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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Miss Marple : Mouse-o-matic

This is Miss Marple. She slices, she dices, and she......HEY!!!!
Miss Marple, GET OFF the table! You're not s'posed to be sleeping on the dining room table !
"You talking to me ?....I was just cat nappin', go away and leave me alone."
Hey...Knock it off ! Get off the table....no bathing on the dining room table !
Now where was I ? Oh...Miss Marple: she slices, she dices, she disembowels and dismembers. She is a real mouse-o-matic! Why, every morning I find at least one of these poor little critters on the front door mat. I said at LEAST one. Miss Marple is quite proficient and prolific in her search and destroy missions aimed at any and all small varmints.
~~~~~Isn't this little shrew cute ? Dead, but cute. Apparently Miss Marple does not care for the taste of shrews. Some days we find 2 or 3 shrews , completely intact, but dead, right there for our viewing pleasure when we open the front door in the morning to let her in. Guess this is how she shows us how wonderful she is. ~~~~~What you are not seeing is a picture of what we usually find at the front door. I decided to spare you, after all, my grandchildren and squeamish relatives and friends would not like to see a picture of what we find. ~~~~~We usually find GUTS. Yup, guts. Intestines, hearts, livers,unrecognizable parts of yuck. What I truly find amazing though are the neat piles. Yes, the neat piles. I have found a perfectly severed mouse head looking as if it is just there to greet me...and in perfect order , all laid out so neatly will be 4 little feet and a tail. The rest of the mouse will be missing...how does she do that ?I mean, it looks like someone went to work on the mouse with a little dissecting kit. I do believe she has a little Swiss Army Knife tucked into her claws. ~~~~~Anyway, we got tired of finding freshly killed hummingbirds, little yellow warblers, wrens, grosbeaks, finches, swallows, towhees, and anything else that flies , on the front porch. So now Miss Marple is allowed out only after dark where most of the prey is vermin. ~~~~~However, yesterday there were HUGE guts on the doormat...some poor little bunny bit the dust!
So where were we...OH, Miss Marple. She slices, she dices, she disembowels and dismembers ...and she sleeps where she wants !


Jo said...

Oh, my gawd! Miss Marple is quite the hunter! I used to have a Siamese cat who brought little bird heads in as gifts for me. So I had to stop letting her out as well.

Miss Marple is very cute, by the way. She probably thinks she has "earned" her place on the table.

Megan said...

That's a great story! :-)

Cheddar used to bring us bumblebees and dragonflies, due to the serious lack of mice in our yard.

Lanny said...

Come on Kathy, not you too! Dale is always lamenting over the demise of the bunnies. (He blames our cats but his dogs are the worst and on top of that there are still plenty hopping across the driveway to my north garden at night.)

Those stinking bunnies are as cute as those racoons my second oldest is always crooning over. They all eat the stuff I try to grow. Albeit I try to grow most of it so I can eat it. But isn't that the point.

I say let, them eat bunny cake! (the cats)

KathyB. said...

Yes, Jo..Miss Marple does not even question her entitlement. After all, SHE is a cat and that is all that need be said as far as she's concerned.

Megan, isn't Cheddar the cat you got from us? She was pretty and very friendly, we had her mom and brother and sister. In fact, her sister Cloe just died this year at 17 years of age ! ( why we got Miss Marple )

I know Lanny, what can I say? My dogs hunt the bunnies too, but the cats seem to take down more. Our 2 hunting cats are spending more time in the orchard after bunnies these days than under the bird feeders. That tells me we have a bunny pop. explosion...and my eyes confirm it. The bunnies are after Jim's lettuces and they are so bold they don't run away from us anymore...so kitties, have at all the bunnies you want. ( but they are cute ) KathyB.

Megan said...

Yup, tiny little Cheddar was from you! One and only cat we've ever owned. Took me and Ash a good long time to stop being mad that our parents for not letting her come with us when we moved...but then again, she WAS an outdoor cat and you just can't do that here. We loved her though. What a personality!