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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Awwwwwww..., Puppies !

~What can I say, puppies ! The word 'puppies' makes my heart go mushy, and just plain leaves happy feelings in me. Although I did not want another litter of puppies..well, we have puppies. Since I fully intend this to be our last litter of puppies ( an appointment at the vet will take care of any future litters) I am taking the time to enjoy these little fuzz balls. Isn't she cute ?~Over the years of raising puppies I have noticed the mommy dog really does know her business. Sienna is a very good mama. She seems to have a very determined attitude to having and raising puppies. Sienna keeps her puppies very clean. They are well cared for by her. She nurses them faithfully, cleans their little bottoms and protects them. ~I noticed the other day that Sienna was leaving food in the kiddie pool the puppies were in. She buried a whole bread roll for them. Whenever I have had litters of puppies, there comes a time around 2 - 3 weeks that the mama dog will either leave and bury food in the puppy nest, or begin vomiting her own food for the pups. THAT is my cue to begin feeding the puppies, and supervising Mama. I have had Mama dogs regurgitate whole rabbits for their puppies. I am sure the puppies would be fine consuming what Mama would leave them, but I am not O.K. with facing jumbled animal parts in my puppies' beds. ~Anyway, the buried bread and the restless searching of previously sedate puppies was a very loud indicator that the puppies need to begin eating puppy food.My choice of puppy food. So here is their first feeding of puppy chow mixed with warm water.(below) They loved it ! ~Miss Marple looks on with interest. I have not allowed Miss Marple access to the puppies . Miss Marple takes down and consumes full grown wild rabbits, and as the puppies were smaller than the bunnies I was concerned she viewed them as an easy meal. Now that the puppies are a bit more active, and barking...I am a little more relaxed about her presence around them.
~I am not sure that if I were a puppy I would be comfortable with THIS peering at me through the NOT cat-proof barrier.~
~Here Miss Marple gets close, and she is very interested in the puppies and their first meal of Puppy Chow.She did not seem to find their food appealing to her. Let's just hope the puppies aren't too appetizing to her either. ~The puppies ate a lot of their first solid food, and true to puppy nature, full bellies led to naps. The kind of naps that leave puppies sprawled out or curled comfortably satiated. The kind of naps anyone who has puppies sighs with relief when she sees such satisfied puppies. Ohhhh...awww... puppies ! How can anyone resist puppies ?


Anonymous said...

Those are the most adorable puppies. Your photos just make me smile. Just think, we will all look just like the pups after Thanksgiving dinner!

Pamela said...

Now that was dead interesting--how you know when to start giving semi-solid food to the puppies. I never, ever thought about it before quite like that. But it's true...when the mother starts stashing food for the pups, it's time for them to start eating.

I so want to have some puppies around here, but alas, all are spayed or neutered. Maybe that's a really good thing as I have a hard time parting with them!

LindaSueBuhl said...

Yep - awwww barely scratches the surface - beautiful puppies - isn't the smell of puppies (before they start solid food - that changes everything just like human babies) amazing? Your Sienna is a good momma and I chuckled at Mrs. Marple trying to decide if it were worth the trouble to go after one of those slow fat rabbits! Perhaps they have animal communication and Sienna has already given the Paws Off alarm??
Good way to start a Wednesday thanks!BTW we never have litters - everything we own (other than goats) is spayed or neutered before it lives here - I have a hard time parting with goat kids!

Lanny said...

Every litter we have, we end up keeping at least one, or giving one to a family member, so we will see it often. But I think I am headed into the direction of not keeping anymore of our own puppies. At least not past the "started puppy" stage of 6 to 9months.

This batch of pups Kathy has are terrific. I see, no less than once a week, two of these pups' full siblings. Both of them are terrific dogs. I mean really terrific, incredibly well mannered, very attractive, nice big red dogs.

Kathy, you should ask Rebecca if you can take a picture of Scooter and Libby for advertising purposes for these pups.

Thanks for the intersting read for breakfast, yum.

Note to self: don't read other farmer types' blogs when you are putting something into your mouth.

Wilson Clan said...

I've never had a puppy younger than 16 weeks old, so this blog is so fascinating to me! Oooing and awwing at the cute puppies is so much fun! I'm sure they are super soft too!! :) :)

shadow mountain jacobs farm said...

I love puppy breath!!!

Daisy said...

Oh my, so much sweetness all in one place. Wonderful! And the photo of Miss Marple peering through the fence made me laugh out loud! Such an expression on her face! Great post, Kathy! Thanks. :D

Farm Chick Paula said...

Awwww!! How cute... don't you just love "puppy breath"?

A. Joy said...

Great baby pictures! They're getting so big already .. they don't call, they don't write, before I know it they'll be all grown and gone. Guess I should come visit them. Was that Hannah, Leah or Alexis in the first photo?? She's really cute!

Jo said...

Awwwwwwww... Okay, those are the cutest puppies I have ever seen. And just look at the expression on Momma's face. Her face is filled with pride and love!

I think even Miss Marple is in love with those puppies. I know I am!

noble pig said...

Okay, I never knew about the throwing up food with dogs. Really? I thought only birds did that...yikes, i would not be okay with that either.

They are so, so adorable Kathy!

KathyB. said...

Mildred, you're right, we'll be stuffed and napping...unless we're the ones cleaning up AFTER the feast.

Pamela, it is wonderful to see how God equipped Momma dogs to care for their young, and usually do a good job if we let them...

LindaSue,and Pamela, yes! Spayed or neutered ! That's the way to go. Fortunately, I do not think I will have trouble finding homes for the pups, and as I said, a trip to the vet will be taking care of any more litters. Puppies take a lot of time to socialize...I will be playing with puppies for the next few weeks..and then as they get bigger, their messes are bigger, so more work there, etc.,

Lanny, good idea to get pics of Scooter and Libby! I will ! We too ended up keeping a pup from almost every litter, why do you think we have ^ adult dogs ? Sorry about the little loss of appetite reading today's post caused !

Wilson Clan, one of the few things sweeter than puppies is your own little newborn !

Shadow Mountain Jacobs..and Farm Chick Paula,me too !!!!

Daisy, thanks....I really think the look on Miss Marple's face was one of disgust..puppies ? Humph !

A.Joy, I know, they grow so fast and then ..whoosh, they're out in the world on their own, with new families. Boo hoo ! I am not sure which one that was, I need #5 Granddaughter to come help me out here !

Thanks Jo, their Mama is pretty devoted, and very protective. That is a good thing. Maybe that is what has helped Miss Marple maintain proper behavior towards the pups when they were so vulnerable.

Noble Pig, there actually comes a time, pretty much now, when it is hard to make Sienna keep down some food for herself. The dog / wolf is very good at consuming a lot of food and holding it in without digesting it much, for a long period of time. That would probably come in handy for the mom who has to hunt down all a pup's food and maybe go a long way to get it and have to bring it back. Sometimes hours will pass and them, YUCK, she vomits a mass in the puppy bed which the little cuties devour with gusto !Yum !