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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spot On "Family Trip" to Vegas

~We've loaded the car and we're on our way to Vegas ! Youngest son Daniel and his wife Breezy are going on a business trip and since oldest son and his 4 daughters live 2-3 hours away from Vegas in California, they will join us for a family get-together! Daniel and Breezy. Daniel is a farrier (horse-shoer) and horse trainer. He used to ride bulls and bucking horses and calf-rope too. Fortunately for me, his Mom, he doesn't rodeo anymore .
~Oldest son David, fresh out of 12 years with the U.S.M.C., and 2 tours of Iraq as a tanker. Last tour as a tank commander . I am also thankful he is not active U.S.M.C. anymore. Here David poses for me with his 4 daughters, 4 of my 6 granddaughters .
~Aunt Breezy swims in the hotel pool with # 6 Granddaughter ! The hotel pool was one of the trip highlights for the little girls. 
Uncle Daniel also takes a turn at swimming with #6 Granddaughter. 
Uncle Daniel, the Human Water Park !
How many little girls can grab and hang on ?
I get to cuddle #3 Granddaughter.
Aunt Breezy is the coolest! Really, that is what the nieces and nephew say !
And Uncle Daniel rocks !
~I had a great time, with 4 very energetic and friendly little girls. I am blessed with good health and lots of energy so I was able to keep up with them, and I slept well at night. We swam, played in the sand , took walks around the beautiful and vast gardens and pools of the Vegas Marriot Hotel and just hung out together. ~We did spend one hectic day on the Vegas Strip, to see the 'Kid Friendly" attractions. More on that tomorrow. But I say, vacation wise, Vegas is for adults and if kid friendly is your priority there are hundreds, probably thousands of other places you should choose !


Lanny said...

Yeah! This means you are home?

Looking forward to hearing more of your trip and helping you with things I have no idea about (computer stuff) but am relentlessly tenacious at solving problems for. And maybe showing you a few tricks I have discovered!

After all, those experts are just former drips under pressure.

noble pig said...

Oh wow, it looks like everyone had such a great time! What a lovely family!

Flower said...

Thanks for sharing your trip and family! It is a blessing to have grand children and a young uncle to entertain! :)) You probably had a constant smile on your face!!

Flower said...

Hi Kathy, We went to Glen Eden just south of Salishan. Someday I'd like to spend a couple of weeks at the beach....at one time. It's so close to home and we take it for granted. Oregon has so many beautiful areas no matter which direction we drive and so does Washington!!

Jo said...

What a GORGEOUS family you have! And you don't look old enough to be a grandmother. Sheesh!

You have a lovely family.

KathyB. said...

Yay Lanny, I do need help with some technical stuff !

Yes, Noble Pig, we did have a great time....looks like you're having a blast now too, wish my boys were that young again ! ( no, I guess not, can't go thru that just driving phase again)

Thank-you Flower , the young uncle and Aunt are the grandkids favorite . I have spent some time at Glen Eden, it is so heart touching beautiful.

Thank-you Jo, I like hearing that! Of course we all think we have lovely families, and we all do, don't we ? KathyB.

Daisy said...

Uncle Daniel looks a bit outnumbered there! HA HA! What fun. It sounds like you had a lovely time and visit with your family.

I have two sons as well, though they are younger. They are ages 14 and 18. I made it through the driving thing with one, one more still to go! :D