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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hot Doggies and Hot Days

Record high temperatures for the Pacific Northwest make for hot doggies! Hawk has retreated to the swing by the pond for relief, but at 90 degrees or more, even near the pond, there is not much relief at all. This Vizsla is having a harder time coping with the heat than my 5 Labrador Retrievers. Go figure!
The plants, even heat loving plants, are wilting and shriveling shortly after watering.See these beautiful plants and blooms? While watering them I discovered .....
...this cute little frog hiding in the spear shaped leaves. "Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it." Mark Twain
The pond, though wet, seems hot and humid, and though green, is not the respite from the heat I need. The temperatures around here were higher than anywhere in the U.S. We beat the deserts. Goodness, triple digit temperatures frazzle us North westerners who are very happy picnicking and camping in the rain under tarps and wearing sandals with our rain gear. "What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance." Jane Austen
But Hawk did enjoy the swing by the pond. "As a rule , man is a fool, When it's hot he wants it cool. When it's cool he wants it hot. Always wanting what is not." anonymous


Anonymous said...

We have been hearing about your heat. Poor Hawk doesn't know what to think! What a beauty he is and I love your pictures this morning. Is that Montbretia blooming in the one? So very colorful. The pond picture looks like "bad hair day weather" to me!!! Stay cool and don't overdo today.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh My Goodness! I so do not envy your heat wave; I am absolutely slayed by the heat and would rather have cold any day. As Mom always said, "you can always put on another sweater but you can only get so nekkid before people start to complain!"
Please remember to move slowly and drink plenty of fluids.

Debbie said...

Sorry about your heat wave. Like being stuck in the 'horse latitudes' on the ocean that I read about once. I love the comment by Thistle Cove; being a southern girl we always heard that being 'naked' meant being bare, but bein 'nekkid' meant you were up to something!
You know what they say about the weather.

Marie said...

I had seen on the news how hot it has been for you. My niece lives in WA state near Portland. Your flowers are beautiful and Hawk looks so comfortable in the swing.

Susie said...

Poor Hawk, he does look hot. At least he's smart to get into the shade. Sorry you are having what's typically our weather. Hopefully it won't last much longer.

LindaSueBuhl said...

We were discussing your heat wave last night while DH and I watched the news. Has to be pretty miserable in a place where not everyone has air conditioning. We are having a very unusual cooler spell here in North Texas - even a little rain although not the downpours needed to break drought in south Texas. To each their own - we'd rather deal with heat than cold any day! Hawk has the right idea - get some shade and don't move too much in the heat of the day. Nifty frog - fully rely on God always comes to mind when I find one in our garden!

Timi said...

I love the photo of Hawk "swinging" :o))! We also have hot summer in Hungary now, 33-35 degrees, so I can understand poor Hawk!

Steve said...

I sure do recognize the "state of inelegance" Jane Austen lamented! IN Portland yesterday, it was 106! Living in my underwear makes things simpler, I admit, but "inelegant" it darn sure is, lol.

Those are still some gorgeous pictures. I loved the shots of the pond. Hawk looks like a keeper, too.

Anonymous said...

Poor Hawk. Hopefully he is more comfortable today :) That little frog is so cute. I found one in my chicken food bin the other day. I think he was trying to find a cool place to hang out for a few days ;) I'm glad to see that the temps are going to be back to normal!

Wobegon Cottage said...

We are having a very unusual cool summer. I even had to break out a couple of jackets and long sleeve T-shirts. Storms for today the kids left to go up north and now I am tired so will take a nap

A. Joy said...

I've been hosing down the two dogs here in the middle of the day. I soak them with cold water and they seem to feel much better.
Word verification here : toota =)

Lanny said...

I can't imagine any place cooler than around your pond. Hot doggies is right! Fluffy allowed Anna to chop his locks off. And the normally sunbathing Ratters have finally headed to the shade.

KathyB. said...

Mildred, I think that is the name of the plant. It is one of those plants whose name I forget, remember, forget....yes, frizz ville for your hair here!

Thistle Cove, the heat slays me too. I have experienced a bit of heat sickness 2 days in a row now...enough!

Debbie, whatever they say about the weather, we can't change it so I have to put up or shut up...or both!

Marie, thank-you for visiting. Portland and southern Washington are hotter than we are...your niece is probably seeking shade and air conditioning.

Susie and Linda Sue, the weather we are having is just like your weather, but you're right, we are not equipped for extreme heat.Most people do not have air conditioners. Our flora and fauna are not used to the heat either and suffer terribly for it. I have lived in and visited hot climes..and always found the people living there have their homes and lives adjusted for the heat.

Timi, I had assumed Hawk would be doing the best of all our animals because the Hungarian Vizsla is supposed to be a heat loving dog..what about the Vizslas you know of in the homeland of the breed?

Steve, funny! but oh so practical " living in your underwear" !

Kenleighacres, a frog in the chicken food bin? I find them in the crevices of our lawn furniture all the time, and our gardens are c just hopping with the teensy green ones.

Wobegon, trade you weather!

A.Joy, I put ice water on the porch and the dogs gathered round. I also ran the sprinkler in the back yard area....near the trees.toota!

Lanny, if your little heat seekers are seeking the shade then it IS too hot!

Deanna said...

Love the poem.
What a sweet dog!
I don't handle the heat very well. I was outside tonite taking a few pictures...only 77 out. With the humidity I was sweating. Oh mercy me.
You take care.

audrey y said...

I know just what Jane Austin meant about being in a state of inelegance when It's hot. Sweaty neck, palms, and wet clothes don't make for the attire of a proper lady of that or any other era. Bring on our precious rain

That little green frog is so cute. He looks like he's enamel and you could pick him up and pin him on your dress.

Your blogs are so much fun


noble pig said...

Poor dogs in this heat! I feel so badly for them.

Daisy said...

I love the little frog hiding in the green leaves, Kathy. I can almost feel the heat from reading your post.