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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Everybunny Needs Somebunny....Bunny Love

~This is Cupcake. We don't know where Cupcake came from, but Cupcake adopted us , or more accurately, Cupcake adopted our sheep.~~Cupcake was a bunny in need of a family, and he chose Daphne, our big, fat, Romney ewe ( girl sheep) as the target for his adoration and companionship. Cupcake was there during feeding time, eating alfalfa right out from under Daphne's chewing and chomping lips. Cupcake was there , in and around and underneath Daphne while she was lambing. ( having her baby) Cupcake was there while the lamb was tended, when the sheep were shorn, and for anything and everything Daphne and her little ewe lamb Delilah were involved in. ~Cupcake was not a tame rabbit, but definitely not a wild rabbit. He must have been released or have escaped his life as a pet or caged rabbit. Either way, he chose our flock as his family. He also discovered my Hubby's gardens , and I am afraid like Peter Rabbit , our Cupcake ran afoul of the farmer. Cupcake decided he especially loved to indulge in Farmer Hubby's Hostas and bulbs and the flowers Hubby so tenderly cared for . Cupcake apparently thought all this was for him. ~Cupcake lived here very happily for over a year. He actually ran with, fed with, slept with and played with the sheep ! Yes, he leapt around with the lambs, jumped over the sheep while they slept and would especially follow Daphne and Delilah around. He was truly devoted to Daphne and Delilah. But alas, his appetite was his undoing. ~My Hubby is very patient with my critters and has spent numerous back breaking hours building and re-building pens to keep MY animals out of HIS gardens and orchard. You see, he is the gardener and I am the keeper of the livestock and poultry. Often the two do NOT mix well. I am sorry to say that when Cupcake decided Hostas were his favorite food, even though he was able to freely gorge himself on alfalfa, well, his days here were numbered. ~We baited a trap with graham crackers, yes..graham crackers. Cupcake hopped in and CLANG! The doors to freedom were closed forever on Cupcake. I am sad about this. I miss Cupcake. But Cupcake became a pet. We gave him to a bunny lover. Our Hostas are safe. Phew ! Long live the Hostas!
~~~Delilah in the snow~~~


Anonymous said...

What a sweet story. We had two rabbits to visit Nalley's veggie garden this summer, but they would only eat the weeds! We must be living right!!!

Anonymous said...

Darn it, I thought I would be the first to post a comment. Mildred beat me! Loved your bunny story! Well, I better 'hop' back to work!


Anonymous said...

Good morning! What a wonderful story! Little Cupcake was so beautiful, and I love the picture of the black sheep in the fresh white snow!

Daisy said...

Lovely story, Kathy. You had me scared there for a moment. I was afraid you were going to say your hubby turned Cupcake into stew meat!! So glad he is someone's pet instead. :D

LindaSueBuhl said...

Rabbits are one of those very mixed blessings - they are adorable - fluffy little long eared darlings - who can destroy! a garden. Glad somebunny is happy now - we are trying to cut back on animals who own us and it is HARD to do. Charming story about the cross species love - we see it a lot and it always amazes. God does such cool things all around us

Pamela said...

That is the most adorable story I think I've ever heard. That a rabbit and ewe would form a friendship! Animals never cease to flat out amaze, do they?

(And how's your little Black Welsh Mtn Sheep getting along?)

Farm Chick Paula said...

Poor little Cupcake.. he probably misses his sheepie buddies- but at least the story had a happy ending!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I've heard of a bunny in love with a sheep...

I might have kept the bunny over the hostas. Our hostas are taking over the planet.

noble pig said...

That is so funny, Cupcake was not skittish at all, I'm sure it was fun to watch. Thanks for the story.

KathyB. said...

Mildred, what kind of rabbits do you have that only eat the weeds ? Can we exchange wild bunnies ?

Joni, what are you doing up so early in the morning ? You're WORKING ?

Miss Linda,thank-you ! Fortunately Delilah still lives here and I love to spin her wool !

Daisy, we couldn't have eaten little Cupcake !

Linda Sue, you know, Cupcake was just fine for almost a year , eating the alfalfa and very plentiful grass, and even the weeds..but the Hostas must really have hit the spot because he was eating them down to the ground, and then digging, really. We saw him. And he didn't quit, we would chase him away and he would just hop over to the next hosta....

Pamela, thank-you. The little Black Welsh Mountain sheep, Black Bart, is doing very, very well.

Farm Chick Paula, I think Cupcake probably does miss the sheep. He was very attached to Daphne and Delilah, I had witnessed him chasing other sheep away from them. You would be surprised at how aggressive rabbits can be, I think the other sheep were.

Kacey, I agree with you ! The hostas came back just fine the next year...but no Cupcake. I would have chosen Cupcake too!

Noble Pig, wish I had taken pictures of Cupcake sleeping ON his precious Daphne.

Anonymous said...

Kathryn, well done.

Real-life animal stories that warm the heart (not the tummy) Glad to hear Cupcake was trapped humanely and released to bunny-love neighbors!

I arrived at your website looking for Jacob Sheep yarn in the U.S. We used to live in the UK and the sepia brown/cream skeins of yarn were so lovely. £5 for sale at our National Trust farm. We used to love lambing time...ever watch cavorting lambs spring up on Mum's back? They would stand there as if to say, "I'm king of the hill!"

God's Creatures Great & Small! Bless 'em!