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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Spot of Dinner (breakfast ?)

~I think I will harvest a bit of dinner. Lettuces and pea pods from the garden.~
~Windfall yellow (will turn yellow quickly) transparent apples. I have to pick them up from under the trees before the rabbits and dogs eat them. Today's eggs from the chickens.~
~Notice anything funny here about the eggs ? Two normal sized and one strange long egg..wonder what is inside ?
A Double yolker !
This is what the other eggs look like.
~Heart attack in waiting for dinner!
Really though, you have to love fresh from the chicken eggs steamed in bacon fat!
~Serve with fresh from the garden lettuces, pea pods, that special sheep cheese we had to buy lots more of, dribbled, O.K. SMOTHERED in Ranch dressing ...what ? Doesn't the salad make this a healthy meal ? Guess I'll make the apple pie tomorrow.


noble pig said...

Wow, before you even said anything about that egg I was thinking, look at that! That is totally crazy. It's like the egg was stuck in the egg canal too long before it came out, kinda like a baby with a cone head.

Megan said...

I was going to guess "twins" before I saw the next picture!

And by the way, could you either stop tantalizing me with dinner pics, or move closer and have us over? ;-)

We didn't do a garden this year because we moved mid-April, but Bill wants to try watermelons next year...and now I'm thinking lettuces might be fun too! And we ALways do tomatoes.