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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Spot on A Warm Spring Day in the Fall !

~Looky here, a sun shiny day in the middle of November. A month typically known for rain, wind, chilly temperatures, all around gray weather. My front porch was WARM this morning !~Hubby's bees also thought it was spring, maybe even summer ! They were out and about and very busy. It is a good thing we put a feeder in the hive. ( jar on right hive is full of sugar water to feed the bees )The flowers for the most part are very aware of the season and there are not many flowers available to feed the active and busy bees. ~The bees even made themselves their own entrance to the hive, yes- siree, no using the common entrance below. Short cut in the middle works best for them ! ~There was one confused rose. Here she is , blooming beautifully amidst the grapes , the grapes that have shed their leaves in due accordance to the season. ~The 4 new ducks I brought home from Lacamas Bazaar have finally grown up, and after a week of penning near the pond with the rest of the flock, were released today ! Freedom to enter the BIG pond. They were timid at first, but the rest of the duck flock was so enjoying the pond they finally went in for their first real swim ! ~They were very, very enthusiastic about their first swim. Their first chance to fully wet and preen their feathers. Look at them splash with abandon. ~The warm weather was just perfect for a bath and a swim in the pond, and the opportunity to dry in the WARM sunshine on the front lawn. Ahhhhhhhh...Spring ! (in the Autumn)


Lanny said...

I have really been enjoying our weather. It has been a gracious time for me, I have been getting all the things done I should have a while back.

Our ducks have also been enjoying the weather, splashing and preening

I have enjoyed watching them as I garden.

Have a great day

LindaSueBuhl said...

Wonderful post today - I enjoy these warm days in the autumn - of course in Texas we get huffy if it is NOT at least in the high 60's and sunny in November. Your ducks made me chuckle - would love to have a pond and water birds but too many predators around here as it is. So I'll just enjoy yours - thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Always such a treat to have a warm day when it's supposed to be cold. We have one iris that had 9 blooms on it. We brought it inside before our first frost and it's blooming today. A special gift to brighten our day. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

KathyB. said...

Lanny, it is so hard to get stuff done indoors when this type of weather beckons, isn't it ? I also got a lot done outside that normally would be left til spring..

Lindasue, the ducks are always good for comedy during the day, just the way they go bottoms up in the pond is funny....we do have to pen the ducks up at dusk, because we have an army of predators here at night and over the years I have had many, many ducks killed, eaten, taken away by them.

Mildred, WOW, 9 blooms on an iris, that's a treat. And to have one to brighten your day INSIDE in the fall is even more of a treat !

megan said...

We have a rose blooming right now too! Just outside the family room window--and here's the kicker, it didn't come out all summer! It's even survived several SNOWY days already. On the other hand, it's been constantly reminding me of that song about the "Rose of Bethlehem" as Christmas approaches... :-)

Anonymous said...

I have tried many times since last night to comment and thank you for honoring me with an award. I am so blessed to have your support, friendship and encouragement. Each day, your blog is the first one I read. I look forward to your heart-felt words and the whimsical touch that you give your posts. Thank you so much.

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

Just love all of the photos and of course your ducks are precious! I have lost yet another one to a predator that broke in one night last week! On your bees, do you sell your own honey? Is it hard to keep bees? We have so many killer bees that are mixing with the local honey bees here, that many people have quit keeping them. Enjoy visiting here so much. blessings, Kathleen

KathyB. said...

Megan, snow ? I am so jealous ! I love snow.
Aren't roses funny ? Sometimes they are so particular and sometimes they defy everything the books say about them and their care.

Oh Mildred, thank-you so much ! That truly does mean a lot to me ! As does your post and so much of what God has blessed you with . You are truly someone who is being used for mighty things...and in your quiet way you're an encouragement.

Kathleen, my husband has kept bees for many years, along with our oldest son.We do not keep enough bees to sell much honey, but harvest it and use it and give some away for Christmas as gifts. We had our bees inter-breeding a few years ago with some very aggressive bees.But since then they have been fine. I actually stand very close to Hubby and his bees when he harvests honey , without wearing all the protective gear. Honey bees are so gentle usually.

noble pig said...

The November sun is always so warming...love the bathing birds!