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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lavender & Sweet Music

Water wheel at Lost Mountain Lavender farm in Sequim, Washington.
The annual Lavender festival held in Sequim, Washington started the last day we were in Port Angeles. Besides TWILIGHT and vampires, the Port Angeles area is notable for the lavender festival. Port Angeles is basically next door to Sequim ( pronounced 'squim' ) and the hotels and trades benefit very well from the over 440, 000 people that attend this event. There is a big street fair along with tours of several lavender farms. I was excited to see the festival I have heard so much about , so on our way out of town we stopped in Sequim. The whole town is beautiful, flower baskets everywhere, and lavender is a mainstay in the town landscape. Lavender in bloom everywhere! We caught a shuttle from a mall to the street fair and checked out all the booths. There were so many , most packed with lavender influenced merchandise, lots of jewelry booths , lavender bundles, sachets, crafts, lavender infused honey, etc. The booth I loved the most had nothing to do with lavender. The booth of George and Anwyn Leverett caught my eye and ear.
This is George Leverett. He and his wife made this instrument. Isn't it beautifully crafted? Not only were the instruments he and his wife make beautiful, they also play the instruments and sing. This is a hurdy gurdy they made. I am in love with these instruments, and if I were younger I would have invested in one and learn to play it. I decided it was more practical for me to buy a CD of their music and spin and weave wool while I listen to their music.
This is Anwyn Leverett holding a 5 stringed hurdy gurdy they call the 'Aquitaine'. Click on the picture to enlarge and view the details of this instrument.
You have to click on this picture and check out the trees and detailing! Anyway, I love the type of music they make and my husband picked out a CD from them that has a some songs about spinning and weaving, just perfect for me to listen to as I weave my home and hand spun wool! The youtube video below is Anwyn and George Leverett singing 'SWEET BECKY AT THE LOOM', however the youtube quality of this video is nowhere near as lovely as the CD really sounds. To see their website click on Altarwind Music. The following song sings about sweet Becky at her loom. The words 'shuttle',' warp and weft',and 'sleigh' are words pertaining to weaving. Enjoy!


Threeblindsheep said...

These are gorgeous instruments! Makes me want to play! Sheep C

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be fun to learn to play one of these pretty instruments. I can just imagine you spinning away while enjoying these lovely and unique tunes. I bet the Lavender Festival was fun and smelled so sweet.

LindaSueBuhl said...

lovely instruments - lavender is such a wonderful fragrance - I'd have been tempted by the candles and honey. the music crafters certainly have the "look" to go with their craft - great skills and what an interesting way to make a living -

Susie said...

What beautiful instruments! I love the song. I think I may have to check out their website.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Lavender is so wonderful; I'd love to visit southern France and see the lavender fields stretching into the horizon.
There's a song called Spinning Wheel that's, sometimes, played on the hammered dulcimer...very beautiful and FAST!

Lanny said...

Thanks for sharing your trip it is almost as good as being there!

You know, Grandma Moses didn't start painting 'til she was a lot older than you are right now!

The girls and I just did up some lavender soap. I used glycerin, so I would hardly call it "making" but I did have to put in the fragrant oil, lavender buds and oatmeal, so I guess it would count as "semi-homemade".

noble pig said...

I have always wanted to attend a lavendar festival. Lucky you. I'm sure I can find one up here! Beautiful instruments too.

Deanna said...

Lovely music.
The instruments are amazing.
What a great time for all.


audrey y said...

I am as fascinated as you are with the beautiful hand-made instrument and the talent of the husband and wife team. Also, that wagon wheel...just gorgeous

You take such great pictures


Jennifer said...

Sounds like a really fun time! Oh I just love that waterwheel, it is just gorgeous!

Karen said...

I know you really enjoyed your visit to the lavender festival and that music to spin by! We used to have a group that would come and perform for the children at school that played various stringed instruments similar to those. I love the sound!

BT said...

I can just imagine the wonderful smells all around. I agree with you about those musical instruments. Absolutely beautiful. I would like to weave one of those stringed ones! Might be a waste though. Lovely post. Loved the music too.

Nancy M. said...

I'll bet it smelled wonderful there! Those instruments have such wonderful detail! The music in the video sounds great.

Mary said...

I have a poor signal today so I am catching up on the mobile. I will have to come back and watch and listen! Someone above mentioned the dulcimer. I love the sound of that instrument! And I would imagine these instruments play peaceful beautiful music as well. I really am fond of lavender. At times it smells floral to me, and at other times it smells grassy.

KathyB. said...

# BlindSheep ( interesting name )I think they are so beautiful their beauty alone almost makes me want to buy one and learn!

Mildred, I have been spinning wool into yarn while listening to this music...and the lavender festival did smell , well like lovely lavender!

Linda Sue,Anwyn Leverett says she spins and weaves and one of the songs was written just for her. Imagine, being married to someone who can write songs and compose music for you.

Susie, I also bought the Christmas CD, and am not disappointed at all!

Thistle Cove, I need to hear that song, I spin my wool fairly fast, wonder if I could keep time with it. Do you think you will visit France to see the lavender there?

Lanny, will the soap be a gift for Christmas? ( hint , hint)I actually thought of Grandma Moses AND Tasha Tudor as I contemplated learning to play one of these beautiful instruments. Won't say no for sure, but most likely not.

Noble Pig, I want to know if there is a lavender festival there in your neck of the woods. I will attend if there is.

Deanna, yes, we had a lovely time. And how can it not be good if the fragrance of lavender permeates everything? ( if you like lavender )

Aydrey, as I look at the instruments the details are so well done and unique, the instruments themselves are a work of art.

Jennifer, the water wheel was a-turning with water gently sloshing out as I took the picture. The farm was so beautiful, we have decided we want to visit the lavender farms next year a week or so BEFORE the festival.

Karen, music, especially beautiful music really does inspire, and soothe the soul. I have always been drawn to this type of music, and when life is bogging me down, I retreat to my home and listen to such music and read God's Word...soothes my soul and helps put things in perspective.

BT, I think one of those instruments would be beautiful just sitting on a table to enjoy the beauty, but that would be such a waste...they are meant to be played, and sung to.

Nancy, the street fair smelled WONDERFUL! Lavender mixed in with yummy barbecue and baked goods ....lavender lemonade available everywhere...lavender plants, lavender wands and wreaths, a bounty of beautiful sights and scents!

Mary, my own experience with lavender mirrors yours. Apparently some of the lavenders are very good for cooking as they are fragrant, but not over overpoweringly perfumy...we bought 2 of the cooking lavender plants and will be trying them.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow... such beautiful music! They are both very talented to not only make the instuments but to play them too!

KathyB. said...

Farm Chick Paula, and they SING too!
Anwyn also spins and weaves, their home and shop must be full of beautiful tools and instruments along with the music.

Daisy said...

I loved seeing those beautiful instruments and hearing the music that they made. They remind me a little of dulcimers. There is a group of dulcimer players here in my town that I've heard on several occasions. Very pretty sounds.

C. Carneiro said...

I´ve just made an order to George, and in some weeks I´ll have my long-awaited hurdy-gurdy <3

They are fantastic!