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Thursday, April 29, 2010

What Plant We In This Apple Tree?

One apple tree in our orchard. "I am not bound for any public place, but for ground of my own where I have planted vines and orchard trees, and in the heat of the day climbed up into the healing shadows of the woods." Wendell Berry This is an illustration from one of the best children's books ever, 'Mr. Apple's Family' by Jean McDevitt. It is the story of Mr. Apple and his family . They buy an old home in the country , one with an apple orchard. This is a very quiet and cozy story , a comforting story I love to re-read. Mr. Apple and his wife name their children after different apples and the family and orchard grow. This is a hard book to find, but I own my childhood copy. I particularly love this illustration and you can see it mirrored below...."Mr. & Mrs. Apple and their five little Apples were cozy and warm in the little red house until spring came and the apple trees were covered with little pink blossoms once more." Jean McDevitt, 'Mr. Apple's Family' ...as our oldest son mowed our young orchard. This photo was taken in the summer of 1990. Unlike Mr. Apple who bought an old home with an old orchard, we bought the land and then planted the tiny fruit trees.Look how small our trees were. We planted fruit trees even before we had power and running water here on Cedar Pond, we knew we would appreciate our trees in the future." If I thought I was going to die tomorrow I would plant a tree today." Stephen Girard This is part of our orchard now, the same orchard pictured above. "Thou shalt not destroy the tree thereof by forcing an axe against them, for thou mayest eat of them and thou shalt not cut them down .(for the tree of the field is man's life) Deuteronomy 20:19 "What plant we in this apple tree? Sweets for a hundred flowery springs to load the May-wind's restless wings...A world of blessings for the bee...We plant with the apple tree." William C. Bryant. All that and apple pies, applesauce, freshly picked crisp apples just for the picking in the fall when the leaves are on fire with color, but now the trees are sweet of scent and filled with blossoms~ Oh the miracle of the apple tree! "The wind blew the apple blossoms gently against the house. The moon shone on the apple trees and on the ground covered with apple blossoms. The children slept on and on with the fresh country air blowing on their faces through the crooked little house in the apple orchard." 'Mr. Apples' Family'~ Jean McDevitt


Anonymous said...

Another "feel good" kind of post to read Kathy. I love the story and the illustrations! Your orchard is lovely.

Southern Comfort said...

My orchard consists of one plum tree (you need to produce fruit!). I am envious of your trees. I bet an apple pie with maple cream sauce would be delicious.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Loved this post and love planting trees, especially fruit and nut. The first year we moved to Thistle Cove Farm, I planted a Granny Smith tree purchased from Big Lots and the second year it had fruit. Not much, but some.
It gives fruit every year, each year a few more apples and they make the Best Ever apple sauce, butter and pies.
Funny though...it seems to be reverting as it's turning reddish golden green but the apples are still wonderfully tart with a bit of sweetness.
Did you know they are even better once a frost has hit them? The sweetness really Pops!

JC said...

I wish I had land where I could have apple trees.

myletterstoemily said...

what a sweet story about a very
special orchard.

"don't sit under the apple tree with
anyone else but me!"

Julie Harward said...

How sweet...I love apple trees, I lived in one everyday as a kid..there is just something magical about them! Come say hi :D

Dolores said...

I love the illustration and the pictures, and such a sweet story. Wow, how your apple trees have grown.
Me too!!! " If I thought I was going to die tomorrow I would plant a tree today."
We bought a Loquat tree yesterday to plant in our yard.

Leedra said...

Before I forget yet again....love the white bleeding heart photograph.

We also planted trees, some of which were fruit trees, before we built our house. We took water from where we lived (25 miles away) to water part of the summer, because right after we planted we had not one drop of rain for 6 weeks. I had also moved ALL of my iris. They are going to be gorgeous this year, watch for when I post them. Your fruit trees encourage me that mine will someday give me fruit to eat.

Connie said...

Lovely post, Kathy. I love when the apple trees are covered with blossoms. The blooms are so sweet and delicate looking.

A. Joy said...

Yep, my favorite book! I always thought the kids in it were so cute! Maybe my kids can read it on Saturday! Neat idea to put photos of before and after - I like it!

Flower said...

Apple trees are so pretty and produce the best tastes! Each tree has grown so big and now you have your own apple story!

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

What a wonderful posting. I love your apple orchard. I can just imagine what good apple pies they would make. Your trees are so lovely.

Unknown said...

Oh This is so pretty :)
Oh, I love Orchards.
Happy may 1rst! I have a give away on my blog and wanted to make sure you don't miss it :)

Shelley said...

That book sounds wonderful! Your property is so beautiful!!

KathyB. said...

Mildred,thank-you. The orchard has been a consistent growing delight and has suffered a bit of neglect lately, but still provides.

Southern Comfort, apple pie with maple cream sauce would be tasty, I'll keep it in mind come apple harvest. We have plums too, love them!

Sandra,yes, I have noticed some of our late ripening apples are the best after a frost. Wish I could plan a frost at just the right time.You really cannot adequately describe how very good these apples are!

JC, have you considered a dwarf apple tree on a patio or side of your home? You can do it!I know we live in the same state and it is a good state to grow apples.

my letters to emily,I like that old song...and I love my apple orchard! Thank-you very much for your kind comment.

Julie,our apple trees are almost big enough to be worth a climb and I am happy our grandchildren can experience this. I never anticipated having the blessing of so many grandchildren AND a fruitful orchard such as ours. God is good!

Delores, so often people do not stay put long enough to enjoy the "fruits " of their labor, especially the rewards of planting a young fruit tree. I am thankful for my husband's insistence on planting them so long ago before our house was built!

Leedra, thank-you! I like that picture too, and the white bleeding hearts really stand out in their flower bed amongst the pink ones.And you will all the more appreciate your growing and producing fruit trees after so much labor, truly "labors of love".

Daisy, thank-you. It has been so windy here that some roads are literally pink from all the fallen blossoms, so beautiful!

KathyB. said...

A.Joy, I will loan you the book to read to the kids. I re-read it again, so well worth it!So happy and peaceful, and not at all boring even if it is a child's book.

Flower, you are right. I will remember that, my own apple tree story!

Brenda Kay, thank-you. The apples make delicious apple pies!And applesauce too. We have so many apples now I am able to share them with family, friends, and our livestock.

Les Chateau des Fleurs,thank-you! I will check out your blog, I read it regularly and enjoy it.I like give-aways too!

Shelley, thank-you very much , and the book is indeed worth reading if you can locate a copy. I read on one website that it is listed as one children s' book worth re-printing and I agree!