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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas, I Love It!

~This Santa was made by me a few years ago, and he hangs on the wall. I usually hang him on the front porch post, but this year he has joined all the other Santas on an upstairs windowsill.~There is no particular rhyme or reason for my photo selection today except these are pictures that make me happy, and they are seasonally appropriate, and I like being seasonally appropriate......no Easter bunnies here yet!~
~Leah, my 9 year old Jacob sheep ewe peering through another ewe's horns. Leah has a funny face, her teeth make her look like she is sneering, or smiling inward at a funny sheep joke...hmmm, what would be funny to a sheep ?Actually the word that comes to mind when looking at my Leah is 'sardonic', what do you think ?
~This is another Santa I made years ago. Some of the toys originally piled around him have disappeared, maybe he delivered them to children on the other side of the globe....
~Thorin, one of my 2 Pygmy / Nigerian dwarf goats begging for crackers. He too has a funny smile, don't you think ?He always appears to be wearing fake teeth or badly fitting dentures and wearing an odd grin.~
~The birdhouse outside our big living room picture window.Every year we have swallows raising at least 2 broods of young in this. I have been watching the chickadees and juncos perch on the steeple but could never get a picture of them perched there. Look at the snow on top, kind of looks like frosting.~
~The little village veterinary clinic. Don't you wish your veterinary clinic was this picturesque ? This little clinic draws the grandchildren to it. I have watched all of them just sit by it and gaze. Although you can't see from this picture, there is a scene inside the little clinic as you view it from outside the window. I have a barn and farm animals around the clinic, and the whole shebang is sitting on our breakfast bar, little animals, and people in the snow. Trees behind them. And room on the bar to eat and drink hot cocoa while looking at the village scenes and talking to Grandma. ~I wore the grandchildren out. They asked to go to bed, after playing with playdough, my Rudolph toys and baking cookies. #1 Grandson went outside with Poppa to track coyote footprints through the snow and ALL around our property and house, on the ice in the pond...down our road. He and Poppa are on 'coyote watch', because lambs are due anytime and we have discovered there are a LOT of coyotes regularly prowling around here. I have been awakened every night lately hearing coyotes on our front lawn, under the bedroom window. ~Tomorrow, we decorate cookies, do some crafting, playing in the snow and reading more stories. And of course, playing with puppies and cuddle time!Enjoy your winter and the Christmas season, it only comes around once a year!


Mildred said...

I always get a cozy feeling when I read your posts Kathy. The village vet clinic is so cute & would attract me too. Mom has a village toy store with a scene inside that is enchanting. The bird house is magical with that layer of snow on top! And Thorin---he looks like my grandpa! Grandpa had the worst fitting dentures and was always sliding them forward out of his mouth!!! Have fun with the grandchildren.

Daisy said...

Kathy your smiling sheep photos made me grin BIG! I especially like Leah's smile. Sardonic is a good choice of words.

You are so talented and crafty! Your Santas are so cute. I enjoyed seeing them. :)

Southern Comfort said...

I love your photos! I love being in the country and your pictures reimind me of being at home, on the farm. We had a little of everything when I was growing up, we even milked cows. Where I live now,we are always on coyote watch-and bobcat watch. They cleaned us out of chickens and I am terrified they will get my little dog. I love your sheep and wish we had some here.

Lanny said...

The girls were just saying how the snow really shows how many coyotes we have and how outright bold and brazen they are! They not only left foot prints on Norrine's lawn but scat too! I sure wish we would hurry up and return to a time of trapping and hunting these menace with dogs. The return of the hunting hound!!!

Hey Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Miss Linda said...

I love the pictures of your goats smiling!! Your little ornaments are so lovely! I hope you can keep the coyotes away from your little lambs. I can't imagine hearing them that close in the night!!

Farm Chick Paula said...

LOL I love the picture of Leah- her teeth makes it definitely look like she's smiling!!
I love your little handmade Santa's, Kathy- you are so talented!!

KathyB. said...

Thank-you Mildred, most of the time it is cozy around here !

Daisy and Farm Chick Paula, thank-you. I think I have too many Santas, I need to start gifting my grandchildren with them.

Southern Comfort and Miss Linda, things are getting serious around here with the coyotes!And although we do have bobcats around here, the cougars are frequent visitors we watch out for too.

Lanny, how did Coyote watch Christmas eve go ?