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Monday, December 22, 2008

Spot on Snow Dogs

~A glimmer of sunshine through the cedar trees around the pond.~
~The dogs play on the ice. Being retrievers, they retrieve, and each one tries to out retrieve the other. This is fun to watch them do on ice!~
~Whoossh......here comes Mabel! Slippy slide, .....there she goes !~
~Sienna, the older girl on ice, the mother of the red puppies, slips on the ice trying to out-retrieve her two older daughters, Willow and Beatrix.~
~Sienna and Beatrix grab the stick at the same time.~
~Mama wins every time. This old girl still has it , she can out- run, out- swim and out- retrieve her daughters and still raise a litter of puppies. Way to go Sienna!~
~The weather forecasters were ALL wrong about the effect of the storm on our area. Thank-you Lord ! We had snowfall, a very tiny breeze, and more snowfall. The news did show some bad times for other areas of our region, and it was not a good night to be on the road, but we were safe at home. We had a quiet and pleasant evening. Hubby and I ate well, he tried to teach me Cribbage. I wrapped presents and fell asleep on the sofa with Hubby.A very nice evening. Too bad it takes a snowstorm to cause us to slow down and just be. ~I am baking Christmas cookies with 3 of our grandchildren tomorrow, and we have some crafting to do...some special Christmas story books to read, maybe play some games . If the snow hangs on we'll go outside for some snow fun!


LindaSueBuhl said...

What part of our brain just heehaws about animals slip sliding on icy surfaces? It is always funny - when people do it our German friends told us it is called "making the frog". SO happy you had milder weather and a beautiful evening with your DH -- Maybe the Lord was protecting some of your family from being on the roads - we never know but are grateful for His plans.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Kathy, I thought of you often over the weekend and wondered about your weather. So happy that conditions did not get as dire as predicted. These are the cutest photos of the dogs. I just this a.m. posted something that mentions you getting tickled at me and my descriptions. Take a look! Have a great day with the little ones.

Lanny said...

I was out Saturday night at about ten and heard a little wind, the wind chimes were tinkling and I was glad that the wind storm stayed truly in the foot hills. The wind was just strong enough to be "romantic" and sound like the wind in "Heidi".

Have fun cookie baking!

Wilson Clan said...

I love the action shots of your dogs! How are the puppies doing all warm and cozy inside? :)

noble pig said...

Have fun baking and the views are beautiful. Glad the storm wasn't so bad! Enjoy your day.

Anonymous said...

I have been so worried about you and all your animals after reading all the news reports about weather in your area. I am so very thankful you are all right! It sounds like you didn't even lose power. I just love seeing the pictures of your wonderful animals!

Daisy said...

Kathy, I'm so glad to hear the storm passed around you. Your dogs look like they are having fun even though things are a bit slippery there. Stay warm and stay inside. It's a good day to be inside looking out. :)

Jo said...

Kathy, those pictures of your dogs on the ice are just delightful...! Talk about the joy of life...!

Can you believe this weather? We have a foot of snow here in Vancouver, and it's overtop of ice. I ventured out today, but slipped and fell right in the middle of the road. Ouch! So I turned around and came home. I still have not been able to get to the Post Office. Argh, argh, argh!!!! :-( I will in a few days when things warm up.

Have a wonderful time baking cookies with your grandchildren! Give them all a big hug from me, and wish them Merry Christmas!

P.S. You know what my word verification is? Hotoppe. Sounds very warm, doesn't it? "I will have a hotoppe with marshmallows and whipped cream please." *heh*


KathyB. said...

Linda Sue, I agree with you, the roads were , and still are, terrible. The news cast keeps telling everyone to stay home if at all possible. A party is nice and fun, but how terrible would we feel if family was injured or worse in an accident driving home on icy roads with downed trees ?

Mildred, I'll be over soon!Thank-you.

Lanny, you are all having so much fun over there!And this has actually been perfect winter weather for us..once in a lifetime lovely snow!

Wilson Clan, the puppies and their Mom are snug and warm in their own BIG shed with a heat lamp. The puppies have a lot of play around room without leaving the shed.

Noble Pig, we are enjoying the days, and we made the cookies tonight and are decorating tomorrow!

Miss Linda,we didn't lose power! You can't believe what a miracle THAT is for our area. We can usually count on that kind of weather knocking the power off for at least 2 days......

Daisy, we are mostly staying inside, but the sheer beauty beckons us out every so often. The Labs actually enjoy sliding around on the ice, can't figure that out though because they don't like slippery floors.

Jo, I get some very appropriate word verifications too, makes you wonder, doesn't it ? I have hearing the weather reports about Vancouver.....and I hope you did not hurt yourself too bad !How far away is your post office ? We get our mail at the P.O. too, and sometimes it can be a week before I get there.........