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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From My Porch

~~~This is Delilah. She is my only non-purebred Jacob sheep. Delilah is 1/2 Jacob, and 1/2 Romney. I think she is sweet, and she gives me a large quantity of brown / black wool. Today I will spin up some of her wool.~~~~~~On the way to the porch, after checking on Delilah, I got distracted by this beautiful dragonfly. I am fascinated by dragonflies, and the varieties around here are many. I think having a big pond in our front yard attracts them, and also provides a constant food source for them too.
~~~Here is a basket of Delilah's wool. I think her wool is getting lighter as she ages. Last year her wool was definitely black. This wool does not look black, but I can use dark brown wool too.
~~~It is relaxing to spin my wool on the porch and enjoy my porch company. As my bobbins filled up with single ply yarn I noticed the difference between the yarn Delilahs' wool produced last year and this year.~~~
~~~Do you see the difference ?~~~
~~~The difference is subtle, but the colors are different. If you were to begin knitting a garment with last year's yarn, then proceed onto this years' yarn to finish it, the difference would be glaring.~~~
~~~Candy-Cat sits with me. She is always a quiet companion.~~~
~~~This hummingbird is feeding at a feeder hanging from the grapevines growing along the porch, just 3 feet from where I am spinning. There are 2 feeders hanging from the grape vines and the hummingbirds come and go from dawn til dark. Sometimes the hummingbirds whiz by so close I can feel the air quietly whoosh my face. ~~~Beatrix is smiling at me. She loves me so much. She is happy to spend all her time just being near me. I don't think I am so very interesting, but Beatrix would even ignore food to be by me.
~~~The ducks, ever curious and hopeful there might be edible handouts waddle past, just checking !~~~
~~~There is room on my porch for more company, come on over, bring your needlework ! I'll brew us a pot of coffee and serve us some pie !~~~


Lanny said...

You changed your color, did you also change your template?

Thinking that you need to have a real retreat ______ don't call it retreat center but what then would a person call it retreat house? Yes, maybe, a retreat house. Just come be quiet and contemplate what God is saying. Your place is perfect for that.

Flower said...

Hi Kathy, Thank you for stopping by my blog! How did you find me? I like to know...just for fun.
We do have a lot in common. Your sheep are beautiful and looking at your web site I see the adorable baby!! Sooo cute!! We share the same love of animals...cats, dogs,chickens, horses and anything else that needs a home! Our Black Lab of 15+ years passed away this last year, so even our choice of dog is the same! :) Do come back for a visit!

noble pig said...

Wow, what a beautiful post into your life. I love all the pictures and everything you've shown.

I love those ducks, so sweet.

KathyB. said...

Hi Lanny, yes, I changed my template. I was looking for something easier on my eye..and you know me and blue !

Flower, I found you thru "Eggs in my Pocket', wow, a 15 yr. old Lab...that is a long life for a Lab. I will be back for a visit !

Thank-you Noble Pig for visiting. My husband and I get so many great recipes from you that we try, and then use again ! Your last recipe, "A Tiny Addiction" is on our next new recipe to try with company...just have to get to Costco ! (by the way, we're hoping our Costco has those champagne grapes )


Lanny said...

I agree with Megan a post ago who wanted to be able to pass food through the net. Not only food but I want to smell people's houses, feel their cats, hear their dogs, smell their flowers, get a snipet of their favorite ground cover, lie on their damp lawns. As world opening as this internet thing is, it really only goes so far eh?

And I love the blue.

megan said...

Lanny, Kathy is my aunt and I haven't gotten to smell her house, feel her cats, hear her dogs or see all of the wonderful things in her garden for more than 10 years...imagine how much I miss it. :-)Aunt Kathy's and Aunt JoAnn's house (next door) were always my favorite family places to be as a kid!

KathyB. said...

Megan, I miss seeing you, and have yet to meet the rest of your family. If we could e-mail food I would , but you would have to e-mail me giggles and little girl squeals of delight ! Oh, also little girl delights of sweets and small animals, and hugs an d cuddles....love, Aunt KathyB.