures. its view so cute. thanks for sharing with us....

LindaSue said...

interesting unusual chickens - mine are mundane egg producers - you and Jim make even chicken keeping an art form!

Debbie said...

I had no idea that chickens come in so many varieties:) And they have personalities and can learn tricks. I wish we could have some, but living in town does not allow that. I'll just enjoy yours. We do have doves in the back yard and often enjoy seeing moms taking care of babies. Thanks for the pictures!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

A girls gotta have some fluff in her life and this Ozarks farm chick know sometimes ya just got to run with what nature hands ya. Great pics country sister.

From the sunny hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Your chickens are just beautiful. I miss having chickens...a lot. Actually, I miss all of living on a farm and even when we no longer lived on a farm, we always had chickens...it's funny..because no one is allowed to own them within the city limits. City limits!! Grrrr..
I can tell how much you enjoy those chickens! You are so fortunate!!

jennifaye said...

What a cool nesting box for the doves. I had doves one year but the box broke and I have not replaced it. You have given me an idea. lol

Vickie said...

Happy Birthday to your son! Aren't sons Wonderful!

Love your little frizzled chicken - she looks like she stuck her little toe in a light socket!

And, Kathy, I know ya'll had so much fun with all your little granddaughters during spring break! You are so blessed!

Carol............. said...

I must get some of those chickens...they look like me in the morning!

We used to have white doves along with ringnecks. When they started breeding we ended up with only ringnecks. We were later told they were the dominant gene.

Deanna said...

This was an enjoyable post!
So very interesting how different chickens can be.
I showed my Grand these pics and she was truly interested.
They are beautiful.

God bless you all and thank you for the prayers. I so needed them.

Feeling stronger.
d from HomeHaven in the middle of the Kansas Prairies

Julie Harward said...

Ohhh, and I love them too! These fluffy ones are way too cute, wish I had some. Do the chickens you already have except them well? Have fun...come say hi :D

Stella Jones said...

Your pictures do you credit. I love the curly chickens and the motherly dove. Isn't this a wonderful time of the year. Everything is happening, isn't it. Of course, that baby dove doesn't realise she is only half in and half out of mum's cosy nest.
Blessings, Star

Connie said...

Those frilly chickens look like they have ruffled dresses on! Great pictures, Kathy! :)

Dolores said...

I didn't know chickens came with such pretty and prissy feathers. They are so cute!!!!!

Thank you for the birthday wishes!!! You're so sweet......

Anonymous said...

I especially love the photo of the dove "trying" to cover her baby! So sweet. I just did a post on the senses. It would be fun to close my eyes and feel of these beautiful chicks Kathy. I have never seen/felt these in person Kathy.

Lisa said...

That is a gorgeous chicken! I've never seen one like it. I did have a pet barred rock hen as a child. Her feathers were so delightfully soft. I wish I had a place to keep chickens now.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful birds :) I love your little frizzle. The dove baby is so funny. How many babies do your doves usually raise at one time?

KathyB. said...

Le Chateau Des Fleurs, I do enjoy them and I think if you get chickens you should get the beautiful bantam Mlle Fleurs, a tiny,lovely French chicken!

A.Joy, she does!

beekeeping supplies, any time, I love to show off my chickens.

Linda Sue, I love my mundanes too. I study the intricacies of their feather markings and watch them a lot.Of course their baskets of eggs make "mundane" an art form!

Debbie, I think you would be so surprised at the varieties of chickens. Many of them are as small as the birds kept as pets in cages. I often wonder why there are not more chickens in city yards as they are less destructive and dangerous than dogs and cats! If you don't get a rooster who would know?And even the small eggs of the bantams are edible and tasty.

Nezzy, I love the way you write!Yes, fluffy chickens are a hoot and I think maybe a country gals' poultry version of the poodle.

Wspr Sweetly,I don't understand complete bans on chickens in cities. European cities allow them...as I stated above, they are less dangerous and destructive than many dogs and cats, or large pet birds for that matter!

Jen, I get baskets from the dollar store or thrift stores. When they get too dirty I don't mind burning them at that nice price.

Nancy M. said...

The frizzles are SO cute!!! They looks so special among the other chickens! Pretty pigeon! We used to have pigeons growing up. Of course, my favorite were the fantail pigeons with their pretty tails!

KathyB. said...

Vickie, she does!We did have fun with our granddaughters and this weekend they will be back with their father! Fun, fun!

Carol I have all whit Ringnecks, and did have a fawn Ringneck for awhile but noticed the doves were hatching out with rings around their necks. I like all kinds of doves but prefer all white for our dove cote so sold the fawn dove and the babies that showed dark rings. Guess the dark rings are dominant.

Deanna, children seem fascinated by animals, if only to view, don't they? You're in my prayers and hoping for more good news~

Julie, I raise the chicks up ( these are not grown yet) then introduce them into the flock by placing them in the pen with the older ones all at once. By that I mean I place at least 4 to 6 in at a time that way one or two chickens don't stand out as new, there is a group to deal with. Also, introduce them in the evening so they wake up together in the morning and it appears they all seem to think they've been together for awhile.

Star, thank-you! This is a wonderful time of the year. All my poultry is laying eggs ( 'cept the roosters) and the bantams and doves have lots of babies to tend. It is funny isn't it, that the baby dove probably DOES think it is hidden.

Daisy, when I watch the chickens run from behind they really do look like old ladies holding their skirts up!

Delores, you have to view some chicken catalogs to see how really bizarre chickens can be~ Amazing the world of birds God has created. Feathers and plumes to rival any Vegas Showgirl get-up!

Mildred, If you take Nalley to any county or state fair in Georgia, look for the poultry shows. Bet you will find at least one or two 4H or FFA kids who will allow you to pet a Silkie or Frizzle. Nalley would probably love it!

Lisa, I hope you find yourself someplace one day where you can keep a chicken or two. They bless me more than I can express.

Shannon ( Kenleigh Acres) the doves usually raise 2 babies. I have had one dove on occasion try to raise 3 babies, but I have been taking eggs away from them because I have more than 20 doves right now.

Nancy M. I have thought about raising white homing pigeons, that is on the back-burner for now though. You should get yourself a frizzle or two!