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Monday, November 24, 2008

Spot of Art....(spotted art ? )

~I love my art collection and decided to share some of it with you.~~These two pieces of art(above and below) were drawn by # ! Grandson. Yes, I said "art" ! Back in the old days I was a pre-school teacher. I actually went to school for the honor of being a pre-school teacher, and after taking a few classes on child development and children's art, I can tell you I am a great appreciator of children's art. And THIS is art. Can you not tell what he has portrayed here? Just watch him, with his tongue working around his mouth as he concentrates and carefully draws and colors his pieces. Just look at the details here. He loves animals, and draws things I usually don't notice. He knows his subjects and puts all of himself into his drawings. And I fully appreciate the care that goes into them. He does not just give away his art, you must be someone special enough for him to give you a piece of it, and only then, after he feels he can part with it. I think you can see his depiction of my ram and the ram pen, below.
~#5 Granddaughter has just really begun to express herself with drawing. This is her FIRST depiction of a person, and she chose to give it to me for my birthday. I am honored. "A work of art is itself reflecting senses and emotions of the artist's world." AU ~Another piece of art by yet another granddaughter. She was so happy to be here with us, her grandparents ,that she spent the day drawing many, many pictures of happy people and putting my name on them. She rather liked writing my name even though she calls me 'grandma'."Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Pablo Picasso ~A treasured birthday card from another granddaughter. This granddaughter draws and designs dresses for her dolls . She used to draw out recipes for me, before she could write words. Her drawn recipes were very clever and many of her drawings reflect a mind that works outside the box, and that totally fascinates me."Only those who look with the eyes of children can lose themselves in the object of their wonder." Eberhard Arnold ~Now don't laugh, this was drawn especially for me, and the animals are either sheep or dogs, or horses. They are NOT mice! Or bugs....but aren't they cute ? "The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting." Vincent Van Gogh
~"art; whose object is to create form for its own sake..." Funk and Wagnalls New Standard Dictionary ~A lady I knew years ago would trace her children's drawings onto linen or muslin and then embroider them and frame the embroidered drawings and hang them on the walls of the living room. Really, the art was very nice and in fact, much nicer than a lot of the 'hotel art' you see in so many places. I do not have space to hang these precious creations, I don't even have wall space to hang family portraits...so I usually place the year's drawings in our family photo-journal. My mother saved some of my drawings and I am surprised at how much of me they revealed, and maybe one day the grandchildren will look into these photo journals and remember something special from their childhood. I know I will enjoy looking back at them.


Toni said...

great post, I love children's art. you're right - when I look back at my own kindergarden work, which my mother also saved, I get a glimpse back at the child I sometimes forget.

Mildred said...

How very sweet your grandchildren's art is. It will be so much fun down the road to sit and share this artwork with them. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Obviously the artistic gene is strong in your family. The picture with your name on it - which one is you? The very hot blonde or the intense redhead? Just teasing - I am so impressed with the specificity of the drawings - those children know their subjects and express them. Much better than the la di da I paid money to see at a modern art exhibit -- couldn't tell whether those artists were in love, angry or nauseated! Happy Thanksgiving week to you and yours - what a wonderful holiday - all about being thankful - " give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

Miss Linda said...

What a wonderful post! I just loved taking a peek at your grandchildren's artwork and your wonderful explanations and quotes. What a treat!

Daisy said...

Such a lovely and sweet collection of art you have, Kathy. Very precious. My favorite is the ram and ram pen. Made me smile today. :D

A. Joy said...

How fun! The kids really enjoyed seeing some of their pictures displayed on your blog today. They also really liked seeing the ones from their cousins! I usually tape the art I get from the kids onto the inside of my pantry door - then when I'm searching for food I can see the happy drawings, which is several times each day.

shadow mountain jacobs farm said...

I love childrens art. We have it all over the fridge. I think it really tells you a lot about your children. And they are so very proud of it. I wish I could keep it all but I'd need a bigger house.

megan said...

I loved seeing these pictures! Especially because 1) we received a baby thank you note with a lovely picture from #1 grandson on the front a couple months ago :-) and 2) Whitney is just getting to the drawing of ACTUAL pictures instead of scribbling everywhere stage. You know, the stage where they draw people with arms and legs coming straight out of their heads, and no bodies. :-D She also loves to draw ladybugs and balloons.

Country Girl said...

What a wonderful post this is! I look forward to the day that I'll have grandchildren. In due time, I would think and there's no hurry for my sons. So until then, I am thankful for my job at the school where I, too, am given art work as gifts!

Thanks for sharing.

KathyB. said...

Toni, thank-you and how nice of you to visit and leave me a comment ! I love comments ! I sometimes wish I could draw and paint with the abandon I did as a child.

Mildred, I am planning on having them all help me make THEIR scrapbooks and they can paste their art work in them while they still remember what some of the drawings are.

Linda Sue, I am neither the blonde or the red head...that would be the granddaughters themselves.I know with kids, very often the process is way more important than the work itself..and I do have fun watching them draw and paint.

Miss Linda, thank-you! I bet you did a fair bit of drawing and painting yourself, and it looks like you have put your talent to some amazing sewing! I am very taken with some of your sewing and ideas concerning sewing and wardrobe.

Daisy, I like it when #1 draws and paints my sheep. You can tell they are my sheep too!

Shadow Mountain Jacobs, yes, I too have a shortage of display space and my fridge is pretty plastered with drawings by the g. kids. That is why I keep a file folder to put the drawings that strike my fancy in, then add them to photo journals and scrapbooks.

Megan, did you know you can tell the stage of a child's development by their illustrations ? Especially the drawings of people. When it becomes important to add the bellybutton , well, that is around 4 years of age developmentally...but I think that can vary too.

Country Girl, thank-you for visiting...how do you display the art given to you by the school children?