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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Spot On Cute Goats

Good morning.......time for me to start my day. Such a hard life. Being a cute little goat and all. Having to wait for Kathy to feed me my breakfast, then the hard decision, what will I do today ? Play with Bombadil or nap ? Nap first or play with Bombadil ? Maybe we will break out of our pen again and graze on the beautiful plants in Hubby's gardens !

Bombadil, brother and companion of.......

Thorin ! ( yes, Kathy is a J.R.R. Tolkein fan )

~~~~~These are my pygmy / Nigerian dwarf goats. They were born 7 years ago and spent their first 3 weeks of life at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup. They got to entertain thousands of people in the Petting Farm, along with their sister. They were soooooooo tiny, and so cute ! I brought them home when they were so small they could fit through almost all the fencing we had. And they DID get through the fencing several times, to their peril I might add. Goats are commonly killed by dogs and these little guys did not seem to realize they were surrounded by canines just drooling for the chance to munch on them ! There were many close calls, but as you can see, Thorin and Bombadil are surviving. I have had to put them on diets too.....they're surviving too well.

~~~~~Thorin and Bombadil are pretty much useless, except they are cute. Children love to feed them crackers, and they love children who feed them crackers ! They can put on quite a show of head butting while climbing backwards up to their two story loft. ( shown above )

~~~~~About a decade ago I had a flock of Nubian goats. I milked my goats twice a day. We drank the milk, I made goat milk soap, and generally enjoyed the goats. I love the nosy, noisy Nubians with their beautiful long droopy ears, and their need to be in your business. However, our children had all grown up and left home and I did not need so much milk. I was giving it to the chickens~~~~~I now have my little cuties who do not need milking, just a bit of hay and cracker treats~~~~~~who needs T.V. with caprine acrobatics ?


Dr.John said...

Cute goats. I enjoyed learning their history. I don't think I have been to your blog before.
Thanks for your comment. You did pick the correct answer. I will need your real mail address to send the prize.
my e-mail is
Thanks for playing.

bettygram said...

I came from dr John's blog, because he told me you were there first and had the correct answer. I am his wife. Cedar Pond looks beautiful.

Lanny said...

Your goats are too cute. Which is what a pygmy is supposed to be eh?

I miss those days of milking goats and raising bucket calves.

Maybe someday....

Megan said...

Wait...are you sure those aren't sheep??? ;-)

KathyB. said...

dr.john and bettygram, thanks for visiting. I have been enjoying dr.john's blog and stories. Life in the castle sounds interesting...you mean there is a real prize ?

lanny, you won't have time with bucket calves now that you all have horses to ride ! I am so excited to meet your new horses.

Megan, very funny ! Although...there are wool goats and milk sheep, so whats' the difference between goats and sheep anyway ? Aunt Kathy, KathyB.

Virginia Lyons, dairy goat rancher said...

ah, your goat tree house is adorable. I have Nubians and French alpine goats, and indeed the Nubians are very noisy and nosey.