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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good Friends, Good Food...?

~~~Hubby heads out to the barbecue, friends are comin' for dinner~~~~~~Good friends for dinner....reminds me of a wine label we saw at the Redhawk Winery in Salem, Oregon. It was Donner Party Wine : Good Friends, Good Food ! I believe this wine label won at least one award for bad taste....'bad taste' , get it ?
~~~I was surprised when telling this story about the wine label, that most people did NOT get it. Do you ? DONNER PARTY ??? ~~~Anyway, we had friends over to eat dinner WITH US, not FRIENDS FOR DINNER ! Get it ?
~~~Hubby is barbecuing dancing chickens ! Aren't they cute ?~~~
~~~Don't they look like they are having fun ?They are dancing....wouldn't you if you had so much beer in you ? ( note beer cans chickens are sitting on )~~~
~~~Hubby carves the chickens and....what can I say, he had to elbow me away from picking all the crispy luscious skin off the platter before it could be moved to the table.~~~
~~~WE had freshly baked apple pie and peach pie. Our friends brought the Vanilla Bean Ice cream.~~~We also had fresh picked snow pea pods (from our garden) sauteed in butter, LOTS of butter. ...and a salad of freshly picked lettuces from Hubby's garden. Of course I added tomatoes, cucumbers, and lots of that cheese I like....but I am not s'posed to talk about that cheese anymore, Hubby says that is enough talk about that cheese...so our friends and I had a lot to say about how much we liked that cheese in the salad.....where could they buy that cheese ? What else could we add that cheese to ?....Ooops, not s'poosed to talk so much about that cheese. Well, at least I didn't add it to the brussel sprouts we had for dinner ! ~~~"Go your way and eat your bread with joy, and drink your wine with a cheerful heart (if you are righteous, wise, and in the hand of God), for God has already accepted your works." Ecclesiastes 9:7 amplified


Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Hi Kathy, I found your comment on my blog and had to smile because I too carry eggs in my pocket and that is why I named my blog that. I just loved coming to visit your wonderful blog. Are the ducks in your header, yours? I just love your spotted ram. I have been wanting to raise sheep or goats on our acres, just haven't jumped in and did it yet. I am in the process of planning an orchard. Come back to visit me. I also have an embroidery blog and cooking blog. Blessings, Kathleen

Mr. Wooley said...

What delicious looking roasted chickens! I must get your recipe. I normally prefer my meat out of a can, but I would be willing to try this!

M. Wooley

Lanny said...

Pictures of your place are always so beautiful.

So, chicken on a can eh? Heard that it was good but thought it was just so someone could sell those special racks.

Now I'll have to wrestle the beer cans away from my slugs.

Megan said...

Could someone please invent a way to pass food back and forth over these blogs, instead of just comments??? I'd trade you some of that chicken and apple pie for a loaf of the struan bread that's raising in my oven right now. :-)

KathyB. said...

Kathleen, yes, the ducks are mine, and they are swimming in our pond.I am reading my comments after just having come in with eggs in my pockets . Also, have been reading your blog for awhile as needlework is another passion of mine !love your blog!

Mr. Wooley, I am sure, being the serious and entitled cat you are, you will not appreciate that you had Hubby and I rolling in laughter last night as we read your take on life !

Lanny,We didn't use a special rack, I think all the vegetables ( olive oil and sea salt rubbed whole
beets)helped keep those chickens dancing. Plus, they were propped on the BIG cans.

Megan,will you give me the recipe for straun bread ? and....come visit, you have a lot of people here out west who'd love to cuddle your daughter and feed you and yours plenty !

noble pig said...

What a dinner and yes I get the wine Label...I laughed..oops bad taste.

What a wonderful meal to share with friends.