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Friday, April 16, 2010

Treasures In The Herb Garden~Morels & Fennel

During my stay-cation I have been tending to things I love, my herb garden is one of them. Look what I discovered in my herb garden, gourmet fungi~ morel mushrooms!
Unfortunately they are so well hidden under a winter's accumulation of ash leaves I stepped on a few before I knew what an amazing crop was underfoot. There are quite a few morels here and my husband will be home from his several days' business trip early today, then he and I will harvest them. Wonder what recipes we will come up with for these precious fungi. I also discovered new fennel sprouting from the rock border, right out of a small Lady's Mantle plant. After I left the herb garden a pair of wild doves landed in front of the dove pen there and cooed to the caged doves. A wood duck flew into our huge maple trees after being startled by me as he was walking back and forth in front of our penned ducks. 2 varieties of hummingbirds buzzed by me many, many times as they drank their fill at our hummingbird feeders. The swallows were checking out their last year's nest site, and the towhees were back under the huge rhododendrons , I assume nesting. The grosbeaks landed en-masse at the feeders full of sunflower seeds. Because it is spring and sunny I was able to work in my gardens until after 7:00. Just in time to watch the lambs get their usual evening burst of energy and play 'lamb-tag' at high speed , bouncing around and over their mamas. Isn't this time of year amazing and hopeful?


Timi said...

We used to pick mushrooms like these with my father when I was a child and they are delicious! I didn't know the Engish name of it, but now I know...:o)

Mary said...

This time of year simply spills over with hope and beauty. I am glad to live in an area that enjoys all of the seasons. Even the dark winter months are followed by the renewing (spring), making it all worth it.

I have heard of people going morel hunting. Now I know what they look like. Pretty in many ways. I bet they are tasty.

Susie said...

How neat it is to find edible morel mushrooms growing in your own yard.

Connie said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful stay-vacation, Kathy. I've never seen nor tasted Morel mushrooms. What a fun find! You have much to enjoy and be inspired by there.

Dolores said...

You're giving me an education...I've never heard of morel mushrooms, much less eaten them, but I DO love mushrooms.

What a lovely and delightful vision of the lambs playing tag!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Kathy - if I had the energy, I'd go pick some morels but it's not to be this year. I enjoyed reading your post and seeing your photos; enjoy your stay-cation.

Deanna said...

Dearest Kathy,
I'm dreaming of the day I can have a stay-cation!!!!
Dreaming big time.

Pray that you are getting some rest and storing up energy for the new day.

Have a sweet week-end and God Bless you,

Miss A said...

I've never tried morel mushrooms before but I sure would like to!

~Miss A

Leedra said...

Morel mushrooms in your own yard. What a treat.